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Monday, 21 November 2016

We MUST get UK Muslim women into work

As a piece in the Guardian today demonstrates, the government's squeeze on welfare is proving astoundingly successful in 'nudging' the unemployed back into work. The UK's unemployment rate is half that in the rest of the EU, and our labour market is ever hungry for basic-skilled service workers. However, this overall success hides a shocking statistic - the work participation rate of Muslim women

Overall Female unemployment rate                            5.1%
Asian Female unemployment rate                               9.8%
Pakistani/Bangladesh F unemployment rate              24.0%*

That Muslim women have an unemployment rate five times that of white women is unacceptable. The impact on their health, welfare, attainment and particularly the educational level of their children, family nutrition and health and participation in wider British society is substantial. Imprisoned in their own homes and unable to interact openly with men and women of all races and ages in our open society, their mental health is also severely endangered.

Politicians of all parties must now do all they can to get these Muslim women out of the prisons of their homes and into the tens of thousands of service job vacancies - local drop delivery drivers, supermarket cashiers and shelf stackers, school dinner ladies, fast food catering counter staff, cleaning, catering and hospitality work. With the new living wage and the IDS welfare reforms such a drive will only do them good - however reluctant they may be to leave their prisons.

We MUST get tens of thousands of Muslim women into productive work.

* Labour market stats from (1) House of Commons briefing paper 6385, 2016 (2)ONS Labour market status of females in GB by ethnic group


DeeDee99 said...

We must .... but we won't. It would mean the Government taking on the mysoginistic, male-dominated culture of these countries which is endorsed and required by their religion.

And they aren't going to do that.

It would be a start though, if the Government refused to allow any more uneducated immigrant marriage partners from Pakistan and Bangladesh. But they won't do that either.

So we will have to continue paying for the Muslim ball-and-chain around our legs.

Mr Ecks said...

Get them into work?

Back in their countries of origin--by all means.

Barnacle Bill said...

It is never going to happen Radders as they only have to wait a couple generations then they will have out breed us "natives". Then the shoe will be on the other foot.

Instead they will be moaning about the middle class kāfirah working mums. Who are going against Sharia laws and with their working tax cedits etc .. are draining the Muslim welfare benefit system.

To get to the situation you aspire to Radders will take a revolutionary upheaval in this country and I mean revolutionary!

Anonymous said...

This comes at the intersection of a theocracy that doesn't like women to do anything but pump out babies and employers that are (understandably) reticent to hire muslims.

Our limp-wristed government aren't going to do anything about it, they're too scared to upset anyone that might go 'Kaboom!' at any moment. As other have said it's a simple demographics game at the moment, one that we are losing

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're wrong.

Without them the NHS would collapse and our universities and engineering companies wouldn't be world class. I know this because the BBC told me.

Anonymous said...

I would be some sort of miracle to bring them [IndoPakiBangla drudges] out of the kitchen and away from domestic child bearing and slavery but........
In the first place, you'd have to catch the husbands first, then persuade the [strike]local councillors[/strike]...... local chieftain of the efficacy of the idea and oh teach these poor lasses some functional English.

I can see the Graun's thrust in all of this [honestly!] but another point is, Asian gals put to working in a largely corporate environment where PC rules with a rod of iron, then, the indigenous whitey is made to be the slave this would very much increase their already sky high superiority complex to which all Muzlims are taught and pay heed.

Dave_G said...

First they'd have to change all the H&S laws to allow face covering to be an accepted 'uniform' - that's always assuming a prospective employer would be happy having staff serving burgers from a postbox.

You know what I mean.......;)

Anonymous said...

Radders: "and our labour market is ever hungry for basic-skilled service workers."

But no help for a 56 yo who has been made redundant after fifteen years in a job and now a second time after two years in another role. I think I have a little more than basic skills but, what ever they are, don't seem to be much in demand.

So, excuse me if I ain't getting too worried about moslem women.

Radders: "and particularly the educational level of their children "

There is much data to support the position that putting mothers into work had a marked detrimental effect on the mental health and educational well being of their children, that don't just apply to moslems mothers, but y-t mothers too.

The educational chances of moslem children is more adversly impacted by first cousin intermarriage than mothers staying at home.

Ravenscar. said...

anon @ 21 November 2016 at 11:30

Spoken intuitizione forte, with true feeling, from the heart, we acknowledge your evident pain and some pretty forcefully made points, I thank you for your interesting, sharp focus and enlightening perspective, it's made me think hard.

Anonymous said...

Yes - as others here have noted, we need jobs for our own workers: who are unemployable simply because they're British.

Well the more employers put mozzie women in charge of ordering me about on business premises --- the less custom they'll get from me. I consistently give up my place in any queue: so as to avoid being 'served' by these aliens (most often female, btw). They can shriek and hiss "Racist" to their hearts' content; poor things, that's the only English word they know.

As for letting them near me in medical situations --- uproar I will/do create! They'll have to sedate me to obtain my compliance as a hospital patient; and if they do, everyone will know about it.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'We MUST get tens of thousands of Muslim women into productive work.'

I can't endorse that statement Raedwald, not least because you can't get between the Ummah building they're programmed for and the world of work and expect to get away with it. Mosques teach the faithful to create a Muslim Nation wherever there are Muslims - that is the goal. The most successful way of doing this is through demographics: outbreed the host.

The order to do this originated in Egypt in the late 1950's and has been followed through ever since. At the time Europe's Muslim population was under 2 million, today it is 57 million. There are 56 Muslim countries, which together with the Muslim diaspora makes for a world population of 2.1 billion (increasing at a rate of 1.9 per cent per year). In England the Muslim population is appox 2.5 million, by 2050 it is projected to be 12 million. In the meantime the English as a proportion of the population will have declined by 30 per cent.

They'll get no help or handy advice from me.


wiggiatlarge said...

Not as big a problem as the 50% unemployment amongst Muslim men, with some areas such as Somali Tower Hamlets even higher.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - I think it boils down to incentives. And that means their low participation is a combination of cultural factors almost certainly exacerbated by multiple benefits/allowances/subsidies which make staying at home feasible for families who are I would guess, in most cases, poor.

There are plenty of white anglo chavs, pikeys etc etc ad nauseam who are also able to make a lifestyle choice of having other people pay for their 50" flat screen TVs and all the rest - the situation regarding muslim women is just a subset of a much larger and very serious problem.

If their kids were at least receiving a decent education then the problem would be on the way to solving itself over the medium term - but since (one gathers) in many of the ghettos where these people have congregated the schools treat English as an optional extra, this is unlikely to happen with deleterious results for them as much as for all of us.

SO reform of the educational system is also an absolute priority if this problem is to be seriously addressed. A switch to a voucher system would be a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

Muslim women are engaged in far greater strategic work - to make us a minority in a generation, and Sharia in less then 50 years. So I don't see this policy working, but its a good tactic.

A better tactic would be

1. To stop all Benefits if a person is not employed.

2. No maternity benefits for any woman with more then two children.

3. All children more then two per family, not eligible for any free stuff. In other words, after two kids, Its Pay as You Go.

Anonymous said...

Their husbands won't allow it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said at 18:19
Yes +1
I live close to a primary school in a town that is far from what could be described as affluent. At a rough estimate the muslim children make up about 70%, nothing surprising about that, it's a culturally enriched town. What does surprise me though, when these mothers drop of and pick up their progeny are the cars they drive, all top of the range and people carriers. How do they do it, unless they're all living on tick.

Thud said...

I've spent time,money and effort avoiding them so I don't wish to be served by them plus seeing somebody in a burka storming up my drive in a delivery van is going to have me reaching for a gun!

Anonymous said...

You want diversity - you got diversity.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 21 November 2016 at 21:15 said:

I live close to a primary school in a town that is far from what could be described as affluent. At a rough estimate the muslim children make up about 70%, nothing surprising about that, it's a culturally enriched town. What does surprise me though, when these mothers drop of and pick up their progeny are the cars they drive, all top of the range and people carriers. How do they do it, unless they're all living on tick. end quote.

That's an eerily echoing image.

Indeed, you could be describing a school just down the road from me.

Plus and another thing of note, that same school [near me] just ten short years ago was almost, if not exclusively full of British kids!

Now then, someone please explain to me, how that sort of incredible demographic alteration can occur in just ten years?

We are being mugged and abused but unseen, thru' Asian lawyers, Asian councillors, Asian landlord property barons, using EUropean tort and its 'family reunion laws' have changed the landscape of northern, the midlands, the Thames valley - England!

Birth rates, mass immigration, a Asian devoted scum party council dedicated to bringing all their relatives and child benefit, housing allotment overtaken and old waiting lists conveniently shredded with removal of white tenants to boot....either emigrated or shifted off to the coast.
Ooh and lots of the cars will be [people carriers] motability enabled, the Merx will be the cars of the drug runners, people smugglers and property tycoons.

We are second class citizens and they are pissing themselves laughing at us, four new Mosques in 7 years tells its own story.

Mugged, and spending using our own money right in front of the victims and lording it..............and still the politicians are cocking a deaf un.

We don't need a CON in May, we are desperate for a Trumptonian political nuke.

leila said...

Any country interested in its own citizen welfare would have restricted Muslim immigration post tube and bus bombings. Did they? hell no! In fact the opposite. Cameron is on record screeching 'we need M as leaders in the armed forces, and as PM!! on the same day the gov announced the snoopers charter, recently passed into law with virtually no opposition. Yes, send us a Trump although the left's craziness here even outdoes America's.