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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Well Bugger Me ...

Well bugger me. He's done it. I honestly never thought he would. Not that I ever liked that bloody crooked woman.

OK I'll suspend all previous opinions of Trump and give him a fair chance to prove himself. 

Oh, the whining and snotty tears of the leftard liberati will be awesome! C'mon Polly Toynbee, Owen Jones and all - share your pain!

Right, going to crack a beer, load up the living room wood burner and take the morning off.


Malcolm Stevas said...

The whining in The Guardian is already at fever pitch: they're running round in circles crying "Don't panic!" and predicting the end of the world as we know it. It's like Brexit with knobs on. I don't like Trump and have no idea what his Presidency will be like, but the reaction from Guardianistas everywhere almost makes me feel I should support him.

mikebravo said...

Poor old Suzanna Reid. She - ex of the "impartiality is in our genes" beeb is almost melting with angst. A joy to behold.

I wonder what the meerkins will do when nothing changes and they find out that the President has no power? I suspect that is what the establishment fears most.

Ravenscar. said...

The Internationalists, camoron, Bliar, Klan Clinton, the EU elite, from Paris to New York City, Brussels, Berlin, London and Riyadh the tyranny of the NWO, those Socialist tosserati who arrogantly thought they were running the world, Goldman Sachs, Faecesbook et al, the giant multinationals - its corporate monster and Soros, club of Rome, the Bilderbergers - those egregious twats - the illiberal cognoscenti............

Got the big fuck off this morning.

If Trump does nothing else but drive a truck bomb at Cultural Marxism and skewers the doctrinaires particularly puts down the Political Correct agenda/multikulti politics, and then SAYS "stuff to the green agenda!" and in a very dark place in the arse end of the universe - that would be enough to be a very good start.

John Miller said...

The "I've just eaten a bowl of cold sick" experession on the faces of the Beeboids was predictable.

What I hadn't realised that the Republican elite felt the same way.

A certain Josie Schmitt who ran Bush's campaign declared that Trump must not think " he has a mandate from the American people".

Quite extraordinary. Of course, roughly translated, she said that the elite of her party detested the Proesident Elect and that the great unwashed had made a mistake.

And even now, they just don't get it, do they?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what the meerkins will do when nothing changes and they find out that the President has no power? I suspect that is what the establishment fears most."

The GOP cleaned up in Congress or didn't you get the memo?

John M said...

Reports that Polly Toynbee has in fact self-combusted in her own gases are yet to be confirmed.

Michael said...

I never thought that I would go to bed expecting a Billary victory, and wake up at 4:30 am to the sound of a whining nasal democrat whinger!

That was the start of a lot of listening...

I think the BBC balance was for once reasonable, and of course, they got it wrong yet again - first the GE, then Brexit, now this!

John Miller said...

Ohh, it gets better. Just listened to a Beeb reporter explaining that the rise of the Yen versus the Dollar was really, really bad for Japan as it would hurt their exports.

It's just as well Socialism is a religious fantasy.

Explaining world views and beliefs would be mission impossible for the little darlings.

The devaluation of the pound is a disaster in Britain, but the opposite happening in Japan is worse.

Yeah, right...

meltemian said...

I've only just managed to get showered and dressed after being glued to the TV for hours.
That's two nations delivered an enormous 'Up Yours' to the establishment.
Who's next?

I wasn't convinced about Reagan to begin with and look how he turned out, let's give Trump a chance.

Dave_G said...

I'd love to have been the fly-on-the-wall in Clinton's back room.... she must have been having a conniption fit! or possibly a full blown stroke!

Given she didn't even have the grace to appear and conceded defeat, leaving it instead to Podesta who is slightly redeemed in my mind over his email fiasco for standing up and appearing to the public to do the deed. Disgraceful of Clinton.

If Trump enacts even half of his promises then despite the 'fears' of the Clinton supporters I think even they will quickly come around to the Trump way of doing things. Surely there can't be anyone that supports Obamacare?

Rossa said...

While I fully agree with everyone here, I can't help but suspect that this event may just trigger an economic meltdown that can be hung around the Republicans necks as they now control both houses and, soon enough, the WH. TPTB can then blame the collapse on capitalists like The Donald and his deplorable supporters. Perfect scapegoat. Then just watch as the Elites offer more global control as the only way to 'save' us and watch all the left liberals fall over themselves rushing into the promised land of milk and honey.

But I do have to say, that the report of the 'special snowflakes' in the US being excused from their exams because they're so upset at the result, just about made my day. Who needs to be bothered that it's snowing today, when a snowflake can just get a pass like that ;)

rapscallion said...

Oh what Joy! How one bathes in the tears of the losers.

What a great year it's turning out to be, first Brexit, then this.

The MSM and pollsters got it wrong again, mainly through their own confirmation bias and being completely unable to understand that a population that has been insulted, belittled, traduced and smeared is not going to vote the way you want.

This is what happens when you shut down debate, it goes underground, quietly and unspoken, and then comes back and bites yer ar$e. Who knew?

RAC said...

Tired, hungover and well pleased !
Please no forgiveness for Obama and Clinton, prosecutions are a necessity, to deter others and to ensure history doesn't hide them in fog.

Mr Ecks said...

This is only one battle not the war. But we can allow ourselves 24 hours to celebrate.

God Bless America.

Dr Evil said...

Polly did in the online Graun this morning. How I laughed. I laughed again as I saw lots of lefty snowflakes in tears on the US news feed to ITV and BBC. Two successes in 5 months. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

In terms of voter support and what we were being told and what was actually happening between these two canditates is another one of those mysteries surrounding modern news-gathering. How do they get it so wrong so often?

Looking forward to The Donald draining the swamp. Delicious.

(Freudian slip this afternoon from that NWO shill Martin Schulz, saying "UN" when he meant EU - he knows where the real project leaders are billeted)


Anonymous said...

Have the Guardian asked for a re-run yet until it gets the correct result?

Thud said...

Watched politicos and celebs heads explode and made some money on markets...not a bad day at all, I'll sleep the sleep of the contented tonight

leila said...

What joy!!
A wonderful day made better by the excellent news that Daniel Kawcznski, the Hon member for Shrewsbury and Altham, and member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee (which excoriated Camoron's Libyia fiasco in a formal report spotted and blogged by Raedwald) is calling upon Russian experts to address the House on Russian issues.

He wants to diffuse the anti Russian rhetoric stating that the average English person wants no aggression/war with Putin. He is even brave enough to point a finger at his own party of globalists and neo-cons.

Dave_G said...

Don't get too celebratory.

Between now and the inauguration there is plenty of opportunity for Obarmy to increase the rhetoric and instigate a global conflict that could 'postpone' any handing-over of power.

This may have been the plan all along - had Clinton fulfilled her promise to her 'backers' - so if they wanted to keep to the agenda then the time for action may be forced upon them.

And no, you can't borrow my tin foil hat - get your own!

Anonymous said...

A billionaire for the working class?
Papal Bulls put claim to all the world long ago. Trump is just another Prince, who will find he is shackled to the same principles as those who came before,
Capitalism, communism, it makes not one iota, the game is controlled
If they don't get you one way, they get you another.
Kick as much as you like, nothing will change. This is as good as it gets.
Be happy for a while, and party,you are all ignorant to the fact that you are of no consequence.
People talk about the last 50-60 years, this has been going on for over 2 thousand years. It never changes, its a charade.
At the moment its a choice between Christianity and Islam. Ask yourself this..Why did Mr Tony Bliar become a catholic after leaving office?. Also, when the Pope asked for all religious leaders of the world to come together, they all went to Rome?
I don't need a tinfoil hat because these are facts.
Sleep well, and may your dreams be of happy times.