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Saturday, 2 July 2016

We'll be well shot of that Empire of Evil

One of the most telling post-Referendum tales comes from the heart of the Evil Empire in Brussels, as reported by the Mail. This is home to the EU's blackshirts, and their bullying, violence, threats and intimidation of UK MEPs and other staff at the EU is a shocking testament to the barbarity that still lies in the souls of the lesser nations beyond England's shores. 

No doubt they would like to be pictured leering and posturing as British MEPs cower on their knees before them, scrubbing the pavements. We've heard the cry 'No Pity!' before - normally behind the barrel of a Luger pistol. Well, they don't learn. The more thuggish and brutal the threats, the greater our calm resolve to defeat them.  

It seems like the curse of EUdelusion has been lifted, and the scales are falling from the eyes of Europe's nations as to what the Brussels blackshirts have been up to, and what their true aims are. And now we have pushback. 

Well, we're well placed to support any nation amongst the 27 to turn it into the 26. And then the 25. And so on. Someone remarked three weeks ago that it felt as though the Berlin Wall was coming down again; it surely does, it really does. 



Barnacle Bill said...

This is all dependant upon our ruling class delivering a result that follows the wishes of us proles. Something that should have began with Quisling Cameroon invoking Article 50 at the same time as he announced his resignation.

Another politician's promise that our MSM seems to have conveniently forgotten about.

The more I see of the shenanigans going on inside the Westminster bubble the more concerned I become that our political elites are manoevring to shaft us once again.

The indecent haste to put in place a new PM by one part of our political elites, one who has already demonstrated her lack of ability in the Home Office. Plus spent the forty days and forty nights of the referendum campaign hiding behind the sofa. Smacks of a stitch-up in the making.

Whilst the so called "Opposition" are more concerned about their future places around the Westminster trough just incase an early general election is staged. Throwing their toys out of the pram because the great unwashed might not vote for them if they get a chance.

Although the imminent publication of the Chilcot report may factor in some of these tantrums. Which also leads onto the worrying posssibility that that arch snake oil salesman, T B-Lair, might want to get his grubby hands on any negotiating fees going.
So shall we say the light at the end of the tunnel is dimming with ever day that passes?

Anonymous said...

I am so sure that you are right Raedwald...

We voters have managed to win the 'leave' vote, but we haven't yet shut down the BBC or trimmed the sails of the civil service here.

This is how it happened in the first place.

Watch 'Brexit the Movie" and note that the problem started with the advent of WW2 when the civil service took over virtually every aspect of UK citizens lives, in the workplace, at play, at home, their health care... every aspect.

The EU is merely a permanent tea party of civil servants linked together with a COMMON PURPOSE to enslave us all to the new world order.

We have made the first brave step in what is going to be a long war of attrition.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Raedwald, I didn't mean to insult your sense of history by imploring you to watch a YouTube video, but nevertheless it has its merits, simplicity being its main one.


Anonymous said...

Here's something to chew on:

[...]Let us look at the situation cynically from the point of view of Tory self-interest. There are four years to go to an election and the Opposition is in meltdown. No other challenger is likely to arise. However Brexit is not without considerable short-term risk. Rather than do what is best for the country fifteen or twenty years hence, how do you ensure your domination for the foreseeable future?

Firstly, one imagines there have been some rather interesting phone conversations from major Tory corporate donors over the last few days to the various likely leadership candidates. Shocked and panicked by the threat of removal from the single market, a great deal of pressure will brought to bear by vested interests to ensure such very agreeable arrangements continue: free movement of cheap labour, crony capitalism via the Brussels regulatory regime and, of course, tariff free access to the EU market.

Secondly there are the demographics that the Tory party will want to court going forward: as we know, the young and well-heeled were strongly in favour of remaining in the EU, the old and poor strongly for leaving. Moreover, a considerable chunk of passionately pro-EU, rich urban liberal voters who previously voted Blairite New Labour, Liberal Democrat or Cameroon Tory are now up for grabs.

It was rumoured that had David Cameron won the referendum, he planned to isolate his right wing and hoover up those chic urban demographics currently looking for a home in order to create a centrist, metropolitan liberal party that would dominate politics for years to come. Post-Brexit, that strategy could still look very attractive. Cynicism and cowardice – qualities never in short supply where the Tory Party as a whole is concerned – may therefore dictate that a “Brexit-lite” option looks far more preferable compared to the violent dislocation and uncertainty that Brexit proper would entail. Yes, working class voters would feel horribly betrayed and Ukip would undoubtedly reap the benefit in many Tory constituencies around the Thames estuary, but that may be a price worth paying for the eternal gratitude of major corporations and those well-heeled voters who have become accustomed to their cheap Polish builders and nannies.[/]

"Leave the EU? Stuff of nonsense dear boy" Ken stroked himself, self satisfied, baste in an aura of cigars and single malt, it hung in the air.....

"if it's up to the Tories..............if Theresa May gets the nod - leaving the EU will not be an option".

"Now where was I?"

"Ah, fucking up and shafting Britain, again!"

Budgie said...

Please, do not ask for Article 50. It was invented by the EU to suit the EU. Article 50 makes the UK the supplicant and the rEU the sole decider of the exit conditions (6 years notice? whacking great fines/charges/supplements to exit? free movement? etc).

We have just voted to restore sovereignty to the UK - so use it. We should repeal the ECA in the next couple of weeks, immediately after passing a bill to patriate the EU Regulations into UK law. Then trade under WTO rules with the EU as we do with the rest of the world. We then conclude trade deals with other world economies on a first-come-first-served basis. That way the UK makes the the EU a supplicant to us.

Thud said...

A couple of snotty notes from some arsewipe pols does not the SS make.

Anonymous said...

and now we have a group of businessmen wanting to use the law to derail Brexit...


anon 2 said...

But .... what had the law to do with Brentry?