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Saturday, 3 September 2016

The EU's sausage stall economy

"Every Austrian sausage stall pays more tax in Austria than a multinational" said Austrian chancellor Christian Kern yesterday, in response to the Apple tax judgement. Don't blame us. It was the EU's crooked senior unelected official Herr Juncker who is responsible for much of it - while running Luxembourg he invented low tax deals that allowed multinationals operating in Europe to accumulate billions in untaxed profits. Ireland's 12.5% corporation tax, the 10% charged in Cyprus and Malta's zero rate likewise. It's estimated that US corporations pay only 1% tax to the EU on $100bn a year in profits.   

Of course, which of the EU's three fundamental freedoms - free movement of people, goods and money - you value the most determines your attitude to business domicile, migrant workers and the trailer of cheap champagne for your daughter's wedding. But without harmonised tax laws, without harmonised external borders, without massive tax transfers from Germany to the rest of the EU, the only people being hurt by the EU are its citizens. US global corporations and economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East are doing alright, but are costing the people of Europe hundreds of billions of Euros each year just to keep the dead sham of their crooked, corrupt, weak little EU in place. 

Still, so long as nations such as Austria remain members, there's no point complaining, Herr Kansler Kern.


DeeDee99 said...

You'd think the Austrians would have learnt the lesson of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - and it's collapse.

Anonymous said...

Keeping the proles down at heel, dissolving their only cohesion and by rear fucking the noble idea of the sovereign nation state...ahem.........sovereign state?.... ......where the people can fuck off governments...........NO, NO they couldn't have any of that!!

Thus, A distant body was needed, aloof, only beholden to the elite, bankers and corporates telling the law makers what they want and fucking hell! the Brussels Mafia were ruling Europe!
Then, harangue, scare, terrify, frighten them with Isis and climate change, mass immigration, dumb down education in schools and universities, invite the madmen of the Medina genocidal maniacs free access to the whole...............yeah Rials - money counts for everything in the EU and power thus is, taken away from the proles never to be returned: simples.

Bourbons, Hapsburgs, plus ca change?

And all of the landowners of the REICH who ably and behind the scenes ["we never thought he'd be like that - my dear" er and oh yes you fucking did!].... supported der Fuhrer's rise to the top - they're still not gone away - keep it in der family if you know what I mean. BMW built most of the engines for the Messerschmitt and Messerschmitt merged joined up with Daimler-Benz acquired Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) and merged it into DASA. eventual Kraut aerospace Deutsche Aerospace industry and part makers of Airbus and that RAF turkey canard delta wing thing called the eurofighter.

'Family'....fat, greedy and always on the lookout for MORE.

"Following the Nazi takeover of Germany, the company became embroiled in the Nazi regime's policies as a large government contractor. In 1951, IG Farben was split into its four largest original constituent companies, which remain some of the world's largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies. The current main successor companies are AGFA, BASF, Bayer and Sanofi."

Look up Zyklon B

The German elite, the III Reichs' successor hegemony are steeped in deep shit and piled high, the Germans run the EU, tax avoiding is just one facet of an Empire which is so corrupt, it would give Rome in its heyday a run for its Sestertii.

We demand; OUT, OUT and OUT of it and NOW

..............and 'das kleine Deutschland' would be very well advised to do likewise.

mikebravo said...

Tax - The proles love it!

They love the idea of taking wealth from others better of than themselves.
If the working classes love tax then let them pay it I say.

Only when the majority decide that taking wealth from group A and giving it to group B is a bad idea will they demand lower taxes. Until then they will continue to be shafted by the elites.

The elites don't like tax, think it a bad idea so don't pay it.

The poor proles don't even realise that they are voting for the elites to butt-fuck them on a daily basis.

Raedwald said...

MB - as we have to pay collectively for stuff like defence, air traffic control, port health officers, diplomatic representation - surely you're not suggesting that rich tax-evaders should free-ride the benefits of these things on the shoulders of the poor who can't evade taxes?

mikebravo said...

Certainly not. What I am suggesting is that taxes are so high for us lowly serfs because we keep voting for tax increases, hoping that they will be taken from someone else.
I think that if we have to pay anything there should be a flat rate for all. No excuses.
It is big business that can bribe government to escape paying what is extracted from us lowly tax cows.

Anonymous said...

You're catching on rapidly Raedwald. The world belongs to them now. All those meetings where we see them standing in a line being photographed; eating brunch; garden walking; sat round a huge table, glass in hand, smiling.

The evil is they agree everything important in private: fait accompli. We only get to hear about whatever it is they've decided when its about to be implemented. Politics is just a word, it's what you do with it that matters - now thanks to the interweb more and more people are discovering what that is.

They've known from the beginning that power is a function of a subverted democracy when their goals are not the same as the electorate.


James Higham said...

Soon it will be called the emulsified, hi-fat offal tube.

Anonymous said...

As mikebravo said, "flat rate for all". What is wrong with that?