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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Turkish sex pervs want full EU access by 2023

The furore caused by Margot Wallstrom's unease at Turkey's action in practically decriminalising sex with girls under 15 indicates that Mad Erdogan's regime in Ankhara is a bit rattled. He knows that after the events of last year, there will be pushback from many European nations to the notion that very young European girls can be seen as legitimate prey by hairy handed Turkish sex pervs. The sex pervs, without doubt, want enhanced access to Europe's teen girls - and will support Erdogan's demands for full EU membership by 2023. 

There is a huge difference between Turks naturalised or who are second, third and fourth generation citizens throughout Europe, who have assimilated fully and have abandoned the primitive Islamist fetishes of their homeland, and the native rural Turks who have never travelled - poor, ignorant, credulous and mired in primitive belief, child marriage, Islamist hate and who gather in groups at beaches to stare at tourists in bikinis. These are Erdogan's supporters, and the group behind Turkey's law change that means that sex with girls under 15 is no longer automatically a crime in Turkey. Erdogan is buying votes from 60 year old men with the hymens of 13 year old girls.  

Margot Wallsrom is right to fear paedo perv sex being normalised amongst migrants - the most common excuse that migrant rapists use is that their sexual needs were paramount over the wishes of inferior women, or that our European age barriers are not recognised in their cultures. 

Thank God the UK will have a decent barrier to these primitives - our British Turks of Cypriot origin are a boon and a benison to the nation, contributing fully to sport, the arts and culture, culinary services and are valuable members of many communities. They are a million miles removed from the illiterate hairy-handed goat herders of Anatolia that Erdogan is blackmailing the EU to take. We have nothing against Turks - just against primitive Islamists.


Barnacle Bill said...

Add to that list any "primitive Islamists" from anywhere east of Dover.

Although I'm sure our adequately funded, manned and with enough actual in-service vessels Border Agency is on the ball already.

Mr Ecks said...

Integrated Turks?.

In the world of organised crime perhaps Radders. But the rest of life? A rather roseate view I fear.

Don't forget the Turks where the pioneers of --small scale--trouble in Germany from the 60s onwards. Never figured out why they fetched up in Germany unless it had something to do with the WW1 alliance.

Poisonedchalice said...

Bye bye Turkey. See ya; don't wanna be ya! Another Islamic shit hole country in the making.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'There is a huge difference between Turks naturalised or who are second, third and fourth generation citizens throughout Europe, who have assimilated fully and..'

Oh dear.


Nick Drew said...

With Mr R on this one. In our neck of the woods, one extended Turkish family of restauranteurs has taken over, firstly, the old kebab shop, which used to be a grade 1 health hazard, regularly being closed down by the council; next the chippie, formerly run by a cheery HK family of merchant seafarers, but you never really wanted to know what their frying-up process involved; then (3) the breakfast cafe - a shabby greasy-spoon before, now a smart, busy affair where the coppers all have their morning coffee break, and the informal business of the high street is conducted daily; then (4) they opened an entirely new diner with a rather hackneyed but perfectly OK 50's theme. The cleanliness of all these places is highly regarded, and one of the 4 usually wins the annual Trading Standards hygene award

the head of this enterprising clan is a valued community member, known and liked by all. When an old uncle of his family got hit-and-run in the high street, the turn-out to his send-off was impressive

finally, emboldened by all this success, another equally pleasant Turkish family turned up & opened a proper restuarant, of Mediterranean theme & very high quality

I just hope they are not all having to pay too much protection money to some shadowy bastards from the old country: but there's no impression given of any fear-&-loathing in the background

Mr Ecks said...

Nick Drew--no doubt about your story. There are good and bad people everywhere and if we had an sure method of sorting them life would be so much better.

IMO "culture" is the way the balance in any grouping is going and --as far as the RoP is going a few good 'uns don't make up for the rest. There is a minority of good, a minority of bad and the passive middle. But the evil of the few has a more powerful effect on the passive many than the influence of the good few. Machiavelli said it : the people will do more out of fear than out of love.

For such reasons --no more Turks. And the ones here already who don't keep to the standards you have mentioned above need to be leaving.

DeeDee99 said...

When I visited found the Turks of Northern Cyprus to be polite, pleasant, friendly and wearing their religion very lightly. I got pestered very little and the few that approached me accepted NO without argument and went in search of someone more obliging.

Mainland Turks in the holiday resort I visited were very different. They could be a real nuisance and very persistent. If that's how I find it as a middle aged woman, young, attractive girls must be hounded 24 hrs a day. I wouldn't take any daughter of mine on holiday to mainland Turkey. I doubt I'll visit again since the country seems to be turning itself into yet another backward, repressive Muslim autocracy under Erdogan.