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Thursday, 24 November 2016

For the EU's unelected officials, it's always someone else's fault

First it was dire warnings about fifth columnists and enemy agents within who were subverting the populace against the glories of the new European Reich via social media. Now RT has been formally classified along with ISIS as a terrorist news-source. It is paranoia beyond imagining - and a dangerous repetition of European history. For everyone who has asked how sensible, cultured, educated Europeans could possibly have been taken in by the dangerous drivel of zealots and demagogues, well, we're watching it live. A 21st century reprise of 20th century mass hysteria. 

The European Parliament demonstrated that rather then being a rational debating floor in the manner of our own Parliament, it is nothing more than a mindless echo chamber for the unelected officials led by Herr Juncker. Unelected officials who honestly believe that their almost universal unpopularity is always someone else's fault and has nothing to do with their management of an antidemocratic organisation about as open as the Chinese National People's Congress. 

And it looks as though the EU is going down the same Internet route as China. We'll have a special version of Google that can be censored by the EU, versions of facebook and twitter developed by the programmers of EU-Gallileo Software GmbH and our Internet access to the outside world will be via monitored EU servers. The ECHR will rubber stamp it all on grounds of exceptional necessary security measures. 

A newly independent UK may escape the authoritarian media censorship but will not get away Scot free. The government has announced a ban of 'unnatural sex videos'. Given that the tabloids have recently uncovered a novel national interest in anal penetration I can only presume that the government are moved to act against bottom-sex and get the nation back to more conventional sexual activity. Good luck with that. 


Robert said...

You are being too kind to our lot in parliament to say that have rational debates. The EU debates have shown how little they know about things. How 60 Conservative MPs can contemplate a WTO trade deal with the EU shows how out of touch they are.

mikebravo said...

I don't think they do rational debates in our parliament any more. Just virtue signalling and soundbites. It died out with the coming of NuLav.

Banning videos of bottom-sex Radders? You must be joking - it will be compulsory for 7 year olds in their sex instruction lessons soon!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy they've all got it into me.

dey is 'avin' a innit?

QUOTE: The government has announced a ban of 'unnatural sex videos'. /QUOTE

but surely...................."these blessed days" - or so the cognoscenti have it..............I thought 'it' now t'was de rigeur in 'the House'?

rapscallion said...

Following on from the theme of banning all sorts of things in general and RT in particular, no doubt the logical conclusion is that we'll end up only with approved papers to stop the spread of "fake news" apparently. They can call these papers Der Sturmer and Volkischer Beobachter. Back to the good old days for some in there. After warning us for so long about Nazi this and fascist that, well bugger me if they aren't on the same track. Do they never learn ?

I can't understand why our Government should get so upset about such videos, Let's face it, as a people we've had to take it up the ar$e for centuries. Most Tory politicians would, I'd have thought would be well versed in the art of botty stabbing, so I really can't understand what all the fuss is about.

Anonymous said...

I thought 'bottom sex' was the new 'normal'. It can't be long before a man can no longer look at a woman - unless he has an 'open all doors' gay pass.

APL said...

"bottom sex"

I vote to bring back the terms, sodomy, or buggery. Your choice.

Dave_G said...

Banning of fake news is simply an extension of the attempts to ban all criticism of AGW and make acceptance of it a mandatory fact - and criminal offence to object.

The fact that this Orwelian method has got as far as it has in the AGW world should raise concern amongst everyone.

The hypocrisy of Government to even consider 'all news other than their own' to be [potentially] fake should necessarily expose them to immediate and widespread ridicule but disturbingly we actually hear nothing about it on the news!

As conversational and topical as it is I wonder if QT would allow it to be put to debate? Or would fear of an audience member accusing the BBC of being one of the worst offenders be sufficient cause to kill any debate before it started?

But efforts to censor 'anything' on t'internet have come to naught for those that really wish to seek such and growth of the dark web via the likes of TOR may stay the Governments hand.

Anonymous said...

More fanciful deliberation both in Strasbourg and in the UK by the unseen iron fist in velvet glove hand of authoritarianism and for fucks sake its writ is now boundless - yet really the joke is, that, the media call this septic island nation - a 'democracy' - which is and in a very big way just taking the piss.

Since, the Jun 23rd referendum instead of a general relaxation of government by diktat and let us be honest here, shown up in all its lese majeste, 'our' government is trucking with no dissent, absolute power is now being flexed, it never really was all about Brussels - they were a very convenient excuse "blame it on Brussels!" shout the tory septics! ha, ha, what a jolly jape it all is!
Indeed since May's scurrilously done enthronement - no one voted for her to be PM?! She - May is and by a country mile - certainly no easy going democrat, nope she is from the Gestapo side of the CON party.
Thus since the 23 of June when the UK establishment was rattled to its rotten core, there has been a very earnestly done, severely concentrated and purposeful extra clampdown on freedoms and free speech - evidenced by the crafty effort in the legislature scuttling to enact the snoopers charter. The whole thrust has been, HMG to explain in the terms only a CON government knows how - to put us all on the naughty step and to shout, telling us what to do and how high it is that we must now learn to jump to the government's back and call.

I can see it now, observing how the news is all extra BS, the outpouring of grief over Donald Trumps' evisceration of Clinton was the only major project Sky/beeb/ITN news item for two bloody WEEKS, mind you having said that I quite enjoyed the illiberal keening sobfest. No news of a rollback of the spavined doctrine of PC, the green agenda et bloody cetera to the contrary - all of that shit is just being augmented and all of it alluded to this, the HMG PTB and the whole Westminster/Brussels jackbooted Hierarchy are spitting and shoving the shit back down our throats.
A virtual news blackout in the press and all over the administration all aimed to putting the people back in their box! Next, with the likes of the press, telly media whores closing ranks about and relating to the installment of May as titular head of the new/old vassel state of Brussels, even the scum party talking 'experts' have been very careful to be suitably obedient towards terrible Theresa - FFS.

Done up, UKIP smashed to smithereens, fooking 'ell, I'm beginning to think that, we were better off before the Jun 23 rd referendum and if that doesn't send all right thinking people into paroxysms of despair, then you're part of the problem.

Maria Miller is its face, the Surpreme court will do as ordained on the orders of Brussels and we're all back in the box.

Anonymous said...

" no one voted for her to be PM"

Her constituents voted for her. In Britain, we elect MPs to represent each consituency, and the MPs then elect one of themselves to present a proposed cabinet. If that proposal is not blocked by a vote, the selected person goes to the Queen for final approval. In cases of deadlock, the Queen may ask an MP to propose a cabinet.

We have never had direct elections for Prime Minister in Britain.

Don Cox

H said...

The following all became Prime Minister without having led their party at a General Election, and so it could be said "no one voted for him / her to become PM":
T. May
G. Brown
J. Major
J. Callaghan
A. Douglas-Home
H. Macmillan
A. Eden
W. Churchill

Some of them went on to win general elections, some of them didn't. It's just the way we've always done it.

Anonymous said...

Orwell's Ingsoc is the best example we have for what the EU will be if it continues on its path.

1984 - Room 101 - O'Brien to Smith:

The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.


Anonymous said...

Yes. This latest farce from the EU parliament is at the same time astonishing, outrageous and utterly stupid. It is also insulting in that the resolution clearly implies that the reader or listener to RT cannot distinguish between accurate and biased news. I would say, on the contrary, the majority of users of the RT media will have a discriminatory eye, and very well know when to be sceptical and read between the lines. For myself, I find it very useful to dip into RT from time to time, and indeed I first learned of the EU vote from that news source. Dare I say, there is more real information and less bias on Syria and Aleppo in the RT coverage, than the hugely biased and propagandising BBC. By the way, I speak as a Tebbit-ite Conservative.

Anonymous said...

The know nothing idiot snowflakes protesting against Trump right now in America,are a result of being spoon fed Clinton P.C. propaganda, they cannot even contemplate anyone having an opposing viewpoint. Surely the only way is to have a completely open media, view it all and reach ones own conclusion. That the western governments are seemingly opposed to this only points to their own insecurity, and with good reason,those who have a broader view know that often they lie through their teeth. Is the future going to be being fed with regulated approved pre digested pap. Will it be like Nazi occupied Europe, people huddled round a radio, ear pressed up to the speaker, volume low. Fearful of a knock on the door from the thought police. Take heart such ludicrousy is a sign they're going into panic mode, they know they're losing it.

Anonymous said...

Our pathetic so called leaders following America's lead..........

Anonymous said...

West Already Weaponizing Fake News


DeeDee99 said...

But according to our liberal Governments bottom sex isn't unnatural. We are supposed to believe that it's entirely normal and those same-sex couples who practice it are justified in calling themselves married if they go through a ceremony they call a wedding.

Are you sure they aren't banning videos showing sex with donkeys?

Frau Merkel informed us a couple of weeks ago, when she was buddying up with Obama, that she believed the internet was dangerous because people were exchanging opinions which had not been sanctioned by their Governments and which - goodness knows why - were sometimes critical of their lords and masters. Just goes to show that you can destroy the DDR and take the East German girl out of it ...... but you can't take the DDR's attitudes out of the girl.

Anonymous said...

You can't run away from the truth, it will find you wherever you hide. Those fatuous clowns lording it in Brussels, that stupid weasel woman and silly little girl pretending to be a UK Prime minister, the old cow leading the DDR oops...code for uber alles EUropa. As has been hinted above, these attempts to smother the media, to try to conceal what is really going on, are counter productive and will only wind up the already very, pissed off, unhappy peoples of Europe.

Like it is with, their [Brussels Mafia/Berlin/Paris] lunatic, futile attempts at cobbling a 'single currency', as it will be with lying and propaganda, the longer that they attempt to keep this idiot juggling and circus on the road, the bigger the crash when it all comes tumbling down. It will implode, it's just a case of when - and then the gloves are off, it won't be a controlled nor, a pleasant unwinding.

leila said...

Regarding the appointment of May, I much preferred Andrea Leadsom who was destroyed by the media about her 'I have children therefore a bigger stake in the country than my childless opponent's' comment. Again, the media (aka TPTB) in pack dog mode were responsible for changing the political scene.