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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Unelected UN officials get gobby

'Utter fool' Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, an unelected bureaucrat who has never had to ask citizens for their votes ever in his privileged life, has made an utterly foolish speech targeting everything from European nationhood to democracy. Like Anjem Choudhary, now imprisoned for his crimes, Al Hussein encourages European voters to reject electoral democracy - what he calls 'populism' - but in favour of rule by unelected bureaucrats rather than Islamist theocrats. 

It would be easy to ignore Al Hussein as a lone nutter if he had not been appointed to the unelected post of UN Human Rights Commissioner. In a further message branded 'bizarre' he questioned the legitimacy of the free market.

It is unsure whether Al Hussein is suffering some form of mental health crisis or if he actually sanely believes that his guff has some sort of intellectual or moral justification. It has none. Al Hussein calls himself 'Prince' in his home country of Jordan with a claim to the defunct Iraqi throne. Wealthy, privileged and isolated from Western democracy, one can understand why he fears the power of universal suffrage and the secret ballot. Such democratic safeguards prevent these unelected demagogues and fanatics rolling out their ISIS-like domination of Europe. 

Al Hussein is not alone amongst unelected UN officials in holding these bizarre and demagogic views. These snakes at the UN create the environment in which enemies of democracy and civilisation such as ISIS can thrive. We must reject them, throw them out, starve them of funds and publicity, deny them recognition and strangle their wicked subversion of our Western democracies.


DeeDee99 said...

Of course these demagogues fear democracy. They are as arrogant and selfish as the Ancien Regime in France, shortly before the Bastille was breached.

But unlike the French Aristos, they know full well what fate would await them if the lid were taken off in their repressive countries.

Poisonedchalice said...

If he doesn't like it in Europe?...

As I said only yesterday, there is a plethora of Islamic countries (predominantly shit-holes) that he can choose to live in.

Anonymous said...

I always regarded the EU as the bastard child of the UN, merely operating an advanced guard in Uenery, carrying out the tenets of Agenda 21, the climate change bollocks, codex alimentari and mass public medication on behalf of big pharma.

By definition, they are not democratic, even if one did vote for any representative he/she would not represent the voters in any way...

Democracy has a small but very important failing, it does not work on a large scale... The Swiss have it about right when they divide their tiny nationstate into smaller constituencies.

In a democracy, the voters must be able to make representations to those that they elect!

Sometimes I wonder what the huge effort to hide what Kim Jong Un's activities is all about...

...Maybe, he is at the heart of a modern day Shangri-la and we are deliberately being 'protected' from it.


G. Tingey said...

is suffering some form of mental health crisis or if he actually sanely believes that his guff
How about both?

Anonymous said...

Poisoned chalice: 'predominantly'. Please, for clarification, name one that is not.

Poisonedchalice said...

OK Anon @ 09:54 - it's a fair cop! I did have Morocco in mind because I used to own a house there about 5 years ago. I got along with the Moroccans just fine but decided to sell when the whole West vs. Islam thing kicked off. So maybe they're all shit-hole countries now!

Anonymous said...

Rather interestingly, the Free French had a Moroccan Mountain regiment that they unleashed in the Italian campaign. These obnoxious bastards raped anything they could corner: women, girls, boys, goats ... much to the embarrassment of the more civilised units in the Allied armies.

Of course we get along with isolated individuals, but en masse they revert to type. Bit like the French - lovely country, individually charming, but as a whole, twats. (Only worse).

mikebravo said...

These clowns always do the same thing. Set up a straw man about us wanting to live in the past and then start blathering about everything from the Spanish Inquisition to Auschwitz.

It really is rather simple. We do not want to live in the past, we want to live freely in the future. Not under the jack booted,‘benevolent dictatorship’ of pricks like Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein and his merry band of 'Plato's, Philosipher Kings'.

wiggiatlarge said...

These are the utterances of a man who cannot beleive his luck in being given a post that not only did he not beleive could ever happen and never should.
Gifted a legitimate world platform by a supposedly "conscious" UN to be able to spout his and his countries beliefs on matters they treat with comtempt, for this act alone the UN (well past it's sell by date) should be dismantled, another layer of bureaucrats we could well do without, and yes I have seen them in inaction in Africa.

Anonymous said...

mikebravo said @ 11:44

'These clowns always do the same thing. Set up a straw man about us wanting to live in the past and then start blathering about everything from the Spanish Inquisition to Auschwitz.

It really is rather simple. We do not want to live in the past, we want to live freely in the future.'

Bang on mike. You'll have noticed how the 'progressives' use that same argument time and time again. Becoming a minority will not lead to freedom, quite the opposite in fact - the truth is he, Al Hussein, wants his ummah everywhere. The UN wants mass immigration to deliver on the nation killing no borders of Agenda 21. Muhammadans are the vanguard.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Anon - 7 September 2016 at 11:33

Franco's use of Moroccan troops in the Spanish Civil War is not a pretty story either.

What's actually noticeable here is that "The Prince" and the DM choose not to make his aristo credentials very prominent.

The UN is a farce - and getting ever more deranged as time passes.

Anonymous said...

The UN is being used as a vehicle of Islamofascism to, in effect bring about the end of the west and install some neo Ottoman Caliphate to Europe and of course eventually to Islamicize the world.
Wahhabism extant, what a bleak, dark prospect and conjures ill beyond calculation to slavery and savagery as, only a creed cemented in the barbarity of dealing death, relentless abasement and torture could fashion. These nutters do not worship God, they worship death.

Fuck off Zeid, and crass back street, shamateur philosophizing, you are a paid monkey of the House of Saud and behind them a mouthpiece for Medina, those nutter whackos, the Theocrats, pedlars of hate, death and a pestilence on all of the earth.

Some one might beg, short sharp shock, a delivered manufacture visited on centre of the crazies, it would solve many immediate problems and might further persuade the vanguard and leaders of the faithful to, reflect and reassess their world take over plans.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes...

So this UN HR chief thinks that Wilders, Farage etc, are the same as Daesh or ISIS. I must have missed all those thousands of rapes, tens of thousands of executions and crucifixions, that Le Pen, Wilders and Trump, are doing in some secret facility.

What a pile of horse shit.

Its not just terrorism, 99% of which emanates from the Religion of Peace, but every day persecution of minorities in the Muslim world.

Even in the most moderate Muslim world, persecution of Christians continues on a daily basis, with Islamic law on its side.

That is the awful truth. If the West practiced even 1% of the persecution that Muslims carry out daily on Christians in their own countries, there would be howls of anger from all sides.

Think it over. Its this BS peddler that we are financing on Western taxes.

This so called Human rights chief, is just another Muslim shill, for more and more immigration of Muslims into the West.

Frankly, we should exchange Muslims in the West for Christians in Muslim countries. Then everyone will be happy. No persecution of Muslims by “Christians” in the West, and none the other way round in Muslim countries. What could be better. No beheadings and crucifixions of Christians too, in Islamic countries.

But I don't think the HR chief will be happy. He really wants more Muslims in the West.

Odin's Raven said...

It's not astonishing that Muslims speak and behave as such, only that we are now expected to surrender to them.