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Monday, 3 October 2016

UK firm Bell-Pottinger fleeces CIA of $660m for a few videos

When the CIA needed a non-American PR firm that was prepared to play dirty, had no moral scruples about deception, didn't mind breaking domestic US law, would do anything for money and most importantly could be discreet, they had to look no further than the UK - and Bell-Pottinger landed the lucrative five-year contract. 

The task involved faking Islamic agitprop videos and embedding some simple tracking code that allowed Langley to monitor transmission between Jihadist teens across the globe. Bell-Pottinger saw the Septics coming; for a score or so of brief, low quality fake 'amateur' vids, they charged the CIA  $660m over the five year period from 2006 to 2011. 

The firm, whose past clients include Rolf Harris, Mrs Assad, Kate and Gerry McCann, Augusto Pinochet and much-hated comms firm Talk Talk, proved once again that our unscrupulous and amoral British mercantile buccaners can fleece gullible foreigners like no others. 

However, I'll bet that Bell-Pottinger bosses David Beck and David Wilson will be increasing their personal security, as there will be no doubt that some very cross Islamists will now have them in their crosshairs, and the Jihadists may just be 'assisted' by a vengeful and embarrassed CIA.


Cuffleyburgers said...

Can't really see why you're getting your proverbial knickers in a twist about this... Called invisible exports, a helpful boost to UK PLC earnings.

And the real scandal in these dirty wars is not some apparently rather skillfully faked propaganda, but the murders, tortures and betrayals which are also carried out in our name, and that really is something to give out about.

So not really agreeing with you on this one, Radders. A rather rare case !

Raedwald said...

Cuffley - apols, poorly written; I don't like B-P very much, admitted, but take my hat off to their buccaneering enterprise; they've done well for the UK economy on this, at no cost to the public purse (presuming they pay for their own protection) and take all the risks. What's not to admire?

Just so long as they don't whine when HMG denies all involvement / knowledge / liability and leaves them hanging in the wind ...

James Higham said...

I'll watch this space.

Anonymous said...

I am Bell - oops, no - Pottinger - no to that too - Spartacus!

Anonymous said...

Virtual world, fiat money and a few pissed off madmen, no real victims, then?

How much damage can you do? The 40 Martyrs weep, I really fucking hate these cunts; Crapita and G4$ and the 'big four' auditors, the fucking 'magic circle' ambulance chasers, yuman rites bleeding hearts wankerati and particularly Clifford Chancers, the big banks stiffing little firms...............FAR more than that Belling cottgers - lot.