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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Time to give the French a Britannic shrug

Do the Kermits seriously imagine that their noisy bluster over the squalid Calais migrants camp bothers us? Sure, they're piqued that their nation and economy is down the can, that in future they'll depend on German hand-outs to pay their public servants, that across the Channel our economy, free of the EU, will surge ahead to become Europe's wealthiest. Hence the threats and bluster to move immigration checks to UK territory. 

Any such move will only further damage French trade. UK exports will get a rapid ride into France going outwards, but French imports will face long delays and freight queues stretching from Calais to Rouen. For we will be forced to two varieties of new border controls; on the entry ramps of UK registered P&O ferries in Calais, and on the exit ramps of DFDS ferries in Dover. Migrants and illegals will either be left in Calais or on board the French ships.

Dover turnaround times for the French ships will quadruple, as will their port fees. Likewise for UK ships in Calais. Fares will rise. Passengers and freight will seek other ports - killing jobs and income in Calais, which depends completely upon the port for its wealth. 

It's really up to the Kermits; honour the existing treaty, or face severe restrictions on their exports to the UK from Calais and become the laughing stock of Europe with the MS Côte des Flandres and her sisters full of Ethiopians who won't disembark being fed and catered by DFDS, and with the key town of the Côte d'Opal becoming a depressed, run-down slum with rusting docks and empty warehouses. 

Their choice.


DeeDee99 said...

The cheese-eating surrender monkeys need to get tough with the illegal migrants. Give them 2 weeks to claim asylum in France or be deported. And then do it. The only thing that will stop them coming is knowing that they will be sent straight back.

Anonymous said...

I can't see why this is anything other than a French problem of allowing shanty towns to be set up. If the inhabitants shouldn't be in France then that is something to be taken up with the EU Commission and their southern 'gateway' countries.

Many countries operate reciprocal immigration controls in advance of access to means of transport. Reverting to controls at the destination inconveniences passengers and transport operators as waiting time at departure points is no longer usefully employed clearing travellers and the transport operator runs an increased risk of having to take back the unwanted.

mikebravo said...

I see a nation in crisis over the Channel.

Floundering about, banning shirts and headscarves on beaches. Threatening their trade partners with bluster and bullshit.

The inability to deal with the problems that their elites have caused over the last 60 years (or more).

A beautiful country, but I stopped going there years ago. Their daft, hi-vis, sat-nav, alcohol detector madness for cars and the new beach lunacy shows that they are a country on its way to tyranny.

Dave_G said...

All political bluster to counteract the rise of Le Penn and bolster the odds on Sarkozi getting a foot in the door.

Manipulated by the media to create post-Brexit angst (will they ever stop?).

...or... typical cheese-eating surrender-monkey whingeing to cover their own inadequacies.

Anonymous said...

We need to reinvigorate Harwich/Hook and Dover/Zeebrugge as alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Would-be immigrants would not be stuck on the Ferries. All they need is for a UK Member of Parliament to phone the Immigration Officers at the Dover border and "make representations" ie insist that the immigrant be allowed to disembark and hey presto that's what always happens.
Gerald Kaufmann MP was always known as such an MP.

English Pensioner said...

I like your scenario, but I don't think that this government would ever cause it to happen.