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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Juncker really is an ill-informed little man

Euroland's most senior unelected official Herr Juncker shared his uninformed opinion with the people of Europe again yesterday. Speaking at Alpbach Media Academy Mr Juncker said: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.” 

Oh dear oh dear. Wrong on so many levels. Borders pre-date the kind of democracy that produces politicians by many centuries, nay millennia; Egypt, Nubia, Babylonia all had well established borders five thousand years before little Jean-Claude was a twinkle in his father's eye. Egypt's border stellae still stand, and Hittites and Assyrians were guarding their well-established borders a thousand years before the vote was invented, let alone the first political lie was told. 

Second, the notion that politicians have ever actually invented anything can only come from a Federast bureaucrat who knows little about democracy and less about politics. All politics is reactive.  

I suppose Euroland is lumbered with this clown for a while longer, affording us even greater prospects of inanity.


Poisonedchalice said...

I voted Brexit. And is each day passes and more lies are revealed and more insanity comes to light, the more comfortable I am with my decision.

Cull the Badgers said...

Inanity? It's insanity.

When are we going to out of the EU. I'm getting very impatient.

Anonymous said...

Oh I quite like the idea. I presume he means all borders of any kind.

Now, where's that big house I expect he lives in. I expect a free stay there and unfettered access to his wine cellar will do me the world of good. Anyone else fancy it? I'm feeling generous as I'm sure he is.

Anonymous said...

A loon and dipsomaniac to rub it in, the KRAUTS ferociously politicking in Strasbourg [wherever] and thus enabled his, Druncker's enthronement. The miserable tosser but happy days for him and shame heaped high on the EU.
Therefore, it seems quite obvious to me, just what the Hun think of the capo of the Brussels Mafia - and oblivious disregard doesn't come close, utter contempt would more on the money.

I see that, during the last 24 hrs Merkel is bashing Italian and French heads on another insignificant island in the Med. Mutti is planning a EUro army but will have to impose full time status on her own lot first?
Any road up, hmm and that's the Hun and Frogs plus i-ties, though some Frog units are fairly capable, when have the Italians ever fired a shot in anger and usually at their own countrymen. Never mind, Angie ordains it and the rest will obey - ya?
This is another land grab by Berlin, a Roman/gallic legion or three and quelling the restless natives is all it will do. Any real threat to their precious borders and the call will go out across the Channel and over the pond - for some real muscle.

Britain should send them a message: Fuck you to Berlin and Fuck off and good riddance to the EU.

Raedwald said...

Ah yes - the Euro army.

If the French did the catering, the Italians designed the uniforms and the Germans made the tanks it might be formidable.

Unfortunately, I think the Germans will do the cooking, the French will design the uniforms and the tanks will be Italian.

Anonymous said...

Although there were no politicians in Ancient Egypt, I think the Pharaoh's favourites, the gaggle of courtiers all plotting and gossipping against one another, and all their friends and relations were basically the same kinds of people.

Even in a small tribe in New Guinea, there is a Chief and he has hangers-on and sidekicks.

Don Cox

proglodyte said...

At least there'd be no need for import tariffs, although I guess he could be referring only to his wet dream - The United States of Europe.

John Miller said...

Ah, the old Italian tank joke.

7 gears

1 forward

6 reverse...

bloke in france said...

Any borders?
Yah! Free and unfettered rights to wander around Berlaymont at will and ignore the armed stooges.
36,000 miles of hedgerow
Edges of football pitches
Maybe as many as 10 million borders between private properties...
Abolish the Land Registry NOW!

The guy is out to lunch even before lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

Why he would say such a thing is what we need to understand. For him no borders means no nations:


a large aggregate of people united by common descent, culture and language, inhabiting a particular state or territory

That's it in a nutshell. You have the UN's special envoy, Peter Sutherland, pressing Europe's leaders to "dehomogenize" (minoritize whites in their homelands) Europe. You also have his mate, billionaire George Soros, paying millions to get as many migrants as possible into Europe by the back door. Junker may be a clown but his message will have been received, and understood, by every 'progressive' in Europe.


Smoking Scot said...

I do believe a fair majority of the 26 million people who inhabit North Korea would welcome this. Perhaps the entire population of Haiti and oh so many living in Mexico.

Of course we are aware that several million from Syria and Afghanistan are intent on getting EU passports. Well maybe not for, should our erstwhile visionary get his way then passports would be a thing of the past.

Then the problem is one of language, religion and culture - and I very much suspect he'll have one heck of an uphill on his hands to get one world language.

The other two, well I dread to think on either.

Yet has he given thought to the millions that are employed in the passport, immigration, border control as well as the millions using every means at their disposal to sort out fraudulent qualifications and write up visa applications throughout the 3rd world?

Nah, the guy got canned the previous night and farted out the wrong orifice.