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Friday, 12 August 2016

Progress is glacial in tackling electoral wrongs

Some years ago I reported on the available evidence that demonstrated that UK electoral standards had slumped to a place below that of many third world nations, and of standards so low as to be unknown in any other advanced Western democracy. Michael Pinto Duschinsky had the figures; 3m on the electoral roll who should not be, and 3m missing from the roll who should be there, electoral quotients of third world standards, way beyond an OSCE basis of +/-5% and ridiculously far away from the +/-3% that advanced democracies such as New Zealand enforce, and voting fraud and personation off the scale as a direct consequence of Blair's seedy and crooked intervention to 'game' the system.

Slowly and very carefully the Tory governments from 2010 on took notice, but without the support of Labour, who continued to put party interests before the probity of our national electoral system. The roll-out of individual voter registration has rid the cities of multiple registrations, and the change of constituency boundaries due in 2017 will bring us somewhere close to +/-5%.

However, as Eric Pickles reports, electoral fraud and personation, particularly amongst Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, is as bad as ever. This is not unrelated to Islamism, and to the low standards of truth, probity and decent behaviour inherent in Moslem religious belief that many believe permits lying and deceit under certain circumstances, including UK elections. 

Pickles suggests indelible finger-dye at polling stations; I think this goes too far. We are not yet Dhaka or Karachi. Such measures are fine for foreign natives, but an insult to an English native. No. Other measures for the 2020 elections, including proactive policing, mandatory prison time for voting fraud, ID checks at polling stations and a police presence to prevent tribal or Islamist intimidation should make the point; all voters respect our electoral system or do jail time.


Anonymous said...

" police presence to prevent tribal or Islamist intimidation should make the point; all voters respect our electoral system or do jail time."

And at the end of that 'time', they should be stripped of their dual citizenship and repatriated to a country which has traditions more in keeping with their own;

Saudi Arabia

to name but three.

Barnacle Bill said...

I hold the view that voting should be linked to a national ID card system.

A card issued free to all those of voting age, giving free access to those services such as the NHS, social welfare, benefits etc ... Re-newal of one's ID card would be at the polling station where it is stamped and validated for a further period.

There would have to be an exemption system for those who could not attend the polling station. Otheriwse if you want you card re-newed you attend in person at the polling station.

Of course you won't be forced to vote just attend on the day.

As for our Muslims fraudsters; fair enough if their community leaders wish to collect the votes of their locals they can. But it would only count collectively as one vote, regardless of the number of cards they turn up with in their grubby hands, in any election.

Now if we could come up with bacon impregnated voting forms!

Mr Ecks said...

Bill--Sorry but you can shove your ID card.

Simple solution--all RoP fans lose the vote anyway.

That will stop them forming power blocks pushing for more power.

And have the side-effect of ensuring that fewer ZaNu turds like Jack Straw will ever be elected again.

TrT said...

I watched the police take a mans phone and delete the video he filmed of burka wearers vote, join the back of the line, vote, join the back of the line.

They aren't going to help.

Cull the Badgers said...

Where I am the voting booths are now fixed around a central pillar. There can be four to each pillar and there is no curtain. This design makes it possible for anyone wishing to intimidate another to claim to be able to see or have seen where they put their cross.

We must go back to the old style individual booths where there are three sides and a curtain.

I am astonished to read that it is possible for someone voting to be accompanied into the booth. How long has this been possible?

Standards have certainly fallen abysmally low to appease minority interests. Their agenda has been subversive. It is time strict that standards were reintroduced.

Wildgoose said...

I remember helping in a close-fought Council Election in Rotherham around 1989/90. That was back in the days when you would still help drive electors to the Polling Stations so they could vote.

Labour had lost Central Ward twice to the Liberal Democrats, a ward that Labour thought was "theirs" by right, and so they were determined it wasn't going to happen a third time.

I helped take one elderly gentleman who had just returned from Pakistan to vote where he found, to his distress, that somebody had already been and voted on his behalf - no doubt not realising he was back in the UK.

There is nothing new about electoral malfeasance, the Labour Party and the Islamic community.

John Brown said...

We need ID to be shown and recorded at the polling station against the electoral register and for postal voting to be banned except under controlled and exceptional circumstances.

Poisonedchalice said...

It amazes me that I can just walk into a polling station and announce my name and vote and walk out. I know - it is how Great Britain should be; but some political dickheads decided to let crooked Muslims into our country and now we have to deal with the problem as we see it. So, toughen up polling booths, get rid of postal voting, or we could expel those who abuse our system?

Peter said...

It is a simple matter to require voters to scan their index finger or thumb at the Polling booth before getting a ballot paper. No personal details need to be recorded as the only purpose of the software is to identify duplications on that day. After the poll has closed all data can be deleted (unless, of course, the Police get involved).

It's a common practise at many airports around the world, to make sure the person departing has the same passport - print combination of the person previously let in. And it's cheap and easy, can be done with off the shelf hardware.

Anonymous said...

I can't see much changing, it took years to get the design right to ensure that whenever a general election is held the Establishment still gets the leverage it wants. An example is Farage (Populist) and Corbyn (Marxist). The MSM does all the heavy lifting but for who, and why?

Ok try Trump and Clinton. Who do you think the British media prefers? Easy ain't it. Clinton has evaded prosecution more times than Bill's had crabs but she's still going to win in November. Fucking joke it is - and I never even mentioned the democratic black hole that is Brussels.

I hate politicians.


Anonymous said...

Could perhaps use finger dipping for one-year only, in order to establish some sort of data baseline? Of course, postal voting would also have to be severely curtailed - but it certainly should be anyway. We need to revert to the old, tested and proven system of postal votes only for those who physically cannot get to a voting station.

anon 2 said...

"Such measures are fine for foreign natives, but an insult to an English native."

"Insult" Raedwald? But don't the foreign settlements indicate that the alien barbarians have already attacked us by leaping* into our once sovereign land? Don't they intend us nothing but harm*?

Surely the measures you suggest are too little too late. The police, and other people who woman the polling stations are already infiltrated and otherwise corrupt.

The beacons should no longer beckon. We really need a big sign at every immigration point: "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here." (Put it in their native languages for those of them who are literate).

* n.b. etymology from Latin "Salire" = 'to leap at' (Chambers); see traditional medical use as in: "an insult to the tissues."

Thud said...

Great post.

Mr Ecks said...

Again fuck fingerprints--you are handing them to the coppers.

The RoP lose the vote.

As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I think Peters idea at 12 August 2016 at 13:42 has the germ of a usable system may need some tuning to make it simple and workable.There's no need to be prissy about using finger prints in fact it would be a good way of keeping track of illegal aliens,unless you are or plan to be a lawbreaker what's the objection, they've already got mine so I don't care. I've a feeling that any type of ID card could/would be eventually compromised. Somewhere I've still got my National Registration Identity Card from the 1940's, oh what simpler and more trusting times before the third world invasion. Thanks labour you scum, achieved where Hitler failed, given the choice between the two I'd have preferred Adolf.

wiggiatlarge said...

It is difficult to get very excited about the pronouncements of Eric Pickles, there would have been no investigation at all as the Electorial Commision had his under the bed regards malpractise in Tower Hamlets and the Police ditto.

The only reason they were forced to investigate was because of a private prosecution against Rahman and this piece of work is still avoiding any responsibility to the case

so whilst most measures suggested here are admirable the chances of anything meaningful coming from this enquiry are as likely as the 20 zone I live on ever being enforced, not a lot.

Dan said...

To be honest, ID cards as implemented by a state like Germany are not actually a bad idea at all. I take Germany as an example because after World War 2, a series of reforms were enshrined in its constitution to limit government power.

So, the German government is forbidden by law from collecting any information on race, ethnicity or religion. Different government departments are forbidden from talking to each other and sharing information; they are permitted to know only a smallish set per government silo.

Getting an ID card is an exercise in physically walking between different buildings to slowly get the correct paperwork for a card. At the end, you have a card which is photo-ID, but which only shows your photo, name and address and that is all save maybe an ID number.

This method works, and does not give a government the information that it can easily abuse. Presenting photo ID when voting would prevent a lot of abuse, and tighten the system up quite considerably.