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Friday, 14 October 2016

HOLD COURSE! Keep her head into the waves!

Brexit is facing an unprecedented series of threats as the losers and the Brussels enemy use every conceivable mechanism in an attempt to subvert democracy;

Legal challenge to the Royal prerogative mounted by a City couple; the government must defeat this in any way possible, if only by draining the millionaire couple of so much of their wealth in legal fees that they collapse, bankrupt
Ms Millar - Her next kitchen may come from B&Q if we bleed them enough
Sabotage by the global corporates - but as Unilever found yesterday, when £3bn was knocked off the company's share value after their attempted pro single market blackmail, this is a risky business where the corporates are vulnerable to consumer, i.e. voter, action.

Rebel MPs denying democracy - They may refuse to endorse the treaty terms, but come 2020 if there is no exit the election will be fought on Brexit grounds. With no change in voters minds the projections from June 23rd are for only 130 Remainian seats out of 600 in the Commons

EU officials - The EU's bureaucrats such as Herr Tusk are determined to try to scare Britons into resiling. He really doesn't know the British character. Diminutive foreigners in shoe-lifts don't cut much ice here. 

Obummer - is still doing everything he can to create difficulties for Brexit before he packs his bags in January. Mad bad Hillary will do the same. It's not in America's interests to see a strong, independent UK across the Atlantic. 

UK civil servants - These really are the poison snakes at the heart of the establishment conspiracy to derail Brexit. May must be ruthless in suspending and sacking any civil servant doing anything that hurts Britain - we must expect the same standards of probity as in wartime. There is absolutely no room for dissenting personal opinions inside the civil service. 

Nicola Sturgeon - The SNP are in the last-chance saloon. Their policies are bankrupting Scotland and it is only a matter of time before it all goes tits-up. Hence her desperation in making so much noise about a second independence referendum - one she will lose. However, this is all that is now left to her before it all implodes.  

These are stormy seas to be navigated, and we must face them by keeping our head to the waves and making passage for deep waters. Any panic now will see us broached, and our nation destroyed. Make no mistake, we ARE at war - and the enemy is within as well as without. If we win, we will enjoy prosperity and an economic advantage that will place us foremost in Europe. Let us hold together and keep a firm grasp on the wheel for our nation and our peoples.


DeeDee99 said...

Thank you for writing this Raedwald.

I'm getting quite despondent about Brexit/Leave ........ we don't seem to be fighting back against the pro-EU forces ranged against us. I can't help thinking that Nigel left the scene too soon and, as a UKIP activist, I'm disgusted at the idiotic behaviour of the party's elected representatives fighting amongst themselves instead of seizing the day and seriously challenging Labour.

Still, if the public gave Unilever a kick they didn't expect it may focus the mights of the other corporate anti-democrats who think they can force us to comply with their demands.

Anonymous said...

The daily feed of pap pumped out by the telly newscasting agents is quite as bad as at anytime I've ever watched it and these days, that's not for long.
If it ain't Brexiteer bashing, it's woe woe, more woe and grinding, gnashing of teeth - "the £, the £, the £!" and for crying out loud, it was only the other day the liberal cognoscenti were arguing for more QE and halving interest rates - well............ duh?

The £ was overvalued by some 20% anyhow, a drop will suit business exporters and introduce inflation, people will have to tighten their purse strings and well fucking hell - that's the idea and not before time - we import too much Chinese produced shite. And not forgetting when, 'Prudence' MacGloomo was in charge, the £ dropped by some 25% and everybody [the meejah, newspapers, consultancy/enonomists blob] was overjoyed.

I gauge, its as if the political establishment have come to the realization that, the EU 'OUT' vote happened, and gambling that, will take some massive PR operation to reverse and the fight back has commenced in earnest, ah but...the trouble is, THE people were not frightened by the fear and threats last time [in June] why would they be possibly persuaded - now?

Moreover, not least, pondering on the presumption that, even if the EU will not play ball [as if we fucking cared] CLOSING THE BORDERS, EXERCISING OUR RIGHTS TO ALLOW IN WHO WE REQUIRE AND ALSO WHO WE DO NOT [ie most of the subcontinent and north Africa]: IS A PRICE WELL WORTH PAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Quite apart from, another necessity the British people DEMAND. A KEY requisite, DISENGAGEMENT FROM THE out of control lawmakers who have taken on a determination to become some social engineers and disregarding their primary duties to hold to the statutes of the law as laid down, ie the effin judges are making law and on a whim!...Those , ILLEGITIMATE quasi legal bodgers, a Communist secretariat - TOSSERS WHO ARE IN THE POCKETS OF THE BRUSSELS EMPIRE BUREAUCRACY, THOSE POLITICIANS AND BURGHERS/CORPORATE BLOB - OF LUXEMBOURG/STRASBOURG ITS ERSATZ JURISPRUDENCE.. THEREFORE: RETURNING THE POWER OF THE LEGISLATURE TO THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT.

Some eejits are telling us "it was only a consultation" and that,
"Parliament must have the final chop" no actually Parliament deferred to the people and the people said, OUT! - a simple answer what is it about "OUT"...... that they cannot understand?

Nick Drew said...

I agree that being at war is the appropriate state of mind

we do need to acknowledge there will be a cost - in treasure, if not in blood

Mr Ecks said...

Wrie/email the Office of the PM. Tell her to hold fast and that she won't get away with any treachery.

Several million such communications arriving will have a salutary effect on May.

Decnine said...

The Scots have voted twice for the Union; once in 1707 and again recently. That confirmation of their desire to be in the Union is an acceptance of being bound by decisions of the whole UK demos. If there should be another Scottish referendum, it should be a vote of the whole UK demos - to settle the matter for ever.

Dave_G said...

Does the reluctance of May to take the country to a General Election indicate that there are concerns over the potential of UKIP to make great headway in regard to seats in the Commons?
Despite attempts to derail UKIP - whether you believe in 'managed' discrediting or not - there is no other effective opposition to Tory hegemony other than potential UKIP supporters bolstered by a flagging Labour Party seemingly keen on abandoning core supporters.
Until the forces of dissent completely destroy UKIP - potentially from within - it seems as if the next GE will be postponed...

Raedwald said...

Dave G - I'll vote for any pro-Brexit candidate from whatever party in 2020 if we haven't gone by then - I'll vote for the pro-exit candidate most likely to be elected, whether Labour, Tory, UKIP or independent.

It's a long way ahead and may not in the event be needed - I do believe May will take us out as she has forecast - but the 2020 poll will need pacts between all pro-brexit candidates and will bring out of the woodwork all those standing for parliament who are ready to put their country before their party.

As pro-brexit voters are in the majority in 78% of parliamentary constituencies despite only 52% of the national vote, self-interest will convert a lot of politicians into pro-exit ones.

Anonymous said...

Moreover Radders, if Parliament gets to overturn Brexit, then the covenant between the People (who hold sovereignty) and Parliament (to whom we lend it for 5 years) is irrevocably broken. If they ignore or override us then surely we can do the same. The vote on June 23rd was the largest political mandate in British History - it was the will of the people. If they go down that particular road then the consequences will be very, very dangerous indeed.


leila said...

Uplifting Raedwald Thank you. The establishment destroyed the BNP and EDL Your decision to vote, irrespective of party, for Brexit MPs is a smart one and will circumvent any dilution of UKIP, which I hope will survive the present disarray.
They cried yesterday over child loss conveniently ignoring late term abortion laws they passed, ignoring prior attempts to reduce the abortion term. And in the same place this week they poked sticks at the Russian bear, quoted nonsense about Syria and couldn't wait to condemn yet more young men to fight in appalling conditions with a hand tied behind their backs.
A purge is needed Perhaps Brexit will surprise.

Mike Spilligan said...

Excellent, positive outlook, Raedwald. I support what DD99 says 100%. My "Remainer" MP has changed his tune according to his latest statement in the local press - possibly because the constituency was among the highest Leave votes.
Despite the "taking-down" of Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, there is that other cancer - the tens of thousands of lobbyists trying to increase regulations and prices with the willing help of EU executives.

Oldrightie said...

I am reluctantly beginning to favour an earlier election than 2020. An opportunity to sweep away the rump of remain traitors squatting in their privileged seats. We are all landlords paying dearly for these squatters slumming at our expense. Gross, self entitled traitors.

Raedwald said...

Nick - Yes, it will cost. Freedom always does. But it's not the short-term costs of Brexit that worry me - like exit from the ERM, it will come right. No, it's the longer term cost of teaching and policing Europe that we will have to make sacrifices to achieve.

Whilst we must be resulute and single minded in achieving the split to our best advantage, we cannot forget that Europe has an appalling record of misjudgement and poor decision making, and Britain has had in the past and still has a moral duty as guardian of European peace and freedom to intervene and assist when they get themselves in the shit.

In the past century it's cost us a lot in both blood and treasure to keep them on track. I just hope that when we have to do it again, when their lunatic excesses bring them down, it will just be treasure.

Anonymous said...

On a jar of Colman's mustard lid "Colman's of Norwich". On the label in several places "original English mustard". Also "produced in Great Britain by Colman's of Norwich for Unilever UK ... and Unilever Ireland".

So presumably the fall in the pound means that Unilever's costs for selling the mustard in Ireland have gone down and their profit is up. What a bunch of cheating bastards!

John Brown said...

You are right, we are at war to regain our liberty and freedom from the undemocratic and bullying EU that has been fleecing us since we made the terrible mistake of joining.

We need a Brexit politician to admit this and copy President John Kennedy's inaugral speech :

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

John Brown said...

Scotland voted for the UK to remain in the EU.

They did not vote for a separate Scotland to be in the EU.

There is a big difference.

mikef said...

At the risk of being disproved the Court case seems totally misconceived. It is asking the Court to become involved as between Government and Parliament, which would be totally wrong. (But some Judges love to make a name for themselves these days.) I also do not think an early election is advisable. Why take a risk until you have to? People have had enough voting for a bit. The Parliament Act means no election till 2020, and the Boundary Commission changes ought to be implemented first.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post Raedwald, your last paragraph:

'Make no mistake, we ARE at war - and the enemy is within as well as without. If we win, we will enjoy prosperity and an economic advantage that will place us foremost in Europe. Let us hold together and keep a firm grasp on the wheel for our nation and our peoples.'

On this day 950 years ago the Englisc were beaten by a papal funded, jewish led army of Frankish privateers and mercenaries - Senlac and Hastings, 14 October 1066

See you our stilly woods of oak
And the dreadful ditch beside?
O that was where the Saxons broke
On the day that Harold died.

Say what you will about my ancestors it was they who made the bones of state and shire. It was rich and peaceful through trade. That's what made it attractive to Continentals like the bastard Duke of Normandy. They are jealous still, of this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.'

Listen to Raedwald, don't break this time, or all will be lost forever.


Edward Spalton said...

There will be no "snap election" . It is no longer in the PM's power to call one. Thanks to the Lib Dems we now have fixed term parliaments
and it takes a majority of 66 per cent of MPs to call one. I don't think sufficient Labour MPs would vote to forego another three and a half years of secure salary and perks to face possible deselection by the Corbynistas, followed by a very tough time with the public. There could be a vote of no confidence, if not overturned in a fortnight but any Conservative MP straying into that territory would certainly face deselection and no road back. Ironically, not many Lib Dems are enjoying the additional job security!

Frankly, I would have been appalled if the government had rushed its fences. Cameron deliberately left a policy vacuum. Whilst getting out of the EU is simple enough, negotiating a satisfactory new relationship with our biggest export market is not. The media loves to portray everything in " Biff-Bam" " hard Brexit v soft Brexit" terms . For a sequence of more measured comments over the last month or so,

geebeetwo said...

Talking like Churchill will not cut it. Neither will insulting EU officials, even if they deserve it,which they do.
This attempted prepumping of our negotiators is a waste of time in my opinion. We are up against the very reason we are here.Open borders,nothing less and for reasons that are puzzling to many,it is a fundamental prop of those in the group.
But Junckers ,who is a stonking c**t, and Tusk, who is doing what he is told , are not commenting on the loss to the EU if we should fold our tents and not buy their goods or travel to their countries ,particularly with respect to France and Spain.
None of this will happen of course , there will be accommodations , life will go on , neither can afford to ignore the other but none of this detracts from my desire to see Junckers scrotum hanging from Traitors gate

Cascadian said...

Thank you Edward Spalton for talking sense.

A waiting game will prove most valuable, as Greece and Italy deteriorates, and Eurobanks nervously watch non-performing loans and their stress tests get worse the ECB and EU will have quite enough on their hands. Throw in the ridiculous persecution of VW by the US EPA which will affect all EU diesel production, then the German cash cow will soon disappear.

But add to that the chaos and cost of Merkel's gimmegrant policy throughout Europe with everybody making up Schengen exemptions on the fly (quite properly), and the chaos in the political situation this has caused-France and Netherlands (perhaps Italy too) expected to give strong mandates for exit-minded parties. Spain and Belgium without an effective government. Poland, Hungary, Austria and some of the Balkans persuing non EU policy. All this puts the EU in no sensible position to negotiate anything, thus the bluster.

That does not answer Raedwalds concerns of a quisling bureaucracy and remoaner MP's, let us see how Mrs May handles them, her history tends to make one believe it will not be handled well, but then again perhaps she was hamstrung in the past by the camoron (worst PM ever).

I see Raedwald has conceded the US election to Hillary, just as he conceded Brexit to the remoaners, I remain a contrarian and would in any case believe that no future president could be worse than the halfrican.
thrashes about

As others have stated the Scotland issue can be easily solved by calling a British vote for their departure. Nobody would miss their parasitic and ungrateful company.

Edward Spalton said...

Thank you, Cascadian.

Two years ago, I wrote an article on Brexit and said I was more fearful of incompetence and/or treachery at home than the machinations of the EU. I still am.

With regard to Scotland, not everyone follows Nicola Sturgeon. Ever since the Act of Union, it has been the aim of every would-be dominant EU power to break it up. Blair's devolution settlement has certainly helped that process and created much bad feeling - by design, I believe.
But I am married to a Scottish lady ( who is very much opposed to the SNP)

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Any early general election would be seen as a second referendum.

You can imagine how the bbc would play it.

We might end up back in the EU and with Corbyn as PM.

Not worth the risk, unless the Govt. loses a no-confidence vote.

G. Tingey said...

Given that you are living in Austria, in the approx centre of the EU, but are continuing to urge "brexit" may I cry HYPOCRITE?
Or not?
Please explain.

Meanwhile, it is plain that the real, secret guvmint of the UK, usually called; "the Corporation" are doing their best to reverse the non-binding referendum fake decision.
Um, err ....