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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Polish Death Camps

I should stress I'm referring to the six Nazi extermination factories all sited in occupied Poland and not to death camps operated by the Poles. The six extermination factories were very different to the multitude of Nazi concentration and slave labour camps sited across the Third Reich and its conquests, a distinction of which many younger journalists are simply ignorant. 

So the fact the Polish government is outlawing the phrase 'Polish Death Camps' is understandable, if not excusable. Not only journalists but many younger people display an unbelievable stupidity about Nazi atrocities, and most are perfectly capable of believing the untruth that the phrase refers to death camps operated by the Poles. 

And the Poles have the capacity to apply the rigours of the law. Remember, this is the nation that has 4,000 - yes, four thousand - people imprisoned for cycling whilst under the influence of drink.

My question is this. Should a cerebrally challenged British journalist use the unlawful phrase, can the Polish government issue (at least for the next two years or so) a European arrest warrant requiring their extradition? If so, with luck and endeavour Polish jails may soon be filled with crap British journalists; will this leave spaces in which enterprising freelances with a modicum of historical knowledge can flourish?


Anonymous said...

Nazi death camps, built in Poland by slave labour, fixed.

I'm surprised the Poles are really that bothered, as a nation and race having had a pretty cruel history, surely does lead one to take a very objective view of German death factories.
Polska, they still don't like the Hun very much. Keeping in mind Poland's long suffering at the hands of the Krauts.... I scoff when I hear the Kommissars in Brussels glibly refer to the 27 - as "friends", 'as partners and allies'. Yea are, the Brussels wankerati, liberal pansies and beasts given to constant and raucous assertions displaying an infantile and infinite idiocy.

Sackerson said...

That's as may be about who ran the camps, but the N*zis were impressed (e.g. in Lithuania, if I recall correctly) by the alacrity with which other nations were happy to snitch on and round up Jews. The blood-guilt is spread widely.

Anonymous said...

Yet sadly the number of Nazi death camp survivors increases every year, especially in America.


Anonymous said...

Holocaust denial is also punishable by imprisonment. Is there concern over
jounalists and academicians getting arrested there? The use of the
Polish death camp phrase appears to be an attempt to insiduously
introduce the idea the camps were created by Poles, especially when
the word German is absent in regards to the actual creators of the camps
(as opposed to German prosecutors of "the Nazis" where GERMAN is usually
emphasized), the omission of the number of Polish casualties overall, and in
the camps, at the hands of Germany, and EPECIALLY in conjunction with
undue and inappropriately gratuitous mention of "Polish anti-semitism"
which existed, as did Jewish anti-Polonism, but had NOTHING to do with
the German camps.

DeeDee99 said...

The Polish Government is taking a perfectly understandable action; why should the Polish nation be tarnished with the sins of the Nazis.

And if journalists who label the extermination camps inaccurately fall foul of the law it will teach them a valuable lesson which, hopefully, they would then learn to apply in other situations.

4000 cyclists banged-up for being drunk in charge of a bike eh? Shame our Government doesn't jail a few of them over here for being selfish, inconsiderate, dangerous road-hogs. The lanes of Surrey have become infested with them since the Olympics.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


O/T but the cyclists ... I'd simply settle for an on the spot £100 fine or confiscation (ransom?) for cycling without lights - cheaper in real terms than back in the 1970s when plod actually used to enforce it...

I am profoundly fed up with these twits (dressed in black!)appearing out of nowhere causing me to swerve, brake hard etc. as the 2 minutes a day of darkness creeps back into the calendar.

pjt said...

Handing a British person from Britain to Poland to face prosecution under this law is about as likely as extraditing Obama from the U.S. under this law. Not gonna happen, and the EU arrest warrant doesn't force Britain with this.

But regarding the operation of death camps, actually, as far as I understand, quite a number of Polish people actually were involved in running the camps, although the camps definitely were under German Nazi leadership. claims

A majority of Poles were eager to round up Jews and put them into gas chambers.

selsey.steve said...

"If so, with luck and endeavour Polish jails may soon be filled with crap British journalists; will this leave spaces in which enterprising freelances with a modicum of historical knowledge can flourish?
This is something devoutly to be wished.
When this mass incarceration is completed, I might again read a newspaper.