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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The EU - An OK club for the lesser breeds beyond the Pale

I must take my hat off to Boris this morning. With the brief announcement that the UK would assist however it could in getting Turkey's EU membership agreed, he has at one stroke caused rage and apoplexy in Brussels and Berlin, has Herr Verhofstadt spitting quinoa, and raised the UK in the eyes of Turks living and working throughout the EU.

The unspoken subtext of his comment is firstly that the UK doesn't care because we will be secure behind the Channel, but mainly that the EU is an OK club for the lesser breeds beyond the Pale, but not really the thing for a great nation such as ours. 

Now go on, Boris, and suggest that Syria also be considered for membership ..  


mikebravo said...

Boris is just doing what he always would have done if he had not managed to fool so many people into believing that he was a "leaver".

He would gladly have millions of Turks over here and why not? After all .....'I am the proud offspring of Turkish immigrants. I want you to know that my great-great-grandmother was a slave, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Livingstone. She was a Circassian slave [from a region in southern Russia], and she was sold: my great-great-grandfather literally purchased her.' (Boris to The Graun).

Cuffleyburgers said...

I have always been a firm believer in Turkish membership of the EU. I would extend to Morocco, ALgeria and Tunisia.

Mr Ecks said...

While I hate the EU beyond any possible measurement this development is shite.

The people of Europe are NOT the EU,

If a trillion Turks arrived in Europe the shite-scum of the EU boss class will not suffer but the ordinary people--whom you live amongst in Austria Radders--certainly WILL suffer.

The only one Doris Johnson serves is Doris Johnson. He embraced leave thinking it would lose but his profile would be enhanced.

Johnson would suck Satan's scaly dick to boost himself and this Turkish caper shows just that.

Dan said...

Remember the context in which Boris is speaking right now. We in Britain have had a referendum and decided to leave the EU, something which the government are dragging their feet a little about implementing, but which will occur in the next year or so.

Boris knows this. Boris also knows that even if Turkish membership of the EU is fast-tracked through with unseemly haste, Britain will still have left the EU by the time the Turks have free rein to enter the EU. By then, the British border checks will be stopping would-be EU migrants at the border, and this will include inquisitive Turks.

There is therefore no downside to tweaking the noses of Eurocrats in this manner. The constituent governments of the EU will write this off as Boris being Boris, and will even rather enjoy the spectacle of the aforementioned Eurocrats losing their rag a little; after all the actual decision isn't for the EU high command to make, but for the constituent governments to make (or, much more likely, reject).

The upside is that this makes the stupider sections of the Turkish population see Britain as friendly and on their side, which is useful if we need to use Turkish air bases whilst going after whichever Middle Eastern gang we're currently bombing hell out of. Boris may be a clown, but it is wise to remember that this is an act and the man behind the silly hair isn't at all stupid.

Mr Ecks said...

"the man behind the silly hair isn't at all stupid."

No he isn't stupid. He is a self-serving crafty twat. Who you should not trust as far as you could throw him.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

"No he isn't stupid. He is a monumentally self-serving LYING crafty twat. Who you should not trust as far as you could throw him."

there - fixed...

Budgie said...

I try not to take anyone at face value, at least initially. However if what they say matches what they do my trust is increased. Going by his actions I have no reason to suppose that Boris Johnson is any less trustworthy than most other people. He is certainly no Blair, Corbyn or Cameron. Or Gove, come to that.

As Raedwald says about him, Johnson's promotion of Turkish membership of the EU is clever, and annoys the EU, and is therefore in keeping with what I know of him.

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson plays the game, because it is a game when you're at his level. He looked at his cards just prior to declaring for Leave and saw an opportunity, win or lose, that at least equalled his own ambitions. So here we are, he won: he got one of the top three jobs in British politics out of it.

I trust him about as far as I could throw him, the slight he made four years ago about folk of English (Anglo-Saxon) decent was appalling. Yes I know they all do it now but his went to the continuation the English as an ethnic group. Much like Straw's comment when he said: "the English, as a race, are not worth saving".

I hate politicians.


Anonymous said...

Steve, totally agree!

mikebravo said...


Not sure why his backing Turkish membership would annoy the EU. They have been trying to get them in as members themselves.

It might annoy other European populations who are probably as anti as we were though. He is probably doing it to piss off the National leaders so as to chuck a spanner into our exit negotiations if TM ever gets round to giving them Article 50.

That would be about right for our scum MP's!

Budgie said...

Mikebravo, I was agreeing with Raedwald. Johnson's support of Turkish membership has annoyed at least some in the EU.

Bear in mind there is nothing to negotiate about our actual exit.

All the negotiations are about our relationship with the EU after we have exited. Any winding down of existing arrangements, such as EU fishing in our waters, is a gift from us for which we should receive something in return. The threats by EU or national politicians of chucking spanners into Brexit is merely typical Continental negotiating tactics and can be ignored.

I would certainly trust Johnson to be able to negotiate better than our europhiliac FCO which is cowed by hissy fit spanner throwing.