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Saturday, 15 October 2016

'Populist' Guardian-readers trash establishment journo. Again.

The pattern is well established. Some establishment opinion-writer, such as Con Coughlin in the Telegraph or Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian, or anyone in the Independent, pens yet another piece about the grievous shortcomings of the Assad regime and the righteous struggle of the noble Sunni Islamist rebels. If comments are permitted, a thousand, two thousand or more comments, or some 90% or more of all comments where these are shut down early, contradict the author. The pattern is repeated weekly; establishment journo writes piece trashing Assad and praising Islamist rebels, Broadsheet readers trash journo. 

And of course comments in the main are from those at least as well informed as the journos who pen those much-savaged encomia to the Jihadists;
Whereas the Russian government was invited by President Assad to help defeat ISIS, the US intervention in Syria is entirely illegal, and has been from the onset, a planned overthrow of the Assad government in order to replace it with a puppet regime which will cooperate in order to further the geo-political ambitions of Washington in the Middle East, allied with the Wahhabist/Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel.
(The CIA and Washington have been medding in Syria since 1949 and have instigated regime change on several occasions when it was determined that the leadership was not compliant with the dictates from Washington )
Mr. Freedland seems to have conveniently overlooked all of the facts in this tragic conflict and should be advised to investigate further the truth of the situation rather than repeating the tired propaganda from Washinton and Whitehall and beating the drum for more death and destruction, violence and bloodshed.
Now of course the journos aren't stupid people. They're quite aware that what they're writing is utter establishment crap with barely a grain of truth. But of course the journos, those lying, meretricious toads, also describe themselves as 'liberals' whilst they term the readers of the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Times and the Independent as 'populists' whose views therefore do not count. MPs are also not amongst the least intelligent cohort of our population, yet the utter tosh, prating and verbose tripe from the mouths of those who spoke to a Commons chamber with around 40 MPs visible last week just echoed the fatuous diarrhoea from the whorish journos.

Who is coercing them into writing such patent drivel? What blackmail is being used to force MPs to pronounce such tosh? The proprietors? The government? And why do they continue with it when clearly the nations top opinion-takers demonstrably don't believe a word of it?


John Dub said...

Have you guys been following the Podesta email leak?

There's one that openly admits ISIS is funded by the Saudi and Qatari governments.

So the Saudi/Qatar/US/Israeli alliance are openly using jihadists to go after Iran's allies to destabilise them and isolate Iran.

Before what - the Sunni / Shia civil war is ended when the Iranians are toppled? Before or after they get nuclear weapons?

Are we want to provoke a direct confrontation with the Russians over this bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Politicians have been very very reluctant to take the opposite side to the Saudis, but that does seem to be changing with the recent vote in the US allowing legal action against them.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, for a few thousand barbaric nutters out of Medina, their influence and sway is indecently adhered to by especially the government of the UK, it is hard not to believe, that, such is their enthusiasm and willingness to obey every whim, never to make critique - the UK is not just another satrap of the House of Saud and the Westminster bubble and their hounds in the meejah complicit in all of it.

The incoherence of mewling sabre rattling, virtue signalling "something must be done!"

Encouraging insurrection, then pouring petrol onto a proxy war Sunni versus Shia through arming the Sunni fundos - people who would as easily bomb us as not. Also, praising the Sunni insurgents in the specious attempt to unseat the democratically elected leader of a sovereign state. Bashar al Assad, one which protected the considerable, actually the largest, free Christian minority in the middle east.
God in heaven, the fuckwits who still propose MORE bombing and even threatening Russia, who are these fucking clowns? And probably, the same cunts, who tell us that, "you didn't know what you were doing when you voted OUT [of the Brussels slave Empire - incidently also great allies of the house of SAUD those tacit and mendacious supporters of the Muslim colonization of EUrope]!"

Westminster, who will rid of these troublesome bird brained, pro Arabist, Islamophiliac - liberal tossers?

We need, a revolution.

RAC said...

Anonymous said at 15:13. In total agreement, you have worded it better than I ever could. Might just add that these nations who foment war but seem to avoid the outcomes of it (and I can think of three)should be on the strike list of first wave of ICBM's launched by any country.

D said...

Not sure if disclosure of the names behind the covering-up, the propaganda, the media onslaught, the distraction, the outright LIES would cause any eyebrows to be raised.

I'm quite sure there'd be a lot of "well, well, if we couldn't guess" going on.

But when you control the media you contrlo the agenda - and that's all that (seems to) matter(s).

We're basically screwed.

Cascadian said...

Groupthink of the worst kind, journos churning out pre-prepared articles from the arabist-islamist Foreign Office.
Aided and abetted by blowhards like BoJo and RAF types desperately seeking a role.
I look forward to the futile Royal Navy attempts to "escort" the Russian task force through the North Sea and the Channel, will they have an operational "ship"?
You would think yUK would avoid bringing attention to it's woeful unpreparedness.

Budgie said...

Of course many of the establishment journalists, particularly from the Grauniad, power the BBC. On so many topics, particularly Syria and Brexit, the bias is so bad, so ingrained, it amounts to corruption. We can't bring down the FCO but we can bring down the BBC by stopping paying the BBC's TV tax.

anon 2 said...

Budgie @15:47. Yup. Then they'll constantly be rapping on your door to try and prove not only that you have a telly-goggle on the premises --but that you're actually stupid enough to look at it!

I told them to take the thing away and watch it themselves.