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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Liberal Progressives the enemy of mankind

One of the most frightening sentences ever to be printed appears in the Observer; "Those who live to 100 have around 100,000 extra productive hours than those who live to 70. Undoubtedly, work will take a significant portion of these hours". Whoa. The thought of some 25 year old thruster carrying out an annual performance appraisal on an 80 year old office worker is not comical but frightful. To the question "And what would you like to achieve over the next twelve months?" the most apposite reply would probably be "to continue living".

That's the bloody problem with Liberal progressives. Just because people will remain capable of cogent thought and physical activity well beyond the historic norms, they leap to designing implications for today's world of work - being employed - rather than tomorrow's. They're already suggesting toilets with geriatric aids for the workplace, and bladder-friendly workstations, but being Liberals are blind to the changes now occurring in work and labour.  

The failure of Liberal thought is well detailed by Tim Stanley in the Telegraph. It's the bloody Liberals, of course, who most closely support the global corporates, the ever more savage and ruthless race for multinational greed, resources and dominion, together with their PR agents such as the EU Federasts. Just don't assume their reign will last. Like the Soviet empire, it will prove to be a paper tiger. We need to look at escape routes from corporate serfdom, not to extending sentances.  

Here in Austria the pattern of work-life balance as it's now called was won centuries ago and is resistant to change. All shops are closed on Sundays and holy days, and few are open after 8 in the evening. It's no hardship - one very quickly gets used to buying all one needs in good time. The church bells toll in the valley thrice daily to mark the hours - at seven, noon and seven - to broadcast the limits of the working day. Disruptive noise, from washing machines to construction breakers, is banned on Sundays, weekdays from ten pm to six am and (strangely at first) from noon until three pm. Ho ho, you may chortle, English bosses would soon ride through those restrictions. But no, I don't think they so easily would. 

In the next valley is a mural on the wall of the church dating to 1465. The official description, constructed by the Catholic church and uncritically repeated by local historians and guide books ever since, is that this depicts the activities prohibited by the Church on Sundays and holy days. This just cannot be right. Just look at the thing; the reality *must* be that this was a charter of rights laid out by fifteenth century serfs and set for posterity on the wall of the church. It is in essence a list of every single work task that could not be demanded of them by their Lords and Priests on days of rest; even the clerks are there (pen nib) and military drill (crossbow and halberd) as well as carriage of goods, flax-working, butchery, agriculture, construction, cooperage and others. Every single craftsman and artisan in the village made sure his tool was depicted and was exempt from unwilling labour. 

You see, I'm so sure this was made by the workers and not by the church by what's missing. Drinking, dancing, fornication, sleep, joy and laughter are all thoroughly absent. If this was created by the Priests, they would be depicted. Fifteenth century Lords and Priests were like their twenty-first century Liberal Progressive inheritors, who now need slapping-down with equal vigour. Persons over seventy need the Sun on their face and a glass of wine in their hand, not swipe cards, ID badges, attendance recording and a corporate workstation. 


Anonymous said...

And if the government was not so presumptive about 'other peoples money'...

One could extend that happy situation to over 40's.


Sackerson said...

Like this piece.

Dave_G said...

What happened to allow the corporatists/elite to ride roughshod over the rights and laws set down hundred of years ago (Magna Carta) that established 'our' supposed security from oppression?

Ignorance and laziness. That's what.

But will people wake up before it's too late or just roll over to the next episode of Dancing with the Kardashian Factor Ice Brothers?

I know what I think......

Anonymous said...

Sackerson said @ 09:58

'Like this piece.'

So do I. Cracking Sunday read from Raedwald - and short is good, concise better. I don't like flabby writing styles, unless its someone describing a view, or a journey.


'It's the bloody Liberals, of course, who most closely support the global corporates, the ever more savage and ruthless race for multinational greed, resources and dominion, together with their PR agents such as the EU Federasts.'

There's that terrible irony about it, indeed the socialists can't see it but they're falling over themselves to help the people they claim to despise. When Tony Blair spoke about Globalism v. Populism recently; the battle between these two forces, what he's talking about is what would happen if the few were prevented from running the whole show. He's supports feudalism, as does Corbyn, as does May, et al.


anon 2 said...

Well I need - and want - to work. Staring at walls is not an option for those who can't be categorised into the "Alzehimer's" slot.

But "Liberal" is a contradiction in terms: it has nothing to do with Freedom for the People (especially the elders), and it is all about the Authoritarianism and Cupidity practiced by rulers. So AGEISM is rife. They've done everything they can to stop me from following my profession and earning what I need.

And truly: I have no criminal record, nor have I done anything to harm the Masters. I simply refuse to join their Marxist ranks; indeed, one of them recently 'unfriended' me on FB because I commented in support of Brexit. Furthermore, he's American, but he works with Remainers here in UK: to subvert the referendum result. They were figuring out how to do it ...

So while my response may seem slightly off topic, Raedwald, the problems are in fact inter-related: through Communism. I am deeply sorry, too, that their global reach/"diversity" is somehow delaying the natural flow of their very own "communist dialectic."

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm fast approaching 70, and feel little different to what I did at 60, although even by then I knew I no longer had the stamina of a decade or more earlier. I've been fortunate in not needing to do much extreme physical work to wear me out, but mainly thinking, calculating, writing, reviewing, drawing and the other jobs that an engineer does.

The big change for me on retirement from a salaried post was that I became self-employed and no longer had the time-consuming and expensive commute to and from my then workplace. A variety of people now call on me not only for the demanding jobs their regular staff cannot handle, but also to train and educate them. The work still contains a great deal of 'base load', but is far better remunerated, and if anything, I have a better overall income for far less effort.

The state pension is, of course, a great scam. It's supposed to be around £500 per month, and God Knows how one would live on that, and it is paid gross, with the tax coming off one's other income. At 40%, the £500 drops to only £300 nett. I suppose that those struggling to survive on that (council rates round here suck up £300 per month!) pay no tax and get other benefits, and money from any source is welcome, but the state just makes work for its minions by giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Incidentally, once one becomes a (state) 'pensioner', one is no longer entitled to a carer's allowance when looking after an even more aged relative. Bearing in mind that 'pensioners' have to keep working beyond the ever-increasing state pension age, this may need to be looked at. In my family's case it wasn't a factor: 'er indoors gave up work (twice) and we bore the costs. They didn't lead to penury, and gave us a self-satisfied glow.

Anonymous said...

Tim's piece is quite well written, it is condescending and as per ever so timidly tangential. He confuses and then melds the US descriptor, 'liberal' with 'liberal' the UK version, in the UK the US idea of 'liberal' is another word for Socialist-Trotskyite.

Thud said...

a bit creaky now so I reckon one more big project will do for me, my choice though.I do worry about preparing m 4 young ones for a life of productivity to show them there is more to life without turning them against work completely?

DeeDee99 said...

Interesting article Raedwald - and I love that painting.

When I was younger, I was in favour of Sunday Trading. Sundays used to be "so boring" when I was a child. Now I'm older, I would reduce, rather than extend Sunday Trading (I don't think we could do away with it entirely now). But I don't see why it couldn't be restricted to the hours of 0900-1300.

I'm approaching 59 and recently retired from a managerial role in the public sector, which was making me miserable. Senior Management was appalling and I simply couldn't stand the chaos any longer. I've relocated to a small market town in the west country which is still recognisable as the England I grew up in .... and in a month or so, I'll start seriously job-hunting. But it will be part-time; allow me the time to persue social activities and won't include morale-destroying bureaucracy; IT system which continually crash and Senior Management who have no idea of the chaos their "brainwaves" will cause.

There's more to life than work - or there should be. The Liberal-Corporatists would have us working to our graves, if they could. Well I'm not.

Poisonedchalice said...

I like work; my father liked work, he worked until he was 74. It was the only thing that kept him alive; his siblings all died in their 50's and 60's because once the stopped work, they just upped and died, as do so many people who retire then die "a couple of years later".

Raedwald - your third paragraph causes me some cheer. Why? Have you not read yet that TTIP talks have collapsed? Brexit was the straw that broke that particular camel's back - and Obummer is furious about it; so too are all the big multi-nationals who thought that low paid serfdom was to be their dream come true before long. Well their dream just turned into a nightmare, read on -

Dadad said...

When I lived in Germany in the 80s, noon to 3pm was the quiet time so that the 'elderly' could have their 40 winks after lunch; the lawn mower was banned etc.
Now I'm 76, I wish it was the rule here !

Raedwald said...

Excellent! Dee Dee - I guarantee you've made the right choice and your life quality will soar! Well Done!

There is a consistency here of a sort that those who are self-employing or professionals i.e. who have control over their work and lives, have a lesser division between life and work than we (former) wage slaves. Yes, I too intend to carry on remunerative work - but never, ever again for anyone else and not to the extent that I must comply with reams of official nonsense.

And yes of course - those in politics now who call themselves liberal are anything but; they're still the most power-hungry, centralising, controlling, illiberal bunch you can imagine. We are the classic liberals, but our tag has been filched ..

Anonymous said...

"We are the classic liberals, but our tag has been filched .."

Radders it's not just the tag, they not only pilfered the term but then continued to steal everything else we held dear, held to be true and know to be true. And for crying out loud, they are now evicting us from our forefathers lands, our homes, millions of us saw and predicted a no win situation......have gone elsewhere. Then, instinctively men and women have given up the fight, though just as instinctively 17 and half million people told the PTB to fuck off.

I have no beef with Tim Stanley, indeed I think he is an erudite and articulate scholarly young turk and one whose sentiments and thinking is along the right lines but............

Aye the trouble is, investigative journalism, intelligent reasoners, the rump of individualistic UK academia, the cynics and lampoonists - recall Punch or Private Eye in their heydays?
It's gone, they've all but disappeared, no actually they have all caved in to the forces of darkness and swung behind in line. Swayed, dancing to the extreme left wing band playing their Sandinista blurb and contra enlightenment marches.

And on to corporate slavery, AND don't you fucking dare offer an opinion, else you will be made to kneel, bend, conform to the creed of....... Political Correctness.

The common sense brigade have been silenced and God help you if you mix sensible thinking with national pride and a sense of patriotism!

We've been done over good and proper.

Where the Left wing Masonic Society Common Purpose have redesigned and are shaping a New Order and you will be made to obey, even Tim Stanley knowing on which side his bread is buttered, mutters, offers only anodyne, platitudinous comment, I don't blame you Tim.

In the end, who will speak out, the tables have been overturned in this new parallel Universe and that's classic Frankfurt School stuff.

We.... 'we are of the people', 'we' are the free thinkers and therefore are: the conscience and consciousness of society. Aye again to 'classic Liberals' but who are, deemed dangerous subversive by the [strike]'liberals'[/strike] NWO authoritarians.

I see no easy out nor even an end to all of this, unless revolution.

anon 2 said...

Exactly my point, but more explicit. Thanks, Anon @ 17:38.

Cascadian said...

In my opinion-preparation for the day when it is announced that all pension schemes are under-subscribed (maybe even insolvent) and future pension payments will be drastically reduced, (probably below subsistence levels, thus necessitating continuation of work).
Congratulations DeeDee99, I think you will find that you will meet many others who have in some small way-Gone Galt-shook off the corporate world for better mental and physical health. You will quickly learn how expensive it was to work and adjust your budget.