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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Is this Honest Headlines day?

What's up with the papers today? There's a strange and unusual strain of veracity intruding on the headlines and straplines of the nation's finest. 'Brexit only had minor effect - world economy back to normal' states one; 'Black people commit more crimes' another, but my favourite must be the Indie with 'Giant Ice sheet not melting'. 

The latter is of course hugely disappointing to me. The Indie prints a map of how East Anglia could look if the giant ice sheet did melt; it's exactly the same as the historic Anglian coastline in the 7th century. 


Dave_G said...

It's all about believability Radders. Recent headlines have been so blatantly biased or downright lies that the readership are actually starting to kick up a fuss over the obvious deceit - pointing it out in comments sections on regular occasions.

As a result they (the media) are trying to ease the discomfiture of their readership by offering up some tasty morsels that are aimed at restoring the public's conception that the press/media are to be trusted and that what they say is the actual truth.

.... right before they stick the knife in and offer up the greatest deception of all time.

Just wait.

Anonymous said...

Relying on the MSM especially the lying Boy Buggering Corporation for unbiased information is a complete and possibly dangerous pastime, they are at best for entertainment purposes only. Far better spend some time on the interweb view whats going on from all angles then use your CDF to form some sort of average truth.

Anonymous said...

So Blacks commit more crime. And Blacks are poorer than Whites. So the argument goes that poverty breeds crime. Actually, it is the other way round: crime breeds poverty.

mikebravo said...


It seems logical that crime is at the very lest a by product of poverty (the real kind). Looking around the world it certainly looks like the poorest places are the most likely to be robbed as a tourist. Morality comes into it as well but morals are a luxury for many. I would not kill and eat a dolphin for instance - unless I and my family were starving.
I see in today's Graun that Saint Polly is claiming that poverty is also the cause of obesity - evil tory cuts and such. I would have thought that eating more than you burn off was a prime cause but what do I know?

Michael said...

Tuscan Polly slimily skates over the words about 'vegetables' and adds her silly comments later on in her dribbling sentence.

It's rubbish to decry vegetables and say they're expensive. Total trash!

When there was an Irish problem with food many years ago, a whole family would survive on just mashed spuds and buttermilk, which cost virtually nothing. They all just got on with it and were none less healthy for the restricted diet!

I'm not saying that just that diet would be acceptable today, but anyone with half a brain must have to realise that a few veg, cooked to a reasonable standard, just has to be better than the dreadful crap called fast food.

Polly really does need to get out more.

anon 2 said...

Re East Anglia :) :)

Aren't they clever, these neu scientists? How could we understand anything without them?

DeeDee99 said...

My favourite item of Truth-speak was the admission by some in the Media - with the finger pointed firmly at the Blatantly Biased Corporation - that they were significantly responsible for Anjem Choudhary's high-profile status as Muslim loud-mouthed, rabble-rousing extremist within the Muslim community.

Unfortunatley, no-one mentioned the left-wing, Muslim appeasing Channel 4 "News" when they were apportioning blame. Perhaps they think so few people watch the propaganda broadcast to make it worth drawing attention to it.

Possibly one reason for the sudden splurge of Truth-speak is the absence of politicians from London. Most of the mendacious parasites are on holiday; swanning around the world at our expense; in their Constituencies trying to shore up their voter-base or participating in the farce that is the Labour leadership election.

Still, the public not only stuck two fingers up at the Establishment and voted to leave the EU, they also refused to panic and cause the recession the lying Remain Campaign predicted. When will our political elite learn: the electorate may be stupid enough to vote for them, but it doesn't mean we believe a word they say or will behave the way they want.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


Apparently Brit lefties are a-fightin in Syria - I thought The Bob Crow Brigade might be the work of a satirist.

Has Comrade Corbyn has been out for an inspection parade and give 'em all a kiss?

Is the RMT sponsoring? - do Southern Rail commuters know?

Anonymous said...

MikeBravo, I'm sorry, but you have it the wrong way round, as I pointed out. As an example, I once had a £25 radio stolen from a car, at the cost of £700 in window glass and £1000 in damage to the dash.

Profit for the thief - less than £25, because the fence knew it was stolen.
Loss to me: £1725
Profit for the car manufacturer, garage etc - less than my loss.

Result: nett loss overall.

Multiply this by enough cases and the whole of society gets poorer. Crime-ridden societies are poor, full stop.

The normal way round is a gross insult to poor people who are strivers.

Dioclese said...

Went to Spitsbergen a few years back on a boat. The captain said he'd never made it so far north before. The ice shelf had melted way back.

He a!so said the ice came back earlier and froze further south. Also while the north receded further the south froze further north and vice versa. That's why the sea levels haven't risen and you can still holiday in the Maldives...

G. Tingey said...

For the time being, at least.

It took Amundsen 3 years to struggle through the NW passage ( Because at that time, it wasn't - it was usually frozen solid ) Now, they are taking cruise ships round it ( In late Summer ) because the ice has melted so much.
Also for moderate, or "small" ( for certain values of "small" ) liquid water takes up a smaller volume than ice ( Which is why ice floats, of course ) - but this cannot continue indefinitely .....