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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Home Office are liars and frauds - senior heads must roll

Officials at the Home Office are liars and imagine their blatant mendacity can fool the British people. Heads must roll; civil servants must NOT be allowed to get away with this. If two thirds of these 'children' are found, as they have been in the past, to be over 18 then the permanent secretary Mark Sedwill and his deputy Patsy Wilkinson must both be sacked immediately for gross misconduct. 

You have to be an utter idiot to believe that this man, whom facial ageing software estimates at 39 years old, is 15. 

Picture from Daily Mail


Poisonedchalice said...

Predictable. Totally predictable. Now let me predict what happens next. They will be allowed to bring in their relatives under "human rights" laws.

Mr Ecks said...

The issue is the need to defeat and destroy the left.

RoP crew are only the means of our intended destruction. It is the scum of the left that must be broken in order to bring about our salvation.

That is the only point that matters in most issues of today

Anonymous said...

Males of breeding age are far better for population replacement. The UK Gov is working to plan.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks has it and spot on, the enemy of the nation is hate of all things 'white', the nihilism which enforces the deconstruction of this nation which is wrapped up in Critical theory and its bastard cousin Socialism, with Islamism at their side.....Islamism is - if not now in the vanguard.

This Socialist canker never arose out of the deprived areas of England, all of those regions inhabited by men with a clear sense of patriotism - the ordinary man, a very British man.

We've been fucked by our 'own' mainly though not exclusively ex the Celtic fringe, plus, a cohort of middle class - high Anglicans posing as puritans, who are actually fundamentalist, self loathing flagellants dressed up as academics, politicos and who permeated, permeate - all of the major institutions of the nation.

The EU gave them the spine and the excuse, most of our ills can be laid at the door of Westminster its surrender - they gave up on us and then, proceeded to make us second class citizens in our own lands.

WE must begin: to fuck them back and that commences with the thoroughly done destruction of all the 'buildings' which Socialism erected.

Anonymous said...

The home office does not believe for a second that they are fooling anybody and don't give a hoot anyway. At the moment they can't quite openly give the people the finger so they play the game. Do what they want, wheel out "expert" opinion, employ useful idiots and the MSM to howl down dissent, and carry on with the plan.

Poisonedchalice said...

I don't normally place two or more postings on the same topic but today is an exception. I shouted with rage at R4 when greens and lefties said that we had all got it wrong and that these poor "children" were indeed children that had had a "hard upbringing". They said that a 15 year old could quite easily look like a 30 year old. Yes, they obviously do think we're stupid - but R4 swallowed it anyway!

Anonymous said...

"Yes, they obviously do think we're stupid - but R4 swallowed it anyway!"

Dear me, I heard that piece of R4 oral all the Gods next, the news 24 beeboid channel whatever it's called, are reporting on Irish cable layers finding the site of a Kraut U-boat, and with the auto cuties - mumbling something to the effect that, the crew abandoned the vessel because they believed that their ship was under attack by a monster with "large eyes" FFS.

I also pray that the [strike] EU [yer needs a strike function on 'ere R]...the British taxpayer funded jaunt for pscienceologists, its Mars lander will go meet a sort of similar fate as the above sub, sink without trace into the Martian gloamin and...... anyway isn't Brussels, the home of the saurian Marxists aka liberal aliens?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a young Cliff Richard, who funnily enough was born not a million miles from where the bloke in the photo was probably born.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Another undercover soldier safely in. God is Great!

Anonymous said...

And where are the girl migrants? All these so called child migrants should be instantly moved to Chipping Norton, to David Cameron luvvie land. See how his neighbours enjoy watching the little children playing!

Anonymous said...

There are no girl migrants, because from puberty they are viewed as chattels and farmed out to older men to both gratify their perverted lusts and act as baby factories in the interests of their sick religion to outbreed the rest of humanity. Before puberty, they are already often committed by betrothal to this future life and a guarded jealously to prevent them having any will of their own. Many of them are mutilated in the pursuance of this objective.

If one of them did manage to get to the Calais jungle they will probably be raped and murdered by their compatriots.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I didn't know Joyce Thacker was now at The Home Office

Neutrino said...

We were told that children who had family members already here were going to be allowed to join them from the jungle in Calais. This seemed reasonable. In your mind you think it must be hell for vulnerable children in that place and if they've got family here what's the harm they will be safe and looked after, even though it's probably going to be at my expence. There kids, give em a chance.
The reality, obviously they are not children and now it's being reported all of them have no connections to this country what so ever. We are all mugs.