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Monday, 8 August 2016

Crooked fat-cats grassed up to SFO by their own bosses?

The people at the very top of a global corporate with substantial assets in the UK face a quandry. They are happy to agree to any level of corrupt practice, any level of underhand crooked dealing, bribes, blackmail, fraud and deceit in order to maintain sales and fatten the bottom line, but new legislation including the Bribery Act puts them personally in the frame and exposes the firm to unlimited fines. What to do?

Well, the firm gets off Scot-free if it reports itself for fraud. So what bosses must do is motivate a second-tier of fat cat executives to do all the dirty work - sell a £70m piece of mobile engineering to a dodgy third-world dictator, for example, on the understanding that they will welsh on the deal and the firm can make false claims under what used to be called Export Credit Guarantees, meaning the taxpayer funds a new piece of mobile engineering for the President of Bongo-Bongo land and his wives - and when things get too hot, the bosses grass the executives up to the Serious Fraud Office saying 'We knew nothing, officer, we are shocked and outraged by their awful deeds'. 

Just random speculation, there, not referring to any global corporate in particular, mind.


Sackerson said...

Presumably the second-tier people will send guard-your-arse / summarise / clarify memos, as I understand has long been the practice at the BBC.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

As one boss I worked for once said... "Our policy is we do not pay bribes. That's what distributors are for"

anon 2 said...

A quandary, Raedwald? To sacrifice the useful idiots? But I thought that's what useful idiots are for?

PS: My history books suggest a reason why Christianity became powerful in the Roman Empire, and in the later 'West': they took the 10 commandments seriously - they were trustworthy. N.B. for example, that certain successful bankers in England were seriously moral Quakers.

James Higham said...

Golgafrincham B Ark.

Cascadian said...

Crooked fat cats.........

"German Raids On Islamist Preachers In ‘Major’ Crackdown On 45,000 Known Islamists".....3 arrested.

The crooked fat cats want you to believe they are doing something, still it is better than the UK can attempt.