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Saturday, 15 October 2016

What's with this 'war scare' meme?

I've been trying to ignore the Daily Express' somewhat hysterical war scare stories over the past week but the local news over here has just published, in a very low-key way, a reminder to Austrians of what they should stock in the event of, erm, a power cut. And I thought it was just a few candles and a box of matches.

Here's what every good Austrian home should have:-
  • Beverages (mineral water, fruit juices) for 7 to 14 days. Per person about 21 liters
  • Food supply for seven to 14 days. Per person 4.5 kilos of cereals in the form of More, packaged bread, oatmeal, rice, crispbread; Two kilos of fish and meat products in canned or smoked meat such as bacon and sausages, 500 grams of fats and oils, six kilos of vegetables and canned fruit, dried and legumes. Suitable food for children and seniors. The storage must be safe from pests and spoilage, preferably in a dry cabinet or pantry.
  • Replacement lighting: candles, igniter, lighter, flashlight with spare batteries, kerosene lamp
  • Substitute cooking: dry spirit or alcohol, camping stove, fondue cooker
  • Receivers: Crank or solar radios, batteries with replacement batteries
  • First aid: civil protection pharmacy, medical supplies, personal medication, pain-relieving tablets, etc.
  • Money: You should always have at home, ATMs no longer work
  • Hygiene articles: Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, bandages or tampons, detergents, garbage bags, cleaning products
  • Emergency power supply: Emergency power units are available with an output of less than one kilowatt to several hundred kilowatts.
  • Alternative heating option: heaters operated with petroleum or bottled gas, tiled stoves, stoves etc.


Cascadian said...

A very sensible list, as befits a serious country.

The term "civil protection pharmacy" is interesting, does it contain potassium iodide by any chance? Given the cheapness of the product, I feel it is a worthwhile addition to anybody's first aid kit anyway

Alternative heating is always the biggest problem in modern homes.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts on Syria

The latest Podesta leaked emails show Clinton staffers acknowledging that ISIS is being funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

ISIS is committing atrocities all over the middle east. The goal in Syria seems to be to depose Assad. My interpretation is that this is part of a larger plan to isolate Iran. You've also the war in Yemen where the Houthi rebels allied with Iran are fighting Saudi Arabia, and SA's tactics are questionable to say the least. (ie delayed secondary strikes to kill first responders i.e. Ambulance people, doctors etc)

So the West's goal in Syria is regime change. How's that working out for the civilians in Iraq or Libya?

On the other side you have Syria Iran and Russia. Like it or not Russia and Syria are allied. Any talk of a no fly zone would involve shooting down Russian jets and that's WW3.
I don't support Russia's goals in any way.. on the other hand I don't want to pick a fight with them. And Iran is well on the path to nuclear weapons, and signed a very controversial bill with Barack Obama, which in my opinion isn't worth the paper its printed on.

There are 250,000 vulnerable civilians in Aleppo as I understand things. 800,000 have been killed already in Syria and millions displaced. This is what happens when wars start.. or when they are started...

There's another email in the Podesta leaked emails. John Podesta is the Clinton Campaign chair.

Senator Mark Kirk was quoted saying Iran Deal was "This agreement condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf. This is the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler""

Podesta's pithy response: "Yup"

RAC said...

Cascadian at 21:31 "Alternative heating is always the biggest problem in modern homes."
Depends on the type of emergency, one can always don extra layers of clothing and eat cold food straight from the can. However if you live in a modern apartment or even a house I suggest you give it a quick survey from the radiological point of view. Flimsy masonry, large areas of glass, plasterboard and stud internal walls, no basement. In such a dwelling there is no safe spot where one could sit it out till the world outside had "cooled down". Of course, just as the Russians will do, we could all go to the shelters our govmt. has prepared for us.............Ah err um sheesh oops think I've spotted a problem.

Raedwald said...

800mm stone walls, small triple glazed windows and wood / solar thermal heating / cooking here ...

RAC said...

Raedwald at 08:18 Don't forget to keep the bath scrupulously clean so you may fill it with drinking water before the supply fails, hope you enjoy the solitude when you emerge ;-)

Raedwald said...

< smug > ... and I've got my own spring < /smug >

RAC said...

That's handy, the water from that will be nice and "hot" no need to put it in the kettle.

Cascadian said...

You have thought this through rather better than most Raedwald, and a large building mass will be useful. However solar thermal in a potentially cloud covered mountain valley could actually be a major liability to heating attempts, assuming we are talking a hydronic system-what powers the pumps/controls? A good old wood stove is reliable and easy to maintain.

RAC-distance will be my radiological safeguard, no livable home can be sensibly nuclear blast proof, fallout is another matter.

RAC said...

Check out this site, you can use it to get some idea of the effects of living near to or downwind of places of interest.

Dave_G said...

Mrs Dave_G always considered me an 'exaggerating fool' for ensuring we keep similar stocks of goods and survivalist items on the premises..... until, unbidden, a friend casually mentioned, unprompted, that they were doing the very same.
Mrs now takes a very different view on such precautions.

We live remotely, surrounded by hills, on the banks of a freshwater loch, surrounded by woods and wild life, powered by wood stove (TWO generators in the store) and capable of total independence from humankind for months on end if we so wish.

No, I won't tell you exactly where either!

Multiple Governments have made similar precautionary warning advice to their citizens. It has to be significant - .gov doesn't do anything it doesn't feel it 'needs' to.

For all our preparations I sincerely hope I do turn out to be the 'exaggerating fool' Mrs Dave_G says I am. It's one occasion I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

anon 2 said...

Right. All these government nabobs are prepared to start nuclear wars. They're confident that their teflon coats and lies (and, in some cases, subterranean shelters) will preserve their own skins until they're ready to emerge. Then they'll just command the devastation and fallout to disappear.

I guess the same precautions could prove useful in the event of the CIVIL WARS our Masters presently foment: via their Invasion policies. The supplies you list, Raedwald, could prove awfully useful to the armies/militias who come: to quell the CRISES, and then to 'NORMALISE' what's left of us or, most likely, of the Mozzies (cf Bezemenov).

As for other forms of disaster ... well, Mythical Global Warming isn't going to produce real hurricanes in euroland. Though it's worth noting the chaos and panic produced by long-lived (7-10 day) power cuts after a mere Tropical Storm (Hermine - N. Florida). A friend of mine can't imagine how they'll manage if anything worse hits 'em. So perhaps some Global Power Bureau has put out your list just to keep the office serfs busy.

Meanwhile, there never was and never will be anything worse than the devastation caused by what the evil British did to glorious "Dresden". So remember --- smile and think yourselves lucky; wear your Chinese 'Carry-on' T-shirts, and 'go gentle into that dread night' (pace Mr. Thomas).

[[[Alert: Irony Above]]]

Anonymous said...

In light of the list there, I'd say, 98% of the population that survived the initial conflagration will be dead inside 2 weeks.

A list of stores in the average UK home.

1. Half a dozen cans of Bud.

Anonymous said...

The 87 storm left us without power for nearly a month, and we are just outside the M25.

Mr Ecks said...

The War meme is being pushed because TPTB are desperate for distraction to hide all the problems that are coming.

Economic disaster, Brexit, Trump victory, ordinary people--enough of 'em at any rate--waking up to smell the shite.

War has always been the elites next step.

Perhaps they are pushing their Agenda 21 on by arranging a wipeout of humanity.

We'll see. Yes the leaders are vile psychopathic shit. And having a place in a bunker means you are still elite. But it ain't much compared to the benefits of the society they risk destroying.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Plus a decent supply of Chianti and some scotch whisky, 200 rounds of 9x21mm and 50 of .303.

If the balloon goes up and the SHTF it's gonna get pretty Mad Max pretty damn quick.

Odd that in the home of Glock they don't mention that rather essential item.

Raedwald said...

Ah, Cuffley, but perhaps it doesn't need advising ...

Here in the Tal even helpless looking old ladies have a Moisin-Nagant and 100 rds in the broom cupboard, and in the local pub yesterday a chap was moaning at the new restrictions that required ammunition holdings over 10,000 (yes 10,000) rounds to be registered

Cat C weapons (shotguns and magazine rifles) can be bought and held without restriction here by any resident over 18 - no limits on number or ammo qty. Up to 10k rds anyway. You have to register them at any gun shop.

But Austria is an advanced democracy and you rightly need a license for semi-auto rifles and pistols and if held for self-defence one is limited to two. G19s are cool but expensive - but revolvers are generally dirt cheap and plentiful (see )

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - oops I can see I am understocked!!

Johnm said...

All pretty pointless.
The next war will, as usual, be fought in Europe.
Hence the devastation will be total.
Still, we can rest assured that a new "Marshall", or "Marshallovski" plan with rebuild some of it.
I, given notice, plan to not be in Norfolk or Suffolk...or anywhere near London either.
London will become a charnel fact, I see no hope for the entire east of England.
Good luck.