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Monday, 12 September 2016

Jobs for the stupid and useless

Charles Moore asks in his Telegraph opinion piece today "In Theresa May's meritocracy, what will become of the stupid and useless? I am reminded of an anecdote I heard many years ago recounting the advice the dying Frederick the Great gave to his son.

"You will find those who make up the State fall into four categories. The clever and lazy will form the top echelons of the army, the treasury, government and the judiciary. The clever and industrious will fill the ranks of the second and third tiers, and are to be valued. The stupid and lazy are also to be valued, for these will form the vast bulk of all those who serve the State. They can be managed, manipulated, directed and utilised to overall benefit.

But my son, wherever you find one who is both stupid and industrious, you must eliminate them as if they carried plague, for left in place they will cause irreparable damage and undo all the good done by the others".


G. Tingey said...

Correct sentiments, but wrong person.
Frederick was, er, homosexual & had no children.

Raedwald said...

Ah, good point, Tingey

Perhaps it was his grandfather, Frederick I

Raedwald said...

Oh perhaps it was F the G but giving advice to his nephew and heir ..

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the many Universities that discovered that they had reared a crop of CAUFIs - Complete And Utter Fucking Idiots - as people who could write papers, lauded by the CAUFIs in other Universities as brilliant, but who were actually completely wrong in every pronouncement they made. Those Universities would find offices for their CAUFIs, and harvest their ideas, then do exactly the opposite! They then flourished.
But deep down, those Universities were petrified at the risk of a CAUFI being let out into the wild, as it were. They could wreak almost unimaginable damage if their barmy ideas were taken the least bit seriously. Anyway, it came unto pass that Polytechnics were pissing themselves to get hold of 'real' University people, and they were able to seduce the odd CAUFI with promises of increased salary, fancy job title (as if Professor wasn't enough, they could be 'Vice Chancellor AND Chief Executive') and before long, Polytechnics that were doing a good job under a Director became New Universities run by fuckwit VC&CEs.
The Russell Group realised that their CAUFIs were not just good weathervanes, they were also secret weapons.
Degfree in LGBT studies, anyone?

Sackerson said...

The version I heard was in Prussian Army officer selection: clever & industrious - officers; stupid & lazy - other ranks (suitable to absorb bullets); stupid & hard-working - Civvy Street, to keep the economy going; clever & lazy - on to General Staff training, because a bright, lazy man will find the quick way to get something done.

Raedwald said...

Ah yes - poor civvy street! I once worked with a very stupid, very industrious and very persistent Australian woman. It took me huge effort to get the idea of subjecting every decision she made to a mini mental cost-benefit analysis before going ahead and I thought I'd got through. Until an outraged depot manager bent my ear about the detailed six-page questionnaire requiring the costs and benefits of each of his new materials requisitions that he'd just been sent by said Australian lady ..

Demetrius said...

Why do so many stupid and industrious people go into politics?

Poisonedchalice said...

I made almost my entire working life out of Meritocratic principles as a career salesman. Don't sell, don't eat. Sell lots, eat lots.

The fact of the matter is that we aren't all the same and the only way Labour seems to square that circle is LCD - lowest common denominator, which stultifies those who have great ideas or great ambition, or both.

There will always be meritocracy, it cannot be avoided. If you want to know how useless LCD is, go watch a three-legged race.

G. Tingey said...

Oddly enough those countries that embraced, or had the religion of communism as their system, were a ruthless mertiocracy ... with the additional awkward filter that lots of the bright people could see through the commie-church's lies.
Which made life "interesting"

Budgie said...

G Tingey, The communists in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were explicitly opposed to religion.

You are confusing an ideology with a religion.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to forgive stupidity and fecklessness, be more sympathetic to our uncivil service and indeed the whole of the institutions of government.... if.......... at least they had in their hearts and minds the best interests of the UK public for whom, they protest to serve.

Most people are stupid, is, in a roundabout way to which Charles Moore was alluding. I quite agree, in fact I am pretty darned stupid myself, for many years I paid my taxes in the mistaken belief that, our government was doing its best and trying to do the best for the people they pretend to serve.

I mean, how fucking stupid can you be?......

How stupid? Well....erm actually mate, wot wiv; diversity quotas and uncivil servants and open door immigration, the EU, bbc, the luvvies, Tony Bliar and his mate 'Prudence', Barry O'effinBama multiculti + green targets, gender ekwalitie, women winning the war happened and then I realized I had woken up, forced marched into, an alternative Universe.

I just wish that, I could become even more stupid, de evolve because thinking about all of this [bold - above] makes my head hurt [stupid is good] and my blood seethes the acid of hatred and bitter resentment.

Anonymous said...

"What will become of the useless and the stupid?"

I don't think Moore need worry. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Val said...

I think Ed Miliband qualifies for stupid and industrious. Thank God he didn't make no.10.

G. Tingey said...



Communism is a classic religion - it passes all the tests for a religion (Which does not include having a "god" - Bhuddism doesn't have a god, f'rinstance )

I think that Bertrand Russell was the first to note this, but the behaviour of both individual Marxists, and marxist organisations, and the construction of their internal power organisation and hierarchies conforms to classical religious behaviour. For example: people read a set number of Trotsky’s saying each day, just as if he were Jesus, or Mahmud. Or appeal to “the historical inevitability of the revolution” etc …
I may add that it ( marxism/communism ) passes ALL the tests, if one cares to list them:
1] It has a “holy” book or books.
2] The words in those books may not be questioned, even when demonstrated proven wrong.
3] It has sub-divisions and sects and “heresy”, and heretics, in Trevor-Ropers phrase are “even wronger” than unbelievers.
4] Those sects fight each other, either by open warfare and/or in internal pogroms.
5] It is structurally based on the RC church, complete with its own “holy office”
6] Which leads to the gulag – the communist equivalent of the churches years of penitence and autos-de-fé
7] Thousands if not millions are killed in the name of the “holy cause” to bring about a supposed millennium
8] It persecutes all the competing religions
9] In some sects it even denies Evolution by Natural Selection (look up Trofim Lysenko)
P.S. After all: Thomas Paine said, “Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law.”

Odin's Raven said...

Nowadays the stupid and industrious can become politicians, busy at self promotion,and lefty media and academic drones, busy destroying civilization.

Budgie said...

G Tingey


Communism is an ideology not a religion, using normal English word definitions.

You don't like religion. I get it. You have told us enough times. But your belief that religion is "evil" does not give you licence to include other things, which you also think "evil", into the category of religion. And merely having the same organisational structure does make any institution automatically bad.

Many points on your rather vague list apply to beliefs which even you would not call religion. For example the irrational belief in "Natural Selection" or the equally irrational belief in CAGW where its adherents openly call for "deniers" to be jailed.

Apart from willfully (apparently) confusing ideology with religion merely to satisfy your personal belief system, all of this is compounded by your insistence on making value judgements based on a moral system you reject, without being able to account for the concepts of "good" and "evil" of which you make such free use.

G. Tingey said...


Consider how religions are structured & their common characteristics
Then look at communism & it ticks all the boxes ....

Walks like a duck & all that.

Anyway, whenever I com across members of "momentum" ( nee "militant Tendency" ... )
I always tell them I'm not interested in religious tracts - they explode every single time with great predictability, it's so amusing & very revealing.

BTW, you have incidentally revealed yourself to be an uneducated ignorant FUCKWIT, though.....
"Natural Selection" is a fact, as is evolution - tough.
Bloody well GROW UP.
[ As in, if the various endless forms most beautiful did not arise by natural selection, how did they arise? HINT: "Godddidit" is not an answer! ]
ON GW, you are referred to Nigel Lawson's change of mind, on being presented with enough evidence.

You are also obviously stupid enough to believe that atheists cannot have opinions on what is good & what is not good (As Socrates said) - this also shows the depth of your (presumably christian) brainwashing. [ As well as ignorance & stupidity, of course ]