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Friday, 16 September 2016

African corruption violates our Human Rights - Guardian

Africans are the most corrupt peoples on Earth, claim Oxfam and the African Development Bank. Anton du Plessis, writing in the Guardian, also claims the global corporates are complicit in helping cream-off revenue, up to 65% of transactions, to bent politicians and officials. Some £14bn a year disappears into corrupt offshore bank accounts. 

This results both in a surge of poor African migrants scrabbling at our door, desperate for a share of our wealth, and feeds anti-Western terrorism. Both outcomes cost us a vast amount of time and money to counter - tax that could be spent on the NHS, or reducing VAT. And because African corruption affects us all in this negative way, argues du Plessis, it violates our Human Rights. 

So next time you see an African dictator with a watermelon grin and belly fat as butter, his wives with Cartier handbags and Hermes bling bought with stolen aid and wealth, the bugger is directly violating you. And should be dragged screaming and kicking into an international tribunal, says du Plessis. 

Well, I'm a little surprised to find such sound common sense in the Grauniad, but good-oh.


Peter wood said...

And who is that props up these blots on humanity: OUR TAXES, via the 0.7% aid budget! And remember, HMG has to borrow this money in order to pay it (blood boiling..) This should be eliminated entirely until we have a budget surplus and only re-introduced on a case by case basis directly to the needful cause.

meltemian said...

For God's Sake Please Stop the Aid.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that I don't mind if the population of countries that breed like flies all perishes: starvation better than Ebola, because it can't be transmitted.

But if our politicians are complicit in sending aid to corrupt dictators, then they have infringed our human rights too.

To be honest, I don't care if they get shafted too. In fact, I think on the whole it would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Typical Guardian, the corruption is the fault of global corporates, not greedy bastards with shiny black faces.

Poisonedchalice said...

Two generations ago (or maybe even just one) they were chucking spears at each other; now they get handed billions - what did anyone really expect? To paraphrase one of the commentators in the Grauniad, how do you take a country that was once the breadbasket of Africa (Rhodesia) and turn it into the basket case of Africa?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see the parallel between this and the UK's benefits system? Or even the money doled out to Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales?

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Africans are the most corrupt peoples on Earth..'

Pilger, et al., were writing about this forty years ago. Civilization goes hand in hand with trade. With one exception they've never traded properly outside their own towns and villages. The exception was their own kin, which over centuries they traded in the millions. The answer is to stop giving them money and in exchange for goods give them civilization and dignity.


Pat said...

When politicians (or officials) decide what can be bought or sold, then the politicians are.
Get rid of the regulations and corruption will stop.

Pat said...

When politicians (or officials) decide what can be bought or sold, then the politicians are.
Get rid of the regulations and corruption will stop.

Cuffleyburgers said...

What Steve said.

That's exactly it.

And I share your surprise at seeing such sense in the Grauniad. Still, stopped clock...

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - I have now read the article and in fact it seems to me much more nuanced than you imply.

He does not in my reading place any blame on aid, mentioning only in passing that aid needs to be dispensed in a corruption free way (good luck with that).

Hi implies that the Wets has done nothing to end corruption and while he kind of tacitly acknowedges that African leaders are mostly to blame he dosn't actually say that, mentioning only that some are now making the right noises.

In other words corruption is like the weather, it just happens; if it's anybody's fault it 's the fault of the white man and it's as much up to us as it is up to them to stop it.

I think it is a shit article, a head in the sand article, a virtue signalling piece of specious nonsense.

This is a man who will nevr understand the point that Steve made, which is that the residnts of Africa are mist likely perfectly capable of trading their way to wealth if only they had a chance.

The guilty parties in no particular order are:
* The EU (via CAP)
* corrupt African leaders
* The UN institionally racist, tacitly assume safricans are inferior
* WTO has failed to free up agricultural trade with Africa
* Fair trade coffee etc for encouraging low value added activities
* Some western companies for paying bribes
* The major charities, Oxfam and the like ofr industrialising dependency
* Bof fucking Geldof for being Irish
* Westrn governments for virtue signalling rather han looking for economically sound approacheswhich minimise the cost to Western tax payers who are now heartily hacked off at being rpped off by the above.

Anonymous said...

The west is guilty, charity helps only assuages the consciences of the providers, particularly when it is enforced giving, ie stiffing the taxpayers...... there can be no ethical justification other than it is robbing the poor in the west to feed the habits of the rich in the 'Third World', in other words it 'Charidee' is stupidity on stilts.

The condescension of the likes of the BBC/Bloomberg and CNN et al is legendary, when they talk of "development and African" or ridiculous rises in GDP [from a base of what?]. This jejune reportage on behest of some snowflake SJW just out of Oxford/Harvard, it makes me vomit and never any mention of the UN programmes dedicated to saving babies, feeding camps, millions of mouths and all dedicated to dropping children, population increase in Africa is down to western medicine and technology and after they're born - fuck all happens except 'more aid'.
Yep, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, the FT and all of those idiot statistics are based on producer nations commodities, ie Oil in Nigeria, Diamonds in Rhodesia, Copper in Botswana et bloody cetera and all the profits are 'offshored' not much goes back to the poor buggers digging it out of the ground and never once is mentioned the primary, perpetually rapacious consumer nation - China.

Some Africans [Kenyans, Nigerians, Sudanese, Egyptians, Tanganyikans, South Africans, Rhodesians and from Spanish Sahara/Togo, the Horn to the Transvaal], those who can still remember, say that, Bring back the British: there were no Arab businessmen and thus no slavers, was far less corruption more life chances for the poor, not perfect but infinitely preferable to being caught between....... China/The Saudi madmen of Wahhabism and death by Islamic dictatorship, African tribalism.

Then, there are the fucking investment bankers, but that's just another story of African gang rape.

Raedwald said...

Cuffley - good points

Agree re aid - he didn't mention it, and i do only in passing, but comments above clearly picked up on the effects

And of course my precis of the piece is somewhat accented, but this is what he's really saying - that their corruption impacts on us directly, and that is reason enough to intervene. Which given the screams of rage of neo-colonialism or neo-imperialism we get whenever we suggest their fat and crooked chiefs should steal less, is pretty remarkable for the Graun.

I sense some heavy editing has already taken place to de-toxify the piece, and it's somewhat prolix, but still an astonishing article for the Guardian.

Anonymous said...

I sense some heavy editing has already taken place to de-toxify the piece, and it's somewhat prolix, but still an astonishing article for the Guardian. /quote.

Indeed R, I should have alluded to it, in fact for the Graun, it's an astonishing article but it will only be known as some Graun outlier, as an unusual outcrop of honesty among the enormous massif stratigraphy of, piled high and layer laid upon the strata of extreme left wing ideological guff.

And no, I can feel no charity whatsoever for the cunting left wingers [labour and Tory] who so fanatically wrought a Socialist pestilence on this nation. I will say, that, you [Bliar's claque and the nutters who flock to Corbyn] will be fucked back and fucked hard and not necessarily by the hands of those who would count themselves to be culturally white British.

markc said...

The real nub of all this is that no ordinary person in Africa has property rights of any sort which can be defended from State pilfering, and no judiciary capable of or trusted to set it up. For as long as Africans have no property rights there'll be no investment of capital (money or any other sort) to build a trade base upon. It doesn't help that the EU fixes tariffs on fruit and veg coming in from Africa to defend the fat, feckless, stupid French farmers - oh, and the Soil Association / Food Miles dickheads in this country.

International Aid is better known by the single word BRIBERY. So the fat dictators you refer to are inclined to cooperate with the UK is whatever dark and devious dealings go on. As long as it is paid there cannot be and will not be and sort of reform in Africa and it must be left to stew in its own juices until starvation, disease and pestilence force action.

Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers and Markc, well said. You can add the EU's appalling fishery agreements which enable EU boats to hoover up African fish thereby depriving African fishermen of a living whilst essentially lining the pockets of the corrupt African establishment (and EU subsidised boat owners, mainly French and Spanish).

Separately, it is worth reading "Dead Aid" (2009) by Zambian economist Dr Dambisa Moyo, in which she explains how aid is not working for African nations. Don't hold her work for the World Bank, OECD, or the Bilderbergers, etc, etc, against her.

markc said...

Thanks, Budgie.

Dambisa Moyo and James Shikwati are pretty much voices in the wilderness but well worth listening to. Moyo has been beating the "stop aid" drum for years, and has some useful profile, but no bribery means no more weapons sales, no more consultancies, no more technology sales to governments. Companies aren't supposed to bribe to get business, but HM Government does it for them - and no one seems to find an irony in there somewhere.