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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Border Force must recruit London bus drivers

Watching the Calais 'children' being bussed into the UK yesterday I couldn't help notice that half of them weren't going to see 20 again and wondered just how they had managed to convince Border Force numpties that they were under 17. And I don't think it had anything to do with the very normal and common-sensical uniformed lads and lasses of UKBF but with the social workers,  a gullible, credulous and utterly irresponsible class of sociopaths responsible for horrendous levels of child and family  misery and many child deaths every year in the UK. 

I do have a solution. UKBF must replace their social workers with London bus drivers; these doughty guardians of TfL revenue can spot an overaged holder of a free-travel Oystercard quicker than a Buzzard spies a black shrew sunbathing on a white rock. They will certainly be able to weed out these fake kids. 

The following tweet from someone using the online app. No comment.



DeeDee99 said...

In their own countries, once they turn 13 they are considered to be men. We should adopt their standard when dealing with them. Any male refugee "child" whose voice has broken and has fuzz on his upper lip or the first signs of stubble should be excluded.

Anonymous said...

Extract from Hansard:

“In the year to September 2015, 1,570 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children arrived in the UK, and 61% of those children were 16 or over. Only 7% were 14 and under. I have to say that those figures surprised me when I read them, because when I thought of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children I thought of my grandson, who is five or six. As we have discussed in Questions before, a large number of that particular group come from certain areas such as Eritrea, which is not to say that Eritrea is not a country that people would want to leave because of their conscription and national service in an open-ended way. They also come from Albania and other countries. At the moment, Albania forms 632 while Eritrea forms 460 of the total unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, while Afghanistan forms 179 and Syria 118. I present that as simply an expansion on the designation and the general term of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. In other words, are we actually helping those whom we want to help the most?

Lord Green of Deddington: On that very point, is the Minister aware that something like 40% of these unaccompanied asylum-seeking children are involved in an age dispute? Quite often, those who claim to be 16 are found to be 18. The point is that many of them are older than one might think”.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what is in a child's heart, I've known some right thinking lasses who've run creches and the more knowledgeable, those who can discern deem that, you can tell, what, how a child will grow up to be. I'm quite sure this is true the world over, the kids who are 'no hopers' are likely to be in the vanguard of the Calais camp, gratefully released from the bosom of what was, their close kin.

Somewhere, between the Victorian workhouse, orphanages and post modernist wimmin becoming 'Soshul workers' the 'social care' system collapsed, and let it be said, the state cannot run people's lives much as they seem to believe that they can.
What boggles the mind, is the naive certainty of a particular ill educated type of woman, they can't do this and that, so they do whatevah. More, and not least the eagerness of council recruitment officers who favour the politicized zombie and thus like minded souls over, the clear sighted girls [and no doubt better educated] who would be far more objective in their reports and care of their charges - "oh no! it wouldn't do!.... we can't have that"......

A lady, who is drawn to applying to work in the social engineering departments of large metropolitan councils and that some of them if not all of these, are beholden to a creed which is so misanthropic as to be beyond my ken. What I do think is that, these types of insane 'do gooders' should never be allowed anywhere near children.

And so, to the 'children' of Calais, if they don't already hate the British now, they most certainly will do, throw in a very unhealthy [for the mind] dollop of Wahhabist indoctrination and the 'children' will soon become Martyrs aligned with the eastern god.

To say that I fear these 'children', they have no grounding in aught, they will mete only what they know and none of that is good. A vacuum is easily filled black deeds become the norm, evil cruelty with no boundaries nor compunction are effortless. It is to grossly understate my trepidation and know it, these 'children' will do for, to all of us what we observe, in Mosul and surrounds. For them, the realization, by showing kindness is only a show of abject feeble minded weakness.

The do gooders will damn us all to hell.

Dadad said...

I just don't understand all this handwringing about 'children' in the Jungle.

They are all, man and boy, living in a safe, EU country.

Hollande should just tell them all to apply for asylum, and accept or deport them, as required.

Why won't he ?

Why should they be anything at all to do with us ?

And why are we spending millions building walls in France ?

Anonymous said...

It won't belong before these "children" are placed in foster homes and are caught shagging the families daughters.Cue a picture-arms folded-of a lefty couple moaning "why weren't we warned?".

Budgie said...

The Home Office is reported to have claimed that this recent intake of "refugee children" look older because war has "probably toughened them up so they've grown up a bit quicker"

Oh, oh, ha ha ha ha ha. Do they not realise how ridiculous that sort of official remark makes the whole edifice of the UK government look? This is akin to the "wrong kind of leaves" remark, which at least had some tenuous connection to the facts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear; Budgie @ 14:30!!! Looks to me like a female type of remark -- from the sort of females who think that women know everything about human nature because they have babies. Then, knowing nothing of the world (let alone war), said females proceed to 'educate' children.

Many of the latter doubtless continue their 'childhood' as social workers or politicians.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it will take before one of them rapes and buggers a little English girl?

A Decade after police did nothing, eight men found guilty over catalogue of child sex offences in Rotherham