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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trump backlash threatens democracy

The responsible political class in the USA were far quicker and more certain yesterday in endorsing the country's democratic choice than were their British counterparts following Brexit. They remembered that first and foremost they are Americans, and that Country trumps faction or party. In the UK, where loyalties to global federalism rivals loyalties to the nation, losing politicians will not always put country first. 

I do wonder though whether both Brexit and the Trump victory are not the final magnificent manifestations of the foundation of democracy as we know it - universal suffrage and the secret ballot. Enshrined in Article 21 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted by men who had seen the Nazi extermination camps with their own eyes, they have formed the bedrock of post-war global democratic standards. 

The ongoing urban whine in the UK and the demonstrations today in the US demonstrate that not everyone, and particularly not younger citizens, support democracy. There is a chilling chart in the Telegraph this morning;

Fewer than half of those in Europe born after the 1970s think that democracy is 100% essential. We have seen manifestations of this already - with the remainian class looking at a variety of democratic alternatives that will give them power despite of and not because of democratic outcomes.

As time goes on and demographics change, a new cohort that believes far less in democracy than we do will take control. Sobibor and Treblinka are too far distant from their experience for them to fear giving up democratic rights in exchange for a government that follows their agenda. 

We must pin Article 21 to the mast - if, in both the USA and in the UK, we're fighting for anything, it is this.
Article 21
(1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.
(2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.
(3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.


RAC said...

Both Brexit and this recent election were democratically arrived at decisions. The only undemocratic part of them was the actions of the losing sides, the partisan media coverage and undeniable vote rigging which thankfully had no affect on the outcome.
The problem with demonstrations is that there are at least a couple of generations who have been brought up with no self discipline, no sense of fair play and an overwhelming meanness of spirit and selfishness.
Like spoilt children at the supermarket check out throwing screaming tantrums because mummy won't buy them the sweeties they see there. Do you give them the sweeties to avoid a scene or give them a slap? Which would better prepare them for life?

Anonymous said...

Something I picked up on, uttered yesterday and I cannot think where, though it was an UK media outlet and discussing the Trump phenomenon, averring that, from some famous words..... the POTUS only governs by consent of the people ie Trump - YOU are the servant and not the tyrant: ordaining by diktat.

Mind you, that message as you say R is wasted and falling on deaf ears - indeed.

Today's youf, call it post modern Marxist agitprop have been brainwashed, indoctrinated with the vomitous Cultural Marxist dogma.

Shit ideas for shite times and all of its [Cultural Marxism] related BS duplicity, Alinskyite, abstract and very divisive ideology - dissolves society rent asunder by Multiculturalism, chipping away at the veneer of civilization until denuded and divided we will be conquered.

Though indeed, Bog standards teachers let loose in state schools simply put are, not up to the job and know less than nothing themselves, thus, how can they impart knowledge and learning......? But is that not the idea - actually it is political policy to dumb down and has been since that cunt Crosland fucked what was once regarded as the finest education system in the world - bar none. Where a kid in the Seventies and I know one or two went across to the states armed only with 'A' levels and realized they were qualified to degree standard by comparison with their US peers of similar age.

Teaching kids to think and giving them the facts with which to work it out for themselves - I am aghast these days at how little children actually know of their own country and the outside world Erasmus students nothwithstanding.....and then watch University Challenge to see what they don't know - stretches into Tertiary education....ejukashun or lack thereof.

Strewth, no wonder they are so easily led. Because not being taught how to critically discern, to use logic and facts, how can children make judgements based on the education gleaned, of life and getting on in the world, when they cannot think for themselves.........

It's an easy life when you relinquish responsibility, can rely on other people to do your thinking for you - and thinking for yourself heaven forfend it! Thinking, as an individual basing your judgements on experience, knowledge and logic - is so old hat.

No wonder the ideology of Communism, the fuckwit nostrums of Socialism that the lavs, Momentum, SWP, Graun, Toynbee, Beeb, the luvvies, the liberal elite are emitting - a stench of rotten, hate filled miasma it rises up from their ideological Swamp.

Yes it is, analogous to a fetid political swamp.

Like a very bad stink polluting the minds of kids and denotes bad decaying matter but kids happily play down at the watering holes [Universities] and political gatherings and are totally oblivious - no one has taught them about the salties watching them - massive crocs [Soros, Crobyn/MacDonut, Mandelscum, Straw, Bliar] love to hunt, then devour young minds.

The crocs sense blood, the school pupils have been, are readied and fatted minds too.

DeeDee99 said...

For an example of what is likely to come, read Matthew Parris' latest sneering column in The Spectator.

As Democracy is no longer delivering the results he wants, he believes it is failing. They can no longer trust the people to vote for the Establishment's "liberal" agenda.

It won't be long until the "liberal" Establishment attempts to change the system so that they are, once again, presiding over a rigged system based on the "liberal consensus" which appears to be democractic but delivers no alternative choice.

Farage and Trump have challenged them and won. That can't be allowed to continue and they will try to ensure that it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

BBC today said Trump lost the popular vote. Fuck me, what is the popular vote? Not popular with Beedoids and Guardian reader fuckwits.

Mr Ecks said...

We have allowed cultural Marxist scum to burrow in everywhere.

They must be purged if we are to have a future.

visc said...

Notice the equally important "in his country" not just anyone who happens to be somewhere..

Anonymous said...

What I think Raedwald is alluding to is this, there is a generation out there which has been schooled in the post-democratic rhetoric of progressive liberals. They therefore imagine the end of democracy and have been taught to except it as not only a good thing but a sign of progress - that label is very, very important to progressives. Similarly this 'progressive' education requires them to foresee the end of the nation and the nation state, both seen as impediments to progress.

All must be the same and all will be the same, everywhere = equality.


Raedwald said...

Steve - spot on.

Once our generations die out, it's all fucked. We're the last people left fighting for the rule of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said @ 15:30

'Once our generations die out, it's all fucked. We're the last people left fighting for the rule of democracy.'

We are mate - and to underline that I've just watched a video of two young black males beating up an elderly white male in Chicago because he voted for the wrong candidate.

US riots horror video shows teenagers beating up elderly Donald Trump voter in the street


Timothy Davis U.S.of Frakken A. said...

The United States is not a Democracy. It is a representative Republic. The House of Representatives is apportioned out by percentage of population. Each State has two Senators.

Each States has Electoral votes equal to the number of Representatives and Senators.
There are a Total of 538 Electoral Votes. Usually given "winner take all" if a Candidate wins that State. Nebraska and Maine are the exceptions to this rule. Electoral votes are given out by District.

It is quite possible to win the Presidency without winning the popular vote.

The rumor that Trump lost the popular vote is probably false. More than half a million votes are still being counted.

BTW. President Elect Trump has already invited your Prime Minister to the White House after the inauguration. To talk trade.

Deals will be made. Great Britain will be first in line.

We want our Bust of Winston back.

Timothy Davis U.S.of Frakken A. said...

I would also like to add that euCrats including Tusk have asked Trump for a meeting.
As of now they have received to reply.

One more thing. If you are worried about this being the last generation that values Tradion over progression, why aren't you having Babies and teaching them right?

Anonymous said...

anon: "BBC today said Trump lost the popular vote. Fuck me, what is the popular vote?"

Nor will the BBC give any airtime to investigating the voter fraud perpetrated by the Democrats. Even then, with the ballot rigging, the Dem's lost.

If you take out the fraudulent ballots, the ballots of people illegally in the country there is a very high chance that Trump won the popular vote too.

Steve: " They therefore imagine the end of democracy and have been taught to except it as not only a good thing but a sign of progress "

Yep. There is a one time colleague, who actually posted on his Facebook feed. "Right that's it, no more referenda, no more elections, until we figure out what the f**k is going on."

'What's going on', is democracy.

G. Tingey said...


He won, by awhisker, the Electoral College vote.

Now what?

Worth remembering that Mussolini's first 3 years in power were as a legitimately elected PM - then it all fell apart.

BTW - president Pence would be MUCH worse