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Friday, 7 October 2016

Islamist Hate Crime MUST be stamped out

As usual, plod has completely failed to understand the nature of hate crime. The British are a remarkably tolerant and accommodating people - the most tolerant, the most flexible and the least bigoted in all of Europe. We are also blessed in abundance with both a sense of humour and a bloody-minded attitude to the sort of blokes described over here as sitzen-pinkler, men who sit to wee in order to curry favour with women. None of which has prevented plod from jumping at every ambiguous word, any piss-taking comment, any barbed irony that has Islam as its subject. 

Whilst plod has been devoting mega resources to tracking down cartoons of plum puddings that just might, to a drunk with a squint, resemble his holiness the bloody Prophet, his devotees and worshippers have been getting away with conspiracy to murder. 

Anyone who calls me a kuffir is committing a hate crime. Anyone who thinks it's OK to lie to me, cheat me and steal from me because I'm a Christian is committing a hate crime. Anyone, like the loathsome babu Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani from Walthamstow, who encourages Mohammed worshippers to kill any kuffir who fails to treat the old kiddy-fiddler with reverence, is guilty not only of hate crime but of conspiracy to murder.

And where is plod? It really is time we took back local control of the Police.


Anonymous said...

An organisation that doesn't realise that it's club for black coppers is racism in its own ranks, is too fucking stupid to reason with.

Fred Karno said...


Not heard this before - but it's very apt!

Poisonedchalice said...

Hate crime - - - - thought crime

Not too different are they? Orwell's 1984 stalks our land. And once the political elite use plod to enforce their own interpretations of thought crime whilst ignoring what they are told to ignore, then we really are screwed.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when politicians think like this:

'Too many White Christian faces in Britain'


Anonymous said...

The police force were originally mustered to protect the public from criminals and criminality.

The European idea of a Gendarmerie was as an arm of the state designed for only - the protection of the state.

Somewhere, post Maastricht..... somehow under Major, then Bliar, MacGloom and latterly Camoron and now May - the police force has morphed into a nightmare organization of geeks and nerds given to serving themselves primarily and then to be the force to save and defend - the state.

In their new guise, 'the police service' they're a paramilitary outfit not fit for aught but thuggery and bullying those law abiding citizens who have to fork out for their toys, souped up cars, gadgets and out of town state of the art 'control centres'.......Plus not least the neofilth are bound to upholding the nutfest and doctrine of Multiculti - which they do with a fervour verging on manic, frothily so, ref: Rotherham and very many other towns in England you could care to mention.

Cascadian said...

Close the mosques and madrassahs, cut welfare to families with multiple wives.

The problem would be solved in less than a year.

That will not happen, so indigent Brits had better be arming themselves, plod will NOT be around when the SHTF.

John M said...

Since Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani is now (as they always do) denying any involvement in the leaflet which bears his name, presumably we can look forward to him and his friends undertaking a thorough investigation to find the culprit, upon which a fatwah will be issued for the punishment of the individual for insulting a fellow Muslim and the teachings of the prophet Mohammad?

I mean, you would if it was you affected by this, right?

G. Tingey said...


That mosque is about 2 minutes walk from my front door.
I'm virtually certain that Syed Jitani was "Trolling" - in the same way that Paisley used to troll the RC's.
Remember that islam is as diverse & factionalised as christianity & an action like that would be a superb method of dumping you internal opponents in the muck

[ Why do I think this is so?
Because our local council have fucked us over on road-closures & other matters, & people from said mosque have joined with everyone else to tell LBWF to stuff it ...
In other words, they have learnt British communal bloody-mindedness, which has amused me greatly. ]

P.S. Said mosque used to be a small bespoke knitwear-factory....

Anonymous said...

G.Tingey: "Because our local council have fucked us over on road-closures & other matters, & people from said mosque have joined with everyone else to tell LBWF to stuff it ..."

Well, there's gullible and there's ...

Islamic doctrine explicitly states that the Kafir should pay Jizya. When a non mussleman thinks he is being charitable or a good Christian the mussleman simply thinks you are paying him his rightful due.

Now, there is also the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya, which permits the mussleman to lie and cheat if it promotes Islam.

Bingo! a group of people who are incompatible with a civil society that expects a high degree of trust.