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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Labour's loathsome hypocrites

I cannot recall ever having seen the self-serving bent hypocritical self-interest of whorish politicians so crudely exposed as they are now on Labour's front bench. You don't even have to ask these loathsome hypocrites where their interests lie - self and party come tops every time, with constituents, nation and the common weal relegated to the crooked lies saved for election time. 

Shami Chakrabarti - multi-millionnaire London lawyer who wanted to send her kids to Eton but settled for Dulwich College, squeezed a fake peerage out of Corbyn as her price for a shadow cabinet post. A finer example of a greedy, grasping, pole-climbing lawyer one cannot find. 

Diane Abbot also sends her son to a private London school whilst being happy to consign the children of her constituents to failing left-wing comprehensives. Openly racist, she has a long history of making racist commentsand narrowly avoided prosecution for race hate in 2012. She and Corbyn have had a sexual relationship.

Keir Starmer - another wealthy London lawyer, described as a 'second rate lawyer' who did not understand the workings of Parliament by IDS, he masqueraded as an apolitical DPP before coming out of the closet as a Labour politician. Noted for his 'crooked and personally motivated' actions against Paul Chambers in the 'Twitter Joke Trial', ignoring all professional legal advice to drop the persecution.  

Emily Thornberry - yet another millionnaire London lawyer, this one most famous for sneering at poorer voters in Strood during the election campaign. So ignorant is she of ordinary people's lives that she once seriously claimed that every single child in Islington had been mugged; the Met pointed out that the true figure was 750. Again, a hypocrite who sent both her children to the selective Dame Alice Owen's School, she prompted Chris Woodhead to comment "I celebrate her good sense as a parent and deplore her hypocrisy as a politician. When will those who espouse the virtues of comprehensive education apply the logic of their political message to their children?"

Private schools, multi-million property portfolios, grasping ambition, hypocrisy and a contempt for the working class characterise these loathsome specimens who pollute our politics. But at last they're all out in the open.  


Weekend Yachtsman said...

You missed Luciana Berger.

She is such a fine example of the point you're making.

John Miller said...

Thanks a bundle, chum.

The soldiers were a lovely golden brown, the 3 minute egg was resting unknowingly in its cup.

Then, as I read the post, the gentle tapping on the shell escalated somewhat, leaving a pulpy mess far and wide across the table.

And believe me, these bastards are, collectively, not worth one boiled egg.

Anonymous said...

Just about the only good thing to say about these people is that they are pole climbers, as opposed to dancers.

My apologies if this has caused breakfast issues for anyone.


Poisonedchalice said...

So much of George Orwell's Animal Farm could be quoted in relation to these people. They are a disgrace to politics and to Britain as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I never eat breakfast I just hope I can get the picture of that fat ugly POS out of my mind before lunch. Good grief Corbyn !

Anonymous said...

And then they wonder why they are loathed and despised. Bollinger Bolsheviks all of them. Their offspring get a good education whilst our suffer the bilge pushed out the bog-standard comprehensives. One rule for them and one rule for the rest of us. They are utter scum.


Al JR said...

Never was very fond of some cockneys..

Anonymous said...

Yep, the pigs are on their hind legs and drinking champagne, whilst their constituents are outside eating straw.

What a bloody shower.

Dadad said...

You haven't forgotten Thornberry's comment about her white vanman with his English flag, have you ?

And I look forward to the new Hackney Hippo's policies on racism.

Anonymous said...

Abbopotamus, she has driven so far past parody she is the clown of clowns in the Lav circus. To wit; Abbopotamus, her preposterous self regard only matched by her supreme, utterly hypocritical arrogance, God strewth! what a lacklustre example she is, of modern Socialism and their Stasi polizei - illiberal womanhood.

Of course, when their allies in 'brotherhood' take over - Abbopotamus and her fellow Stasi will be the first to the cranes and cages and ends of high rise buildings, 'pour encourager les autres' and with its enforced spectator attendance.

Be aware, we may joke about them but they see themselves as the vanguard of the real Fascists - the NeoMarxists and in their unholy alliance with the real threat to Britain, the Lavs in bed with Islamofascist: this really is no joke.

Anonymous said...

We call them the English-Haters because they hate the English. Politics often goes through cycles and even within the same party you get swings from the centre outwards then back again. Now it's different, now they agree on the same thing: the homogenous society must die. You can link almost everything they to that one statement.


Anonymous said...

"..Abbopotamus and her fellow Stasi will be the first to the cranes.."

You don't have to be a civil engineer to give that scenario a very wide berth. They'd be well advised to take her down to the dockside and use one of those overhead cranes that loads the containers onto the Emma Maersk...


mikebravo said...

That is only 4 old boy. I suppose you have better things to do than add another 600.

I wonder if you can put up half a dozen who are truly honest and trustworthy. A mere six that you would consider fit to represent you and your wishes in our so called parliament.

Buggered if I can!

DeeDee99 said...

You forgot to mention the Milibands - who were happy for Daddy's Will to be amended so they could avoid £tens of thousands in taxes.

And Tristram Cunt.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

...and the Kinnock lot - all of them.

Dadad said...

Frank Field may be an exception ?

leila said...

I would have agreed FF but he nominated the mad Marxist for Labour leadership! Kate Hooey gets my vote together with John Baron = 2! The Syria debate was appalling in its ignorance, with the bicycle man approaching demenntia. BoJo did not disappoint. What a shower. 10,000, say I, to surround the wretched place preferably at its opening, and prevent them gaining access.

Mr Ecks said...

Starmer is worse even than you tell.

He was a leading light in the paedo-hysterical "persecute old men with evidence-free legal theatre trials for 50 year old unsupported allegations" that was and still is Operation Yewtree.

He is a walking disgrace to the entire human race.

wiggiatlarge said...

Just about the only good thing to say about these people is that they are pole climbers, as opposed to dancers.

Very very difficult to imagine the Abbopotamus and Fivebellies climbing poles or dancing, the best use for both of them I can think of is as draught excluders.

Anonymous said...

Talking about "Syria for fuckwits" ie the UK Westminster Bubble and SKYBBCITV, some Lav MP on telly yesterday dropping his Rs and at the same time shitting verbal excreta to the effect that, Britain should unilaterally imposed a no fly zone over Aleppo and I sat aghast at his insane naivete and not least in his puny grasp of the dire, inevitable consequences of such actions.

That's it, yesterday a chance for "hands together", singing in rapture and virtue signalling to the rafters of the Commons - FFS! It was, an opportunity for the country to OBSERVE.....the Westminster hothouse for pinkos, they don't, are unable to do joined up thinking, the whole sorry, pathetic lot of them.
Libdhimmi/Lav-UK4Islam/CON-weluvhouseofSAUD - are a such a fucking shower of bird brained embezzling tossers, none of them barring a very few [Peter Lilley?, Hoey?] are worth even spit.

No wonder, some have been given to cauterizing the disease and direct elimination.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:26.

Are you referring to Saint Jo Cox. Patron Saint of unlimited immigration?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't say, that would be impolitic of me.

Anonymous said...

oday's Google doodle of inspirational black women who shaped British history contains no-one I ever heard of, and Abbottopotamus is absent from the list. Ha Ha.