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Sunday, 21 August 2016

They're all killing kids in Aleppo

Aleppo is the critical pivot of the Syrian civil war. Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, simply cannot abandon the city to the US / UK / Saudi / Turkish supported rebels without losing the war. The US and its allies know that if they lose Aleppo, the rebellion will be to all purposes finished from that point, though the killing and destruction and bloodshed will no doubt continue for some time. So each side is pouring in hardware, munitions, air power, special forces and everything they've got into taking a city still inhabited by over a million people. 

And of course civilians - men, women and children - are caught up in the conflict and are killed on both sides, every day. A new and rather revolting twist to the agitprop war being fought in Europe's media is the publication by both sides of the child casualties of Western weapons. A small boy blasted to pieces by a Russian-made rocket; a small girl eviscerated by a British-made mortar round. All that's lacking is the juxtapositioning next the horrid corpses of the fat cat arms dealers, politicians and primitive Saudis grown sleek as butter from the war's profits. 

Neither side holds the moral high ground. Neither side in battle ever does. Both sides have abandoned the peace table to see who can win Aleppo first; for after the slaughter, the side eventually planting its flag on the high pile of Aleppo's corpses will have the negotiating advantage. 

But please, for as long as our purblind politicians back the killers of one side over the killers of the other, let's please refrain from moral pontificating. We're all just as guilty of those child deaths as eachother. 


Sackerson said...

Read Hitchens today on the background: "Tragic Victims of our deal with the devil" -

As for the boy, there's a big question mark over the photographer:

Anonymous said...

I feel no guilt. As far as I am aware, I have received no benefit whatsoever from this conflict and a lot of disbenefits, including some of my taxes being pissed up the wall.

As for child casualties, aren't there always? Aren't they photogenic for the propagandists? There'd be a damn sight less of them if these people didn't breed like flies. And tell me, did these people weep for the children in Europe, Japan, China, and the Far East in two World Wars?

Every corpse in Muslim countries is one less irritant for the future of the world, no matter how cute they seemed in life, and how tragic they seem in death. I wish there were a billion of the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens, in great form but so marginalized by the MoS, thus a fat chance of a comment being published.

Ethiop, a charity drive and guilt tripping the UK public to make us all stand up and emote...... 30 odd years ago, Yob Gelderd was so smart at 'yanking chains and heart strings' that PR stuff.

The media blizzard of faux anguish over that poor wee young lad was similar to the tone of the Jo Cox virtue signallers scweam fest. As Peter Hitchens ably alludes to an exact fashioned photo op. The sad pictures a propaganda drive, the drowned kid washed up on shore and as we later found out that, his father was a "people smuggler" who stayed in his boat AS THE CHILD WAS WASHED OVERBOARD and who led a pretty cushioned life in Turkey but decided he would be better off sponging benefits in Canada. Plus ca change?


Britain, France, the EU [Berlin] have blood on their hands.

Who did allow their allies and dirty tricks brigade [read Gulf-Saudi Wahhabists who abhor Bashar al Assad with a frenzy of insane blood lust] to pump £$€billions into the Levant theatre. All via the facilitator, with help from the self styled Ottoman Sultan sitting in his grand palace to the NORTH.

Lest we not forget that, despite the green blob claiming it was "climate change wot did it".
The Eastern provinces of Syria were thoroughly destabilized by hundreds of thousands of refugee mouths to feed and Sunni brigands and murderers crossing at will, in and out of Syria using the border areas to launch attacks on the Shia in Baghdad and US forces based in Iraq.
al Assad had lost control of eastern Syria, long before his country was sent [encouraged by western leaders not least Camoron] into a spiralling civil war circa the Arab spring.
Plus with, the unseen hand of Wahhabism mobilizing the Sunni tribes of Syria. That loony Bush/Bliar Iraq adventure and the idiot decision of Hussein O'barmy and way too prematurely to pull out US forces from the Iraq debacle removed the smothering blanket on a proxy Shia v Sunni war being fought in both Iraq and Syria and Isis was born.

If the west [NATO] had a heart it would encourage western backed opposition to al Assad's forces to pull back out of Aleppo and thus allow the Syrian army to retake Syrias' second city. Furthermore, to inform al Assad and Russia to treat leniently the citizens of that war torn city. Though, with Turkey screaming murder to all infidels and Shia/Alouites in the background - what chance of that series of events happening?

We should be talking to President PUTIN for he is the sole broker.

What with, the People's Republic of Red China sniffing round the seas off Syria, no doubt seeking to docking an berthing facilities the facilities in the port of Latakia and thus gain influence in the Med, only makes the west-EU look even more impotent than it already seems. those total fuckwit leaders in Berlin, Paris and London are mental pygmies when pitched against the 'big boys' and FFS get us out of the strangulation of the EU influence, FFS whatever next - Chinese subs in Gib?


Oldrightie said...

There is a hint via Hitchens work and the remnants of the blogging initiative (now marginalised by twitter attention span success) that the reality of Western interventionism and appeasement of all things Sunni is the choice of spoiled, made rich through aggression and bullying by the children who run and own the West. Slowly the blame for the tragic savagery of our erstwhile leaders is gaining traction.

Theresa May has an opportunity to change the infantile nature of our UK and Western decades of infantile, sycophantic unpleasantness and greed. Genuine dialogue with Putin and a Trump Presidency could well see the butchery of the Syrian rebels curtailed.

We can still dream, for the time being, before hope becomes a listed commodity and another luxury only afforded the despots and wealthy.

lilith said...

Anon 10:57 yup

Anonymous said...

The Mediam is the Message:

Syria: ISIS arm Nour al-Din al-Zenki Jihadi propaganda hits the dhimmi media


James Higham said...

I'm not guilty in the least over that, having vocally opposed the whole scene for years.