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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Working class are now wise to Labour's exploitation

Throughout the 20th century, British history has been one long chronicle of Labour's exploitation of the working class to win political power for its internationalist and privileged leaders. The leitmotif of this campaign has been to disempower this traditionally independent and bloody-minded cohort of our people by creating total dependence on an overweening central State. From the very first 1911 National Insurance Act, which destroyed the mutuals, co-operatives, friendlies and self-insurance creations of mutually-dependent working class communities, the century was one lengthy litany of entrapment, enslavement and disempowerment. The nadir was Gordon Brown drowning the nation in a tsunami of borrowed cash, for which our grandchildren will still be paying, in an all-out effort to create total State dependency. He failed.

The loathsome Emily Thornbury's sneering at ordinary people during the last election campaign was just a peek behind the curtain that usually hides both Labour's hatred of the British working class and its fear of their realising their own capacity for independence. June 23rd was rightly a day on which this brave cohort of our people growled and set the establishment trembling. It was the day on which the working class showed they were wise to Labour's exploitation.

And it really won't help the readers of the Guardian if that rag continues to term anything that empowers the working class as 'populist', any more than it helps to label them 'vulgar' or sneer at their homes. 

The establishment needs to understand that democracy means that our people are truly free - for the first time in a century free from Labour's enervating talons piercing their flesh - to use universal suffrage and the secret ballot for their own interests.


Sackerson said...

Agree. Labour has failed the labourer. If it wishes to survive it needs to reach out to the the newer Clause Four groups - the self-employed and SMEs instead of giving the multinationals everything they want.

DeeDee99 said...

They're not free yet. There are still many who are trapped in Labour-voting areas where, no matter how badly the local Labour council performs or the Labour MP patronises and sneers at them, they will be re-elected by the tribal Labour vote.

Voting for Brexit broke the lock on the door and it's now ajar. It remains to be seen if they'll push it wide open.

Labour has always feared this happening. They got one helluva fright when Mrs Thatcher got elected 3 times, with many working class Tories voting for her. It's one of the reasons why Blair decided to import a new voter-base; one even more tribal than their existing one, which could be relied on to vote for more "free money" and do as their Imams instruct.

Cull The Badgers said...

Labour, that is the new Socialists are planning to sieze power. As you say they don't give a stuff for the people nor for the.democratic process. The sre building a gang of thugs, their 'armed wing, after all it has been called an army and atsome dste in the future with their union supporters the will attempt a coup. What form it will take i don't know but we have seriois violence as with the miners strike.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 has it.

The sulking Kinnock dragged his carcase over to Brussels, and hoped to impose his will on Britain by sidestepping democracy; so thoroughly whipped was he by Thatcher - with the help of "Maggie's working class Tories".

Labour could have sat in, strengthened their hold in communities by buckling down and actually working for the people that they were meant to represent, and they would have come through.
Blair brought power, but it ditched its loyal supporters on the way.

As it turns out,Labour have signed up to John McTernan's theory that Labour's old demographic of 'white working class' can now be ditched, and a new demographic of students, public servants, and ethnic minorities put in their place.

Loyalty is the one thing that is prized amongst the street level working class; and once bitten by Labour's treachery, they will never forget.

Anonymous said...

"The sre building a gang of thugs, their 'armed wing"

I've thought long on this subject, watching the green loons at work from the days of the Newbury bypass era 'swampy against road building', to anti fracking nasties, to making HMG cave in and to halting the construction of Kingsnorth Coal plant. Much of it, Marxist student activism building on the efforts during the Nineties - of the anti globalist movement of the great unwashed.
Brought up to date by, the demonstrators marching against "austerity!" - UKuncut dick wads, with their mates 'Unite against Fascism" - who are Fascists themselves. Next, UNITEs union thugs and their evil mischief makers harrying and thuggery tactics, which Dave said was quite shocking but did nothing about it.........

One wonders, who is running the show and we all know the answer to that, long ago the authorities, the police and those beholden to the ECHR judges, whether you name them 'Common Purpose', Lav party activists, Green nutters, Union thugs, Student Marxist agitators, Teechurs Union wets, UAF, UKuncut - this is a movement within the country and to which the government [turns a blind eye] pays lip service to...............

This is the latest effort, configuration should I say: calumny of big Brother looking after, protecting, nurturing, encouraging and succouring, the brotherhood of the eastern cultists.

Theresa May, is fully signed up to this fifth column infiltration and Westminster is the problem not the solution, the authorities play with fire by ignoring the Unions in plain view allied with those cohorts of extreme left headbangers who are building a network [an army?] of little helpers or, should we call them 'Marxist revolutionaries'?

Unless, we wrest back the country - the June 23rd referendum was only the start of the fight back, for evidently, there is such a long way to travel.....I very much afraid to say it.

Anonymous said...

"As it turns out,Labour have signed up to John McTernan's theory that Labour's old demographic of 'white working class' can now be ditched..."

Ably demonstrated by Brown in his encounter with Gillian Duffy two days before the election.


Dadad said...

The only solution to this problem, and it will get worse if we do nothing, is to implement The Harrogate Agenda, by returning power to us, the people.
However, turkey MPs don't vote for Christmas, so we will have to enforce our requirements. It will be a long struggle, but well worth it.

Poisonedchalice said...

There is a lot wrong with Labour. I sincerely hope that the working classes of the UK don't want to return to the bad old 70's where the UK was the sick man of Europe - and I don't think they will want that scenario.

When some thick-shit Grauniad reader points out that the referendum was 52/48, we all need to remind them that in the working class regions of Britain, that landscape was 64/36 voting for out. And that is what tells the story.

Anonymous said...

My only surprise is that it's taken the working classes so long to work out that Labour have no intention of helping the working class. Labour of the 20's and 30's genuinely had the benefit of the working classes in mind, and it was they who introduced grammar schools, and not the tories. As so many of my fellow commentators have alluded to - any turd sporting a red rosette in a traditionally labour area will be the next MP, and by God, doesn't labour have an awful lot of sh1ts in parliament.

June 23rd should have been a massive wake up call to Labour, but I don't think Labour are listening (did they ever), where even Hope not Hate push the line that the working classes should be educated out of their so called racism and xenophobia. That comment alone just drips with being patronised.

The traditional working class are hard working, patriotic and decent people who only want to work and enjoy the fruits of the labours - just like everybody else really. They will not vote for Corbyn's insanity and most certainly not for the tories. UKIP need to up their game post Diane James to capture that vote. What is even more important is that there has to be an effective opposition. An unopposed Government is bad for everybody.


English Pensioner said...

With Theresa May apparently wanting 'more government', its time UKIP got their house in order and started to campaign for individual independence from the state. That will be true independence, equally as important as getting out of the EU.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Throughout the 20th century, British history has been one long chronicle of Labour's exploitation of the working class to win political power for its internationalist and privileged leaders. The leitmotif of this campaign has been to disempower this traditionally independent and bloody-minded cohort of our people by creating total dependence on an overweening central State.'

Good God it's much more serious than that:

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design (Part 1)


James Higham said...

YouGov ran a poll earlier in which they purported to say that 12% of workers supported UKIP. Think it's more than that.

Anonymous said...

The "big idea" is before us, but very few have clocked it yet.

On June 23rd 2016 (Independence Day) there was the biggest popular vote the nation has ever seen...

The loathsome Labour Party is imploding partially as a result, but more due to the antics of Blair, Brown, Thornberry and the current "marxist morons".

The CONservative party is wittering on an on about one nation this and all in this together that, and the rather nasty May woman is lying through her nasty teeth... All anyone needs to do is to take a look at her record and know that she is a complete fraud.The people of the north will NEVER vote for that party, neither will the Scots.

My party, UKIP seems to be fulfilling the dearest hopes and wishes of the fascists in the BBC and the European empire and its lackey civil servants in Whitehall with its childish infighting...

Apart, that is, from a few more sensible types, among them Nigel Farage, Aaron Banks and many hard working but currently not so obvious members, along with some still (unfortunately) loyal tories....

The future is the permanent coalition of the various strands of political opinion, in the form of qualified, capable politicians, held to account by the referendums and popular initiatives of binding citizen triggered votes at local, national and kingdom wide ballots...

...Just like the one that our lovely Mrs. May is currently trying to sweep under the carpet, with her unbuttered parsnips.

With a bit of luck, the right kind of UKIP is about to emerge from the deliberate attempts by bloody tories to destabilise it, because that is what has been happening, and the progress to the above form of (Swiss style) government will become the template for our and hopefully other European nations.

But we need to take advantage and move now.


leila said...

It took a mere few days following May's warbling 'come with me' for fracking to be bulldozed over public opinion by a minister in HER government

Anonymous said...


I suspect you are mistaking the air time given to miscellaneous green-socialist cock-wafflers for public opinion.