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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Corbyn's utter humiliation at being exposed as a lying dog in staging a fake train stunt is perhaps not the real point. If he was serious about being prime minister, he and his minders would vet every photobombing hoodie, every bacon sarnie, every snowy Husky to ensure that he was always but always pictured in a prime-ministerly pose. Future prime ministers just don't sit on the floor outside a train's onboard toilet. Never. However, it's the sort of 'one of the lads' type images that may inspire credulous youths young enough to have a railcard and who may be members of the Labour party. 

And that, I think, is the nub. Corbyn is facing some utterly forgettable dreary little Labour apparatchik called, I think, Kevin Smith, who has challenged for the leadership. Until Corbyn has seen him off, he can't get down to fulfilling his real aim - to wear jeans and sandals for PMQs in an act that will shock the nation some political dags sensitive as maiden aunts


Sackerson said...

We should support Corbyn to fend off his would-be referendum-subverting apparatchik rival.

Bill Quango MP said...

We are in agreement over the {in} competence of his handlers.

Anonymous said...

It's great isn't it. The scum party found and oily tick even more incompetent than the goon Corbyn to stand against him.

I can't wait for Corbyn to win again. What will the shysters do next for our entertainment? Group seppuku!

Anonymous said...

" as maiden aunts "

Such a think can be found in modern Britian?

DeeDee99 said...

I'm no Labour voter (never). But forced into a choice, I'd have Corbyn over Smith.

Smith's determination to overturn the Will of the British people is appalling. He claims to belive in democracy but wants to ignore the most democratic vote in our history. Dangerous, arrogant ..... and fortunately, a loser.

Anonymous said...

Oily Smith V Jezza and what a choice between, a manic tax and spend idiot and champagne Socialist agin, the totally deluded Marxist idealogue [and that's a dangerous mixture]. Good God, both labourite tossers are brimming with spiteful social enginering mischief and more, to say that, the twain were financially illiterate would be to ascribe to them both, an understanding way above their economic level of competency.

Corbyn. full on courts furiously the whack jobs in the cult of death. Whereas, Oily will take their [Moslem] votes no questions asked. Indeed, without the voters from the Horn, Maghreb, middle east and the Subcontinent, whoever else would be insane enough to cast their vote for either? Apart - oh and the head bangers convention, various whiteys; Trots, Bolsheviks, Che Guevara T shirt wearers in the civil service and administration - Unison and Unite/UAF = Common Purpose.

Oily or Jezza either or means: the Caliphate 4UK, a little bit more quickly than the time scale the Tories would deliver us unto. LibLavCON - what's the difference?

auralay said...

O.Smith is MP for my town, Pontypridd. Now, Ponty. MP`s have form when it comes to overturning democratic votes. The previous incumbent was one Kim Howells. At the start of the Miners' strike South Wales was the only area to take a vote and the majority was not to strike. Mr. H. was then the South Wales NUM leader and wanted a strike. Some years later he explained on a TV documentary / interview (Which I have never found on YouTube) that he "could not accept the result of the vote to stay in". He then went on to describe how he took bus loads of activists to each pit in turn to 'encourage' the miners to stike. The intimidation tactics worked and the result was a disaster for the valley communities.
Smithy is not a tenth of the man his predecessor was but is just as totalitarian in outlook.

John Miller said...

You think the Yanks have a problem...