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Friday, 4 November 2016

Brexit judgement: Cameron's greatest screwup

Cameron will be remembered as one of Britain's worst Prime Ministers. The dilettante fool's catalogue of error, stupidity, misjudgement and malfeasance increased exponentially yesterday with the High Court's Brexit judgement. For this is all no-one's fault but Dave's; it was Cameron that issued written government assurances to every household in Britain that the government would implement the result and Cameron who knew the government had no such power, having legislated to make the referendum advisory rather than legally binding. The lazy little chancer thought he could wing it, that he could continue with his Rock holidays, box sets and Chardonnay kitchen suppers uninterrupted by the responsibilities of high office. Well, he got it wrong on this as on so many other things and damaged his country irreparably. 

I have no doubt the Supreme Court will reach the same decision as the High Court. Theresa May is now faced with securing Parliament's Article 50 consent which remoaners will want to hedge and load with constraints and caveats - many of which will be to our nation's disadvantage, a deliberate sabotage. They will not want an early General Election - two thirds or more of constituencies voted for Brexit. Many Labour MPs - at least those keeping their seats under the 2018 boundary review - will now want to scupper Brexit in Parliament in 2016 and hope their voters will forget what they did by 2020. Forget idiots such as David Lammy - he's simply not bright enough to understand the constitutional issues, and his Tottenham constituency is solid Remoaner. 

As we face this mess, we'll find a way to come through it. We are where we are. But don't forget the coiffed dilettante tossbucket who has made this mess.


Anonymous said...

What had we done to deserve a train of such worthless lickspittles as prime ministers?

honorable space on this list
To be advised.

Poisonedchalice said...

Anyone could see this coming down the line as plain as day. Anyway, this means that we should hold a general election right away. If Conservative wins then fine; if Labour wins, then we'll just consider it an "advisory" vote that can be ignored.

MPs need to be careful what they wish for!

Anonymous said...

For this is all no-one's fault but Dave's; it was Cameron that issued written government assurances to every household in Britain that the government would implement the result and Cameron who knew the government had no such power, having legislated to make the referendum advisory rather than legally binding.

I really cannot believe that Dave would have the cognitive ability to concoct such Machiavellian mischief all on his lonesome, no, this feint and arch manipulation was choreographed by the Tory EUphiliac pigs and their Brussels masters.

It is yet again, just an echo of Heath. Heath the Quisling, who lied and lied again about what he knew about 'EUrope' but that he deliberately kept back from the country. In that, there was never, no such thing as a 'common market' all the Brussels bureaucrats were about was, destruction of the nation states of Europe and enslaving them under the yoke of the formative Brussels Empire.

There are no rules in this, there is only the peoples choice.

All else is, chicanery and device - the little piggies, the troughers in Westminster.....David Lammy seeesh what a div and the rest, let them play their games. Because, in the end there will be a reckoning and now the likelihood is that, it won't be through the ballot box but via more precipitate action and those elitist judges be damned, with the rest of the lying cunts.

We will remember, because now we see you for what you are.

Mr Ecks said...

The cowardice of Tory MPs is legendary--as is their self serving nature. They --and lots of outside the London Bubble ZaNu scum-- know their voters want Brexit. Lots of non-fanatic Remain voters know that if some twat can have votes set aside in Court that is it for democracy in this country. They will be no more inclined to accept a stitch up than leave voters.

Project Fear is dead. Can't now be revived without being a joke.

And while May is thick--she is also nasty. And knows she will not last long as a PM saying "I wanted to give you Brexit but those nasty Judgeboys and my own MPs won't let me".

The Tories will be whipped more than those who built the Pyramids. Article 50 will go thro'. There is no upside to resistance for most MPs. The twats at the EU would be grateful but what's that worth? Are they going to offer bribes? I think not.

In the meanwhile the Neanderthal and his skank girlfriend who brought us this legal mess need to be hit with treason and sedition charges.

Trying to overturn a democratic vote counts as both in my book.

Dioclese said...

Dave and Co's arrogance was what brought him down. He just couldn't believe that the people wouldn't do what he told them.

I hope Killary goes the same way

G. Tingey said...

I hate to admit it, but the last PM who was NOT a traitor was a Labour one - Callaghan.
Every single one since then have cut our defences.
[ Though that might, just might be about to change - see this morning's news ]

As for the worst PM since Lord North - that's easy: Eden.
Every single thing he touched turned to shit ....

Anonymous said...

The High Court yesterday effectively blocked the will of the people and threw the result of the referendum into the winds of history.

Did this 'judgement' factor in a likelhood that unintended consequences could derail the will expressed; will being given legal authority in the Referendum Act, 2015, with a simple binary question: Remain or Leave?

I don't think so.

The way to leave is in the Lisbon Treaty (which I posted here some weeks ago), it's called Article 50 and on receipt of the decision (leave) it is incumbent upon government, not parliament, to trigger said article as soon as is practicable. In my opinion this could have been done by know were it not for Cameron, who blocked any preperation for a leave result. As I've said before he's an arrogant cunt, and utterly self-regarding - like many of his generation its all about me.


anon 2 said...

And if we resist ...

What will they do?

Would our armed forces support the alien-driven masters: against the people? Or would the alien army appear --- and recruit or abet the "refugees"?

mike fowle said...

Where did Cameron legislate to make the referendum advisory? I've only heard that claim since the Remainers lost. I am still reluctant to accept it.

Anonymous said...

And iif you hae any doiubty about what escaping free movement aaxtually means:

Ravenscar. said...

And then in the end. Parliament deferred to the people, the people instructed the executive to get us out of the Brussels slave Empire - what is there to not comprehend? or are they [UK senior courts] impervious to the democratic process?

One should also be apprised, the senior wig wearers are so pro EU and mostly that is down to a thorough indoctrination by the anti Brit hotbeds of Communist nutters those Critical Marxist pedagoguery living it fat, in the dreaming spires and leafy idylls on the Cam and Isis - Oxford way.... not the Levant....Levant? although in certain respects it could be regarded as analogous Isis and EU institutions both ignorant of superior systems and have scant respect grant scorched earth to tradition, Judaeo/Christian morals and therein ethics.

Even then, they - the 'meddlesome beaks' stuck their noses in where it wasn't required, constitutional matters do not require judges to offer their unwanted opinions and loudly they should have said just that.
But then, if you take a moment to understand how different is, EU tort and jurisprudence to what we once had and at that was an infinitely preferable and quite superior 'Common Law' system.

Then you would be better able to comprehend why these 'judges' yesterday so presided.

Affirmative, they don't want the UK to leave the nest of vipers aka the ECHR-ECJ and yes they like the being party to the endlessly expanding Aegis of the EU legal structure and institutions - but specifically UK judges are now acquiring the taste - as per the ECJ/ECHR does permit, judges can extend their remit through crafting new law and it made statute through the apparatus of the non democratic processes of the Brussels Empire. Think on that, JUDGES MAKING LAWS!

Judges making up the law? Alack and goddammit what have we come to?

These bewigged jerks, yesterday trespassed into territory in which they have no business, yep they have it the wrong ways around, - the people are there to be the ultimate arbiters through and by the public ballot, legislators debate new bills suggested by the executive and judges then make their decisions according to the wishes of the people........amen.

anon 2 said...

Ravenscar: Amen

James Higham said...

May needs to deliberately do the thing, for the nation, which Remoaners don't want. If her position becomes untenable, she calls a GE. Certain to be returned with that mandate.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Everything Eden touched did indeed turn to shit, but at least he wasn't a traitor like Heath. He was a patriot who earned his MC the hard way.

DeeDee99 said...

Cameron also said that if the people voted to leave he would invoke Article 50 the next day.

Instead the lying, cowardly tosspot did what he told the British people they weren't .... quitters. If he'd done what he promised and invoked Article 50, the negotiation process would already be underway.

I hope and pray that the anger in the country is so great that the Remainiacs in Parliament feel the earth shake under their feet.

Raedwald said...

Ravenscar, DeeDee I share your rage. The incandescent anger this judicial outrage has sparked amongst the nation's democrats will serve as a dire warning to the weasel saboteurs, federasts and Quizlings.

plantman said...

Not unless we DO something - instead of sending "taint it a shame" postings to each other.

Cascadian said...

"Cameron will be remembered as one of Britain's worst Prime Ministers"....only 50% correct, he was a HALF PRIME MINISTER along with nick clegg, true he later obtained a mandate after scaring the weak-minded that if you voted UKIP then milliband would be PM.

The camoron will always be remembered by me as the worst half-PM. A PR spiv who believed a windmill in an urban setting was a good idea.

Some good may yet come of his chaotic legacy if a general election is called and MP's are forced to run on a mandate of leaving the EU, liebour would be destroyed, sadly UKIP is in no position to benefit from the chaos.

In the end I doubt it matters, as I have expressed before the EU and Euro cannot survive they will implode before yUK gets it shit together with a negotiating position, and that is a very good thing, who wants clown-BoJo to be negotiating anything?

Anonymous said...

The only reason to castigate Cameron is that he allowed the great British Public to vote on something of which most of us have no real understanding .
Then the twerp put no limits on ie 65/35 to ensure that this really was what we wanted.
He also failed to point out that there was no reason for Parliament to agree with the referendum and so someone has triggered the law to make sure whatever we do has parliamentary approval.
All these Leave voters getting their knickers in a twist because the law has to approve.Well it bloody well has to approve and if it doesn't then you have to live with whatever they say.
I do not think that a majority of the population gives a real toss about what happens and if prices go up and jobs look like disappearing they definitely wont.
Brexit is far from done and the thought that the entire population will march on Westminster is frankly whistful at best