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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Finally! Islamist Choudhary banged up ... for now

It's taken long enough for the fount of Islamist hate-crime in Britain, Anjem Choudary, to be convicted for the first time, and no doubt he will cost us all even more in legal aid as he exhausts the appeal process, using the law he so despises to seek further freedom to hate. Even if he gets the full ten years, he'll be out in half that - free to lead the Islamist hate campaign against non-Muslims. 

Choudhary has been the figurehead for a whole generation of seditious Islamists. The BBC, of course, gladly welcomed him onto Radio 4's 'Today' to spread his toxic warfare, his putrid offensive theocratic rubbish. He's had air time and newspaper column inches across the media, and no doubt even now some whining ninny in the Guardian will now complain that the Muslim community is impoverished by the absence of Choudhary's poisonous hatreds.

Let this be a clear message to all Muslims in Britain. A message that there there is no room for Sharia law, no room for the Caliphate, no room for Islamist violence in Britain; that British law is triumphant, British values paramount and that British justice will prevail.


Poisonedchalice said...

I sure hope so Raedwald. I hope that this point marks a turn in the tide for Britain, for its values and for Christianity.

Barnacle Bill said...

Whilst it cheers me up that one of these RoP fifth columnists will be enjoying the pleasures of HMP I don't see it as the start of a prolonged fight-back. More a sop to keep the plebs happy for now.

If I was the governor of the establishment Mr Choudhary will be lodging at I think I would ensure all the stairways are well polished before his arrival.

Sackerson said...

This, on the victory of intransigent minorities, should interest you:

Naseem Taleb: intransigent minorities win:

It may become necessary to be intransigent towards the intransigent.

Anonymous said...

Rather than pay for (a) his legal aid for endless appeals, & (b) his, and his family's upkeep, we should send him to a country that already has the system he espouses.

Dadad said...

Just think of the damage he will do to the others inside, during his 5 years.
Solitary confinement is the only way to prevent it.

Dan said...

To be honest the Islamic lot have managed to pull a very neat trick on their followers regarding means of government. The ploy is really very simple.

Firstly, they point out that the Koran is the word of Allah, and that anyone denying this is evil|infidel|apostate etc.

Secondly, they point out that man is subservient to Allah, therefore the word of Allah must take precedence, ergo we're back to Sharia law.

Thirdly, they point out that if you have word of Allah law, you do not need anything else, therefore democracy is unnecessary. You do however need people to decide how the word of Allah ought to be administered, and those people are clerics of various sorts.

Islam doesn't have a clerical hierarchy as such. There is no pope, no ranking system but only whether someone is respected or not. What you end up with is a huge fuzzy mess, especially in the field of Islamic Banking, which basically consists of a Cunning Plan that would shame Baldrick, plus a part-senile and easily-bribed cleric to give it the seal of approval (hint: he doesn't get paid unless he gives the plan the thumbs-up).

All of which is a very nice system if you're a cleric, and a shite one if you happen to be female, or in need of proper grown-up finance or have a modern state to run without a bunch of senile pillocks demanding to have their uninformed say in things...

JohnofEnfield said...

I'm quite fascinated by how the economic argument for Islam works out. About seventy percent of Muslim women in the UK are unemployed - by design. A mirror image of the native population. They are therefore heavily dependent on the benefits system & the Muslim family can never hope to become affluent through the normal employment channels. I understand we also support them through providing some benefits for polygamous marriages. Then there is the cost of the doubled rate of birth defects among first cousin marriages which must have an impact on the NHS. It all adds up to creating an impoverished underclass which will have different economic dynamics from the rest of the population as we try & reduce the cost of welfare. It should provide fertile ground for even more extreme manifestations of victim status than we get now.

Anonymous said...


Extremely interesting, thank you!

Anonymous said...


Fine words. But my problem is that Muslim population growth is such, that in less then 50 years, Muslims will be a majority in the UK. Muslims will then be a majority in parliament as well.

We will have Sharia quite legally via a parliamentary "Green" paper. Then will start the persecution of all non-Muslims, as it has been in all Muslim countries for 1400 years, till the present.