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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Eurocrat & MEP pensions - the answer must be NO

You can tell that the EU's Brexit team is led by unelected bureaucrats. The very first headline negotiating line is not trade, immigration, justice, security or currency - but whether the cost of the obscene pensions paid to retired British eurocrats and MEPs will continue to be paid by the British taxpayer. 

Not only does the EU stuff with gold the mouths of its working staff, but this largesse extends to retired loyal servants of the empire. Except of course its not te EU but the national taxpayers of the member nations who meet the bill. 

The answer must be very simple - and it's NO. We must pay to Brussels the cost of a pension due to an MP with equivalent service in respect of MEPs, and the cost of civil service pensions for equivalent grades of British EU staff. That is only fair. Or a cash settlement equivalent to these costs. The Vienna Convention may possibly oblige the EU to continue payments on previously agreed terms.

The good news for all concerned is that because of the very low numbers of UK nationals historically employed by Brussels, only 1,730 Brits are affected. BHS, robbed by Euphile Philip Green, has some 13,000 pensioners facing a reduction in benefits. 


DeeDee99 said...

On the plus side, most of these British EU pensioners will be advancing in years so with a bit of luck, even if we end up funding them, it won't be for long and there'll be no more coming along behind them.

Please God the Kinnocks and Mandelson have their obscene pensions cut.

mikebravo said...

With remainer Theresa May at the helm and europhile bureaucrats leading the negotiations I don't expect Article 50 to be called - ever.

I suspect that she will wait for a court to crush the possibility or smother it in a new election manifesto.

We will be paying inflated pensions for the euroctats in perpetuity.

Meanwhile, as you say, 1,730 pensioners will be robbed - hard cheese old boy - all within the rules!

formertory said...

Raedwald, the BHS pension scheme isn't in deficit because of money Green "took out". The scheme is in deficit because of low investment returns (largely due to Gummint policies and, according to a piece I saw the other day, a preponderance of bonds in its investment portfolio) and the fact that people live longer and so the liabilities of the scheme increase. And of course, the pensions regulator has been raising the bar for decades over how actuarial liabilities are calculated.

As for EU pensions for UK former employees, I'd give 'em an offer of a transfer value or their benefits frozen at their current level in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly it is a requirement of project membership, that an applicant nation-state should abolish capital punishment for the very serious crime of treachery.

Among other things, handing over a nation's sovereignty to a foreign power, is an example of this crime.

Which would make all of these EU pension recipients, traitors.

So here is an idea...

Rather than honouring the pensions, perhaps we should honour the honest citizens of this nation, restore this crime and punish these people, rather than pay them?

I am not a violent man, but Mandlecleg's head on a spike has its attractions.


Anonymous said...

I have heard a rumour that the UKIP NEC is about to disallow the leadership application of Mr. Woolfe, and effectively disenfranchise a substantial part of the party membership from the upcoming leadership contest.

Looks like the party is what is known in the USA as a...

Dead man walking.

Time to move on, methinks.

rapscallion said...

I can only concur with right-writes. These people chose to take the EU shilling so to speak, and knowing full well their intended sell out of this country.

Mandlescum's head on a spike is not enough, Bliar's and all the others head's should be on spikes right across London Bridge. Pour encourager les autres as it were

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Ah yes... the idea of feather bedding those who have served at Imperial Court... that's going to go down well innit?

Let them sort it out individually themselves ...

Michael said...

Evan Davis, back in 2007, was fair enough in his description of Gordon Brown's sleazy shenanigans to empork taxpayer's pension pots, in order to pay for Labour's own wasteful ends.

I didn't realise that much of this legal theft actually started when Wilson was PM, but there you go. I'm afraid that like probably 95% of the population, private pension law is a total anathema to me, and anyway, when Wilson was around it was a completely different scene.

Politicians are certainly the most capable bunch of shysters to sneak money away from the public, and pay themselves the proceeds. I hope also that we won't still be paying the pensions of other Eurocrats as well - that would be very unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall some EU paper shuffler, who sent a letter to all M.P.'s extolling the remain cause. At the time I believe he was able to take unpaid leave on some jaunt in the far east, proving how poverty stricken he was.
My view is they where working for the enemy and should get nothing. Like myself and thousands of others they can exist on the basic state pension, we seem to be able to manage without any other benefits or concessions apart from the winter fuel payment.

Mr Ecks said...

There would be a choice for all EU pension holders.

Give up the pension voluntarily or be expelled from the UK for good minus their citizenship.

And we pay zero to EU pensions.

Anonymous said...

Surely the pension arrangements of these people are a charge on their employers, not on the State of their nationality?

Anonymous said...

It'll all come down to what left what: did the person leave the pension 'scheme' or did the scheme leave the 'person'. Don't get me wrong, like most people I'd like nothing more than to see the Kinnocks wine bill become harder to pay, or Mandelson struggling to pay business class flying to Whereverstan. Ideally they should all be in prison for treason but that's about as likely to happen as Cameron becoming honest.


Cascadian CBE said...

That is a problem that can be safely ignored for the present, until the separation is finalized (if ever). A bit of angst about possible non-payment of pensions will focus the minds and discourage further enrolment.

Like others here, I seriously doubt Ms May-be's abilities to achieve anything beyond platitudes and her negotiating team will be filled with time-servers who rather like extensive and reliable Euro travel, rather than the constipated yUK travel.

Sad to see that no effective voice extolling Brexit has appeared after Farage's exit.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in light of the failed attempted kidnap in Norfolk RAF Marham and in no small part thanks to gold plated pension boy Mandelscum "we were going out and rounding them up!"
Et famille Kinnock's efforts championing the benefits of mass immigration and multiculturalism, the police have announced that, Aldershot Squaddies are advised not to wear uniform when going out for a spot of R and R in t' local town centre.

It must be noted, this in no way reflects on the local plod's ability to do what is says on the tin - police.

James Higham said...

What's already agreed must be paid, what's not is not.