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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

EU hubris driving the federation to Wagnerian downfall

Der Spiegel didn't waste any time at all in casting judgement on the Trump presidency before it has even started. America's leadership, which began in 1917, has ended after a century, it declares. America, it states, has abdicated its leadership of the West, and only Merkel can now pick up the torch as the West's Führer. It dismisses the US role in Europe because "Trump has no sense of dignity -- neither for himself nor others".

It is perhaps the worst piece of garbage masquerading as journalism that I have ever seen. It is the work of petulant, sulky cretins just butthurt that Hillary didn't win. Der Spiegel has no idea what sort of President Donald Trump will be, and no idea how he will, as President, approach Europe. America has abdicated nothing. This is the EU pushing America out of the house whilst whining "you're deserting me!" 

Meanwhile, unelected EU official Federica Mogherini yesterday launched her blueprint for an EU army. The 31 page document now qualifies more appropriately than Labour's 1983 manifesto as the longest suicide note in history. On first reading I thought the section below referred to internal EU intervention, but on more careful reading it's actually external nation intervention. 

And last night the light dawned as to why the EU so hurriedly published such a provocative document, such a poke at NATO and the US role in Europe, a document that fails to address gross EU free riding on US NATO spend. It's Ukraine. 

NATO simply can't intervene or send troops to Ukraine - it's unlawful, and would terminally aggravate Putin. The EU's ambitions - which caused Ukraine in the first place - cannot even now drop it, even though it is clearly a failed state, ruled by lawless criminal mafia gangs, and costing the EU billions just to prevent it imploding. So Juncker, I'm convinced, wants to clear the way to sending joint EU forces to 'stabilise' Ukraine in the event of say a Winter heat / power crisis. 

I hope I'm wrong. If the EU is so stupid to think it can get away with promoting its landgrab of the bear's front lawn under the pretext of normalising broken-down state functions, then the EU is doomed to a Wagnerian downfall that will raze the Berlaymont.


DeeDee99 said...

No country/empire has ever created an army without the intention of using it "in it's own interests."

The EU is no different. The Kommissars believed they had the right to try and pull Ukraine away from Russia and into the "influence" of the EU, provoking the inevitable response from Putin. They will continue prodding the bear until use of their shiny, new army "becomes necessary." And thus the next European war will start...... with the empire-builders in Brussels the cause, but denying any culpability.

The EU has long wanted to be a super-power, to challenge the USA. Well, despite the idiocies of the Clinton/Bush/Obama Presidencies, I still trust the Yanks far more than the EU. I hope Nigel can persuade Trump of the danger in letting the EU continue with its empire-building and it is brought down. It's getting dangerous.

G. Tingey said...

Totally fucking irrelevant.

But the USA (now the USSA - thank you Lennon/Macartney) will sonn turn into a fake democracy & then an autocracy, following the Erdogan/Putin model.
How can I say this?
Look at this quote:
President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to weaken first amendment protections for reporters. He has said he will sue news organisations. He has labelled the press “dishonest” and “scum”.
That's the way it will be done.
The "news" will be permanently rigged & propagandised, then difficulties will get in people's way, a few will be arrested & the frighteners put on the rest - enough to guarantee a Pence Presidency in 2020 - after which it really will be all over since christian-nazis will be in power....

Because, bad though Donbaldo Trumpolini is, it's Pence that really, really frightens me.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the EC do the same thing to the European Convention on Human Rights?

i.e. Take the text and adopt it it with some additions. Note that the additions were all in the similar vein to the extract above...

WE GRANT YOU THESE RIGHTS (very kind of them), and then we add the proviso that it is all negated should there be a civil issue.

Every citizen has a right to life, unless we remove it.


rapscallion said...

Yup, completely agree. You don't create a military unless you intend to use it. I am reminded of a Youtube video by Peter Hitchens that claims with some validity that the EU is continuation of German Foreign Policy by other means. That policy hasn't essentially changed in over 120 years.

Any intervention by the EU in Ukraine, however benign it may appear (and it isn't) will be like pulling the pin on a grenade and chucking it into a crowded room. Whether one likes it or not, the fact remains that Ukraine comes under the influence of Russia, and if those cretins in Brussels think poking the bear with a stick is a bright idea then they are going to get their heads bitten off in very short order.

mikebravo said...

I wonder what would be the loosest interpretation of "breakdown of normal state function" within the EU's borders. Austrians refusing access to migrants maybe?

Allowing these people (Federica Mogherini especially) anywhere near power over an army is madness.

Perhaps, as you say it is the Eu's suicide note. I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

With luck, Britain will get out of the EU just in time, before the EU army is garrisoned here to prevent us from rebelling.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Absolutely laughable to suggest only Merkel is fit to reign - Merkel that woman who invited migrants into Germany/EU not thinking it would act as a magnet to millions more, that stupid woman who thinks making deals with the unreliable President of Turkey is the right thing to do. Most teenagers would have more idea of leading a state successfully than that stupid, inept, senile woman.

Cuffleyburgers said...

102 years idiocy, hubris, incompetence combined with playing around with armies on the part of the Germans and Austrians and provocation of the bear in its backyard led to the most sickening conflagration in history, an event which is still having its baleful effects today; possibly the most significant event in history.

It seems crazy to suppose they would risk it again, but frankly, if that was what they wanted, one is forced to ask, what would they do differently? and the answer, worryingly , is not very much.

The further we can remove ourselves from this nonsense the better.

I notice France wasn't too interested in joining their laest idiotic summit meeting. Got to be a good sign, in the circumstances...

Anonymous said...

Der Spiegel: "and only Merkel can now pick up the torch as the West's Führer."

Der Spiegel is now pitching for former Beano readers.

Merkel, she who invited a horde of foreigners to lay seige to the West, is now the West's Führer?

Pull the other one.

G. Tingey: "The "news" will be permanently rigged & propagandised, "

You haven't been watching the MSM reporting of Trumps rallies, where the camera was fixed on Trump, even when challenged wouldn't scan the crowd to give an indication of how large the rallies were.

Maybe we can agree, that attacking the first amendment is the wrong way to deal with such bias, better to let the market deal with them. But you also have actors like the Saudi Prince who owns the majority share of, I think Fox, supposedly a right wing media outlet.

Why would a foreign moslem princeling have any interest in the news coverage of the US election?

'Will be, will be?

Anonymous said...

Raedwald: "If the EU is so stupid to think it can get away with promoting its landgrab of the bear's front lawn .. "

Yea, they do that and Germany loses all of it's Siberian gas supplies over night.

John Miller said...

Questionnaire sent to new EU defence minister (a random failed EU member politician):

Targets For The New Model Army:

Does it have any guns?
Are they willing to shoot back?
Are they non-Germans?

Suggested Targets:


NB consult Merkel first.

Anonymous said...

From that EU army blueprint screenshot put up by Raedwald:

'temporarily substituting domestic civilian security, law enforcement or rule of law, in case of breakdown of normal state fuctions'

Yeah, I can see how that would play out because that's what happened to the Sudetenland in 1938 when an earlier fascist organization took a shine to something that didn't belong to it. It never fails to amaze me how folk can't see what this EU monster is all about: grab, grab, grab fucking grab - then fill them all with immigrants and laugh at the chaos it brings. The Brussels mafia are sociopaths to the power of ten.


Demetrius said...

Good thinking, Corporal.

Ravenscar. said...

Steve, as usual spot on - again, x 100000000000000000+

cascadian said...

The euroweenie army is about as likely to happen as the euroweenie search engine. Even if a group of pony-tailed pacifists could be assembled labour laws restricting service to 40? hours/week would like most things euro-based be a laughing stock.

Victoria Nuland will be gone soon to the trashcan of history, euro loans to Ukraine will need to be written off, Ukraine will have to decide its own future.

Greg-weep not for the MSM, they have killed themselves off, advertising revenue was always going to be a problem for them, but now that 2/3 of the population have realised they peddle tittle-tattle and obscure real news they are done. Strange you would be so exercised by the failure of a psycho candidate like hilliary.

When Germany (and perhaps yUK) starts freezing this winter due to the nuclear plant rundown then perhaps some of the current hysteria will be ignored for real problems.

Bill Quango MP said...

Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall.

Chapter 1 is Russia. And he makes it very clear just how and why the Russians feel the way about Ukraine that they do.

Its like Cuba to the Americans. For much the same reason.

RAC said...

at 08:16 G. Tingey said...
Look at this quote:
President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to weaken first amendment protections for reporters. He has said he will sue news organisations. He has labelled the press “dishonest” and “scum”.
Have you just landed from Mars or somewhere the press have been dishonest scum, they have behaved atrociously and lost whatever last vestiges of credibility they may have had.
And again,
"The "news" will be permanently rigged & propagandised" What !? You don't think it hasn't been that way all through the run up to Trumps election, you should have gone to Specsavers matey.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The gits at Der Spiegel has no idea what sort of President Hillary Clinton would've been ...

Anonymous said...

When Germany (and perhaps yUK) starts freezing this winter due to the nuclear plant rundown then perhaps some of the current hysteria will be ignored for real problems.

So true but so worrying, don't get me wrong in some ways, I would like to see the Westminster muppets..... politicians faces as it dawns on them just how much a clusterfuck is, UK energy policy? er..... meddling.
However, the related increase in death rate caused through cold and influenza, wed to the, destruction or should I call it widespread anarchy caused by a major UK power outage - positively scares the shit out of me, because roundabouts here, because in the interim, the Bangla-Pakis would be running the show.
My fears, could be realized I deem and possibly as soon as this forthcoming winter, considering and observing how cold it has been in what is still the late Autumn [Fall]. Dear God help us if, a major Icelandic eruption were to occur, we'd be well fucked, fucked as we are already even now.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I have no doubt at all that the EU army will be every bit as effective in the field as those Dutch troops in Srebrenica, or the other lot in Rwanda (or was that the Dutch as well) who were forbidden to lift their weapons in case they offended the enemy. That and all the Health-and-Safety, Human Rights stuff too.

If this lot ever comes into contact with the Russian army, it should be a sight to behold - for a few minutes.

Budgie said...

It is very likely that the UK and probably the entire Northern temperate zone will experience a severe winter due to the remarkably low sunspot activity and the La Nina phase of ENSO acting together.

In the UK we have run down our electricity generation to such a state that it is likely we will have brown and black outs despite the grossly polluting STOR diesel generators which have been hastily installed to alleviate the crisis.

It would be honest if the "Green crap" got blamed, but knowing the BBC it is as likely to be Brexit or Trump.

Budgie said...

Did anyone else see the piece in the Torygraph (15th Nov) about our (paltry few) Navy destroyers and frigates losing their ship borne anti-ship missiles after 2018 as a cost cutting measure? Clearly the EU has seen this and has decided that they need to beef up their joint armed forces to compensate.

anon 2 said...

Steve and Ravenscar .... Yup; tha's reight, lads.

Timothy Davis U.S.of Frakken A. said...

There is no attack on the 1st Amendment. There will be an attack on those who hide behind the 1st Amendment to spread out right lies and libel.