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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Is it time to outlaw aid to economic migrants?

The recent events in Calais, when a mob of economic migrants attempted to storm a ferry, brings into sharp highlight the continuing attraction of the UK for the world's poor. Given that government is doing what it can to deny public-funded subsistence and services, what is the attraction? The answer I think is the massive charitable and third-sector support network for economic migrants, bolstered by sympathetic rebels in the NHS and social housing sector who are prepared to defy government initiatives to cut-off the prizes. 

The Refugee Council boasts of 'supporting and empowering refugees' and offers services and links including 'support in accessing the NHS services' and an 84-page Legal and Asylum Support Services directory;

Refugee Action is campaigning to raise the daily asylum allowance from its current £5.23

Asylum Help offers multilingual support in Farsi, Somali, Amharic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Pushto, Bengali, Punjabi, Arabic, Urdu and Albanian 

There are scores, hundreds, of others. 

Whilst there are true refugees to whom I am happy to offer a temporary home - Christians from Syria, Iraq and Egypt, for example - many of these third sector organisations are geared to helping economic migrants rather than refugees from violence or genocide. The mobs in Calais are economic migrants. 

So the question is, should we now penalise groups and organisations assisting economic migrants? Stripping away charitable status, imposing swingeing fines on Housing Associations, striking off doctors and nurses from their professional registers and immediate dismissal for misconduct for anyone else in the public sector knowingly misusing public funds for economic migrants?  

Friday, 15 August 2014

Immigration, of course

Readers of a delicate disposition should look away now. Despite the description of Dan Hannan by a fellow blogger as a 'buttoned-up cockvirgin' Dan continues nevertheless to produce mostly sensible largely readable opinion pieces that oh-so-carefully place him to the right of Dave whilst avoiding even a hint of repeating UKIP-shaded pub opinion. The sub-text of his latest in the Telegraph is Why are we turning away Australian brain surgeons but allowing in Romanian pickpockets - but being by Dan, doesn't actually quite say this.

Of course, being in the construction industry, I see things from a slightly different perspective. When an English site labourer with only one eye whom I suspect of eating feral pigeons gets three texts a day from his agency with immediate offers of alternative employment, you know construction activity is on the up. His Moldovan replacement can not only use small power tools safely but doesn't leave feathers and bits of pigeon wing behind the Welfare unit. OK, Moldova may not be in the EU but he has a Hungarian passport and that's good enough for the principal contractor. I thought of trying my few words of Magyar on him, but he was doing such a brilliant job of sweeping the compound I thought 'let sleeping dogs fart'. For me, it's not eastern Europeans that are the immigration problem - they graft hard, endure filthy site conditions, live ten to a room, drink voddy to numb the crap and mostly leave the wildlife alone. Except the swans. 

And they're not the ones filling up the instant Housing Association slums that have arisen from the rubble of decent 18th and 19th century London suburban pubs, not the ones crowding out the maternity wards, not the ones filling schools with kids who can hardly speak a word of English and not the ones dragging broken-wheeled snide Vuitton shopping trolleys filled with yams and plantains from the ethnic market. As much as I support and defend the Commonwealth, in my part of London it's Commonwealth immigration that's the burden, not eastern European.

But each part of the country, and every person's experience, is different. Dan may have been leered at by Romanian teens while using a cashpoint - I just don't know.  

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Migration Watch - Cost of Immigrants £23bn a year

If the Migration Watch figures are right, as reported in the Telegraph, we could abolish duty on wine, beer, cider and Spirits, cancel Tobacco duty and do away with VED; if Miliband really wants to help the cost of living, he could start with undoing the economic damage Labour has done - damage that really strains the finances of Hard Working Families;

Monday, 10 February 2014

Swiss immigration vote - what now?

Prior to Switzerland signing up to accords with the EU in 2002, the Federasts maintained trade and economic restrictions that hurt. Since 2002, the Swiss have enjoyed, in the words of a government minister, 'Ten fat years' in which the economy has boomed and the people grown wealthy. But this has come at a price - the loss of cultural and national identity from a million EU immigrants flooding across the open borders. 

The people of Switzerland have decided narrowly that the price of prosperity is too high, and have voted to restrict EU immigration. This places at risk all the other arms of the 2002 accords - and of putting them back to the pre-2002 position. They knew they faced severe economic penalties by defying the EU, yet still they have done so. 

The reaction of Brussels - vindictive counter-restrictions or soft accommodation - will be instructive. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Immigration, stupid.

I think the UEA Climate Change charlatans may have had more effect on how statistical research is reported in the UK than anyone has realised. The debacle over the exposure of their manipulation of statistics has made even the BBC wary of reporting any statistical revelation without offering some covering doubt. So when the voice of the global corporates Chairman of the CBI declared that the EU was worth £30bn a year to the UK, most responsible news media also reported that the cost of EU membership to the UK economy had also been put at £100bn a year. No longer are they just parroting the words of the press releases with all their gushing certainty; they may not be scrutinising the science, but at least we now have Doubt. That's good.

Nowhere was this more apparent yesterday than in the reporting of the economic effects of immigration. The Centre for Research and Analysis Migration had attached a press release to a complex report that claimed that immigration to the UK had produced a net economic benefit. As Tim Wigmore points out in the Telegraph this morning, up to a point, Lord Copper. What the report actually shows is that non-EEA immigrants actually cost the UK economy £104 billion. Sensibly, even the BBC reported a degree of uncertainty over the figures, and MigrationWatch was allowed to put the countervailing case. 

In fact, all the recent figures have just underlined the findings of a seminal Channel 4 / ippr report dating from 2007. I wrote about this in 2007, 2008 and 2009. So did the Speccie. 

"For every Pakistani sucking at the taxpayer's teats is an Indian paying those taxes. For every feckless Somali demanding housing and health care is a Chinese grafting sixty hours a week to pay for it. The left-leaning ippr carried out an important study in 2007 that identified why Labour's immigration policy had not raised per capita GDP in the UK one iota; half our immigrants are net contributors, adding to GDP and paying taxes and creating wealth, and half of them are net consumers, spending taxes and subtracting from national wealth. The key, of course, is knowing which half is which. And it's not based on skin colour.

The Speccie commented in 2008:
If the government is serious about optimising the planning of public services, it needs to disaggregate the immigrant population and find out which groups are profit centres and which are cost centres. No doubt it has been doing so quietly in the background, but it looks as if talking frankly about the results of this exercise in public would blow their political cover to smithereens. The best research so far available (prepared by the IPPR late last year for Channel 4’s Dispatches) makes for uneasy reading. Only 1 per cent of Polish immigrants claim income support, as opposed to 21 per cent of Turkish immigrants and 11 per cent of Pakistanis; only 8 per cent of Poles live in social housing, compared with 80 per cent of Somalis, and 41 per cent of Bangladeshis.
And within national groups, as well as between them, things are complex. Tens of thousands of honest, hard working Nigerian health care workers keep the NHS working, on low wages for the most part, doing jobs the white underclass scorn. We'd be better off deporting our own chavs to Lagos than losing these Nigerians. But there are also tens of thousands of Nigerians engaged in petty fraud, feeding on British public services, on the take and on the make. We don't need them, don't want them and would be better off without them taking up accommodation and crowding out access to public services. But we need above all to distinguish between them."

When I wrote this previously, it was under the shadow that any comment critical of immigration was liable to earn the tag 'racist'. Gordon Brown and his bigoted stupidity did more to demolish the demonising effect of accusations of racism than anything else; Gillian Duffy made him look like a big, stupid, sectarian Gorbals lump and lost him the election. So this too has changed. 

And there you have it. The Climate Change frauds from the UEA and Gordon Brown - unlikely heroes both, but both responsible for fairer and more transparent and honest public debate. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The costs of out of control immigration

Labour excused all immigration, any immigration, on the grounds that it added to GDP; on the face of it, this is true. If our broke nation has to borrow an extra £100bn to pay for housing and health care for sick and unproductive immigrants, the nation's GDP increases by that amount and more, as the multiplier effect kicks in. Per capita GDP in contrast falls - everyone in the nation generates less GDP as we have to bear the burden of the unproductive immigrants. And that is Labour's great con, their massive fraud; there is no direct link between per capita GDP and median earnings but the impact of the cost of living that Miliband is basing his campaign upon is Labour's own doing; we are all paying for Labour's immigrants.

The housewife paying the same at the checkout for a trolley only two-thirds as full as last year, the pensioner who doesn't dare to turn the heating on as Autumn chills cut the air, the young couple relying on hand-me-downs to clothe and shoe their kids - all are paying the cost of maintaining Labour's uncontrolled immigration. In this part of South London it's West Africans; there are an estimated 1m illegal Africans in the UK, crowding the maternity wards, filling the schools, blocking the buses with pushchairs. Elsewhere it's 600,000 inactive EU migrants, or 500,000 chronically sick and elderly Pakistani dependents. And they're the reason we're all feeling the squeeze. But don't blame the immigrants; it's not their fault but the fault of the treasonous morons who held the door open - the Labour Party.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A greeting from Bucharest

Vă mulțumim tovarășul Dave!
Suntem bogat, bogat, bogat!

 ( Thank you Comrade Dave! We are Rich, Rich, Rich!)


Monday, 29 July 2013

Still Swamped

It's damned easy to be laid back about immigration in small Suffolk market towns. The gentle burr of the regional dialect on the streets is never broken by barbaric Yoruba invective, and brownish and yellowish faces appear in just perfect proportions, as in a colouring-book on diversity produced by the Ministry of Migration. Here in South-East London we're still swamped. 'Swamped' used to be a no-no expression, but not any more. Here it's Nigerians; elsewhere it's Pakistanis, Chinese or Eastern Europeans. No-one knows quite how many, but they're filling the maternity wards, blocking transport with their buggies, needing dozens of new primary schools. About half of them (according to a Channel 4 / ippr study) work, pay taxes and contribute to GDP. And about half just consume housing, benefits and health care, adding nothing. Overall, GDP is increased - but per-capita GDP remains just the same. There's no real benefit.

Rather than start counting them, the government has hired a transit van with a sign on the back inviting them to go home. It's really not the answer. It's a tacky, clumsy suggestion that immigration is the fault of the immigrants, whom we should blame rather than the political class who are actually responsible. And of the politicians, Labour in particular - the party that betrayed this nation, trashed its people and trampled on its voters when it used open-door immigration as a clumsy, treasonous political tool. For that it must forfeit our votes forever. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cameron's Roma future

Roma gypsies are tough. You really have to take your hat off. Never welcome in western Europe, we used to hang any who made a nuisance of themselves. The French shaved their heads and branded them, and the Czechs cut their ears off. They are one of the few races that sought refuge in Russia as a place of tolerance. The Nazis consigned several hundreds of thousands to the death camps but they found no respite in the post-war communist world. The Czechs had given up on cutting their ears off and removed their wombs and testes instead, in a programme of compulsory sterilisation. Yet they survived, stronger than ever, and now there are well over a million of them in Romania and Bulgaria all set to desert their villages and head for Dover and a life on British benefits. 

As I've written many times before, you can't blame immigrants for immigration. It's not their fault. It's the fault of either treasonous and poisonous governments such as Labour's last administration, which used immigration as a tool to destroy domestic opposition, or of spineless and pusillanimous governments such as Cameron's, whose brave words aren't matched by his vacillating and ineffectual actions. But the Roma as the Press describes them are lawless; they're thieves, scavengers, squatters, polluters and destroyers, and will deface and despoil all they touch. The Mail chronicles the effect on a German town of the arrival of just 400 Roma gypsies. 

There are difficulties. Roma form a minority of Romanians and Bulgarians, the majority of whom are no better or worse than any other east European migrant workers. Their originating nations don't want them and would be glad to see them depart for other European countries. And we can't make laws that target only Roma. They do apparently have some peculiar taboos - hens' eggs and frogs are both anathema to them - but staffing the benefits offices with amphibians is simply not practical. 

However, this what politicians are elected to office to do - find ways through the difficulties. And when the results of both the Euro elections in 2014 and the general election the following year may well be conditioned by voters' experiences of the depredations of the Roma in their own neighbourhoods, if Cameron does nothing he will have only himself to blame for an unprecedented electoral drubbing.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Labour's shameful lies on immigration

Today Ed Miliband will try to get Labour back into the immigration debate. In a mealy-mouthed distortion, he will apologise that Labour didn't do enough to integrate the latest wave of immigrants. He won't apologise for opening the floodgates to all-comers, to abandoning immigration controls, in a naked attempt at party-before-country gerrymandering. He won't apologise for the strains on schools, hospitals, housing and public services that have disadvantaged the poorest and least able of the pre-existing population. He won't apologise for Labour's disastrous policy of apartheid or multiculturalism that encouraged division, conflict, competition for rationed resources and discrimination all on racial grounds. In fact, Ed's twisted and distorted gob will even qualify what he means by 'integration' - not at all the same as assimilation, it seems. Ed will define integration as, er, an ability to speak English.

But worse than all of these convoluted lies and distortions that will come from Ed's crooked mouth will come the biggest lie from Labour's twisted heart - that immigration is the fault of the immigrants. The sub-text of his speech will seek to shift the blame for immigration from the Labour Party to the immigrants themselves. In this he's seeking to regain ground lost by Labour to the vile BNP and EDL, repositories of white working-class race hate. Ed's dog-whistle 'talking tough' phrases on penalties to be imposed on non-English speaking immigrants will mean little in practice but appeal to the base instincts of Labour's grass roots racists. Ed will blur the crystal-clear distinction between being opposed to uncontrolled immigration and discriminating against immigrants. It is the same error most grievously committed by Rotherham Council. Perhaps a little more RE in school would have taught these bigots that "hate the sin, love the sinner" is a tenet more widely practiced by tolerant and fair-minded Britons than Miliband would ever dare to credit. 

So let's be clear. Unbounded immigration was the fault of the Labour Party, not the fault of the immigrants. Anti-immigrationism is not the same as anti-immigrant. Multiculturalism is evil and divisive. And political parties that put their own interests above the national good and are prepared to demonise immigrants for party advantage are beneath all contempt.  

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Closing Labour's immigration doors

The dramatic recent falls in immigration are being linked in the press solely with this government's commendable actions in closing one of Labour's biggest open gates - the bogus 'business studies' colleges. With a right to issue visas, 'students' mainly from Africa and the Indian sub-continent paid their dosh to these back-doors into Britain and in return had the right both to work and to bring in their spouse. Work was often full-time rather than the permitted part-time, and spouses were soon filling the beds of the local maternity wards. These free-riders have effectively been excluded, whilst the real universities have not suffered at all - the increase in Chinese students, few of whom intend to stay permanently, making up for the lost bogus scholars. 

But I don't think this is the only factor in the immigration drop. Construction output has slumped over the past year, as the chart shows clearly;
With this downturn have departed many of the Bulgarians, Albanians, Romanians, Poles, Portuguese and Turks from our construction sites. Their work patterns are complex - many work, say, eight months in the UK then spend the rest of the time at home helping with harvests. For others the two-week Christmas shutdown becomes a couple of months, as they catch up with building their own homes or caring for their elderly mums. Browsing the easyjet fares tables will tell you when they're going and returning. Many who go home this Christmas won't be back - there's just not the work. 

And this kind of labour market flexibility is vital for UK construction, and should be welcomed by a UK government unemcumbered by employment and housing costs. Let's make sure we don't lose the baby with the bathwater. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Immigration, poverty, fake charities

It's a milestone step that the left can no longer dismiss concerns over immigration as racist or bonkers. Paradoxically, we probably have Gordon Brown to thank for this; his deluded and paranoid 'bigoted woman' comments on the eminently sane Gillian Duffy's mild questioning exposed Labour's lunatic purblindness like nothing else. Now Frank Field can join Nick Soames in penning a Mail column that sets out without obfuscation how Labour increased immigration from 50k a year to 250k a year between 1997 and 2010 without a clamour of condemnation flooding the bankrupt Guardian. This is a good thing.

Mental Brown's ex aide Justin Forsyth meanwhile has jumped from the madness of the bunker to running one of Labour's foremost fake charities, Save the Children, without managing to shed the insanity of redistributionism. Christian Guy in the Speccie does a succinct demolition job on Forsyth's mendacious and ill-advised recent ad campaign so I shalln't bother. However, until the verity of the message that Welfarism is the biggest cause of poverty gains the same acceptance as the immigration argument, we will continue to see such risible nonsense bubble up from Labour from time to time. 

Meanwhile the bonkers and bankrupt Guardian opts to remain in away-with-the-fairies land; Peter Wilby, who looks every inch a chap with a three storey townhouse in W11 under his belt, writes "After the reshuffle, Ed Miliband should realise that voters are focused on jobs, benefits and rents, not on pensions, shares and house prices". Ah, so at a time of national crisis we move to stoke the flames of class war, do we Peter? Well, I'd have expected nothing less. 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Weeding out the HFE dross

If you're leaving a British school with 3 A* grades at A level and want to continue a higher level education, London Metropolitan University probably won't be the first institution on your list. As North London Poly it undoubtedly offered vocational training of some quality, and a few remnants of that excellence remain. But on the whole, it is a third-rate institution staffed by second-rate academics and sustained by BCC A level scholars and tens of millions a year of foreign fees. In fact, so important are foreign fees that LMU maintains offices in  Beijing, Chennai, Delhi, Dhaka, Lagos and Lahore - and one suspects it's largely these offices that are responsible for the quite proper decision to strip LMU of its foreign admission powers. It turns out that places were awarded (and presumably fees collected from) students who never turned up for class, that places were awarded (and presumably fees collected from) students who turned up to class but didn't have valid student visas, and that few LMU foreign students of any variety could understand English sufficiently to undertake capably a higher education course taught in that language.

If LMU folds, one hopes the Sir John Cass Foundation finds a new parent institution. The 'Cass', like the London College of Printing, Central St Martins, Goldsmiths and a few other institutions, have been the cradle of much London talent, and the new spiv universities have done little but devalue their excellence. The demise of LMU may also mean a crisis for the Women's Library, the archives of the Fawcett Society, the TUC library and the Irish Studies collection, but one hope one will be able to bear these latter losses with fortitude.   

Sunday, 24 June 2012

There can be no forgiveness for Labour

Balls has been uncharacteristically silent during Miliband's nostra culpate on Labour's immigration crimes - and little wonder. Nothing has changed in Balls' bunker brain from the Labour party that used immigration as a weapon to bludgeon the British people, to punish us for clinging to our village greens, red phone boxes and outdated notions of liberty. For our refusal to accept Labour's new Jerusalem of enforced equality under an all-powerful Central State we were swamped with an African diaspora, a mudslide of chronically sick and terminally ignorant Pakistanis and Bangladeshis complete with illiterate village Imams, a flood of Somalis with no historic links to the UK whatsoever and a great tsunami of eastern Europeans. So concerted and of such scale was Labour's assault on the British people that it will take three generations to break down and assimilate the aliens, whilst the additional costs of their healthcare, education, housing, policing and welfare will depress our per capita GDP for twenty years. For that there can be no forgiveness. 

As I've written many times before, all this was not the fault of the immigrants. If you or I were offered the same opportunities we'd take them. There is no moral difference between us. You simply can't blame the immigrants. Those that seek to do so are letting Labour off the hook; so don't march in Bradford, take your placards to Labour HQ at One Brewers Green, SW1 or to  Ed and Yvette's 'second home' in Stoke Newington.

As Alasdair Palmer writes in the Telegraph, we are not the only people to be troubled by open borders;

"A similarly agonised reappraisal is happening across Europe. A couple of weeks ago, EU governments adopted a measure that would allow them to reintroduce border controls, 'when the control of an external border is no longer assured due to external circumstances' ... The new measure was pushed through by the French and German governments to assure their people that there is something they can do: they can impose border controls, and they will do if necessary. The European Commission fiercely opposed the change, arguing that it violates the basic principle of freedom of movement within the EU – which of course it does. But it couldn’t prevent it: the issue was too important to the elected governments." 

Those boarded-up border posts and dismantled barriers on 'B' roads all over Europe may have to be urgently refurbished, local villagers recruited again as border guards, and visa applications reintroduced. Then it will start to feel like the Europe I know and love so well again.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Not something Labour can apologise for

So, Yvette Cooper-Balls, with an eye to the Labour vote, graciously admits "We did get things wrong on immigration", as though Labour had made an unfortunate choice of living room wallpaper, or bought the wrong dishwasher. 

Yvette, sweetie, Labour's malign and deliberate open-door policy on immigration has trashed the nation's educational standards, will cost hundreds of billions in additional health, social care, policing, criminal justice, housing and social infrastructure costs, has tested the British virtue of tolerance to the limits, has fostered terrorism, increased risk, encouraged anti-British bigotry, eroded the social fabric, made ghettos out of some of our cities and has caused a level of cultural stress that has left the British nation with real and diagnosed PTSD-like symptoms. Labour's policy was a violent shock, an assault, an abuse and a violation of the people of this nation. 

But let's be clear. None of the above was the fault of the immigrants who came here - they just reacted, as we would, to an opportunity that was offered by Labour. No, those who would seek to target anger against immigrants or disguise their racism as righteous ire are stupidly, wantonly wrong and mistaken and are the allies, not the foes, of Labour. Every ounce, every dram and scruple of the blame for this violation, this assault, against the British people lies unequivocally with the Labour Party, not with the immigrants.

That Cooper-Balls has the gall to seek to treat this as something she can apologise for speaks volumes about the contempt in which her political cabal holds the rest of us. Right now, I really would like to see that bloody woman and her loathsome spouse pay the proper price for their crimes. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

It's Immigration, innit

It was not long ago that the UK construction industry all took a Summer holiday at the same time. The annual August shut-down worked well; builders' merchants, suppliers, concrete batch plants all shut down at the same time, and even the Architects behaved themselves and flew off to the Algarve for a fortnight. The pressure from most developers these days is to keep going, and no programme I've seen in recent years has shown a Summer break at all. Which is bad news for contractors whose sites are being built by Portuguese labour. You see, the Portuguese all go home at the end of July, and return at the start of September. All over, there will be pressure on many migrant workers in the UK to go home to help with the harvest - whether this is grapes, wheat or roots. Tsk. You didn't think they were going to spend a month on the beach, did you? 

These lads, living in crowded multi-occupied slums while here, remitting their earnings home, living parsimoniously, will go home to listen to granny nagging about the dilapidations that need fixing, the goat that got loose, the bad knee, the cost of everything, the muck-heap that needs spreading and a new hole that needs digging for the privy, whether working in a bar makes the granddaughter a putana and why no one is there to do stuff for them. And when they get back here, they'll have to work sixty hours a week to catch up on lost time on site. And they will do. 

Iain Duncan-Smith may cry foul as loudly as he likes, but which sane employer would swap these lads for their British counterparts; soft, lazy, lippy, hungover, chippy, skiving, thieving whining asthmatics. Welfarism has robbed the working class not just of their independence but of all resilience, all hardness. Hard doesn't mean getting bladdered and fighting outside Witherspoons, it means grafting six days a week in gruelling and demanding labour for low reward. It spurs a hunger and thirst for education as a way out, it engenders a self-sufficient but interdependent network of clan, caste and kinship, and it recognises Merit and will fight for an 'equal go' (as the Australians have it). And we've lost it. 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

A simple immigration strategy

Will Hutton in the Observer this morning struggles to defend the left's support of mass immigration against a popular and Europe-wide reaction against some immigration. Yet again, he trots out that old canard that immigration increases Europe's GDP. Yes, of course it does, but unless it also increases each nation's per capita GDP then its a negative and pointless change. 

In 2007, Channel 4 commissioned an important report from the ippr that analysed immigrants by country of origin and whether they were net contributors to or takers from the economy; in other words, whether they increased per capita GDP or decreased it. Some were clear; immigrants from the US, Australia, NZ, France, India and suchlike were positive, immigrants from Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and so on were negative. Many were neutral, such as Nigeria. It isn't a conclusive document or one upon which the UK can base immigration policy - for each immigrant must be treated as an individual - but it usefully identified all the 'heads of proof' that a coherent immigration strategy needs:-

  • Is the immigrant healthy, with no pre-existing chronic medical condition?
  • Is the immigrant educated and fluent in English?
  • Will they obtain employment immediately in a occupational group for which there is a shortage of skilled or qualified Britons?
  • Are they willing and capable of integrating into a liberal Western capitalist democracy?
  • Are they capable of financially supporting all dependants, including housing, medical and educational costs?
  • Do they hold fixed and immutable beliefs that are incompatible with national security? 

If they pass these tests, the chances are that their presence in the UK will make us all marginally better off. 

Until the left come to terms with a hard-headed, nation-first approach to immigration policy based on sound economics and free of taste discrimination they will continue to flounder.  

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Now where did we put those barriers?

The old sleeper train from the Hook of Holland to Saltzburg was always a childhood favourite of mine; not only the special mini-compartment to hold your watch in the bunk, but the joy of waking at intervals during the night as the train crossed the various European borders and the thrill of smartly uniformed border guards with pistols checking documents just inches from your bed. It was all very secure and reassuring; the world was safe and ordered. 

I saw a superb exhibition in the Stedelijk just after Schengen came in. Photographs of old border posts, the poles taken away, chickweed growing from the tarmac in front of the graffitied guards' huts. Hundreds of them. The exhibition struck an unusual note for the world of modern art - a note of something important lost, of a vague mourning, of a self-inflicted threat. Triumphal it was not. What had gone was the comfort of those big men with polished leather pistol-holsters keeping the baddies at bay. 

Now it seems the French are wondering what they did with all those border guards; a flood of migrants from the Maghreb are moving North to swell the banlieues. France's annual unofficial scrappage scheme, in which a few thousand autos are ceremonially torched, looks set to provide a bumper opportunity for new car sales this year as the Islamic ghettoes swelter under the dual burden of a Burqa ban and feeding their newly-arrived North African cousins from the household food pots. 

Do you think they're learning something?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Another confused fool

I don't know who Jon Worth is or why he should write for the Guardian, but the man's as big a fool as any that paper attracts. After a brief tour d'horizon of Europe's swing against the established political class, he writes:
So what is going on here exactly? First, all of these movements tap into a deep discontent with the mainstream parties in Europe's political systems. Every funding scandal, every politician found to be corrupt, adds more wind to these parties' sails. The European Union, lacking decisive leadership in times of financial difficulty, is an ideal further focus for this ire.
Second, in the effort to make a populist appeal to voters, it is always handy to have an enemy to hand. This enemy is anyone coming from the outside – immigrants. Anti-immigrant rhetoric is the only thing in common between the politics of these parties.
Firstly, the suggestion that folk are angry because the EU is displaying insufficient 'decisive leadership' is not just risible, not just far into the realms of fantasy, but demonstrates a complete denial of the basis of popular anger with the EU - a resentment that the EU tries to display 'decisive leadership' at all when it has no remit, no legitimacy in doing so. 

Secondly, Worth trots out the classic distortion of the left that cannot afford to recognise that an opposition to immigration and the effects of immigration is quite different, completely different, to being anti-immigrant. I can't stress how important this distortion is. I don't blame any immigrants for coming to the UK - Labour opened the door wide and offered free housing, health care, education and Welfare benefits beyond the dreams of avarice of a peasant from a dusty village in Somalia or Bangladesh. You can't blame them for taking up the offer. Immigration isn't their fault - it's Labour's fault. No use blaming the immigrants. 

But the left must keep repeating the distortion that anti-immigration is the same as anti-immigrant, for to do so shifts the real popular ire to the poor illiterate, superstitious, fetish-worshipping, chronically unhealthy, unemployable sods crowding our new ghettoes rather than the foul and corrupt Left who brought them here. And groups such as the EDL are also silly fools for falling for Labour's distortion; they shouldn't be gathering to scrap with Muslims on the streets of Luton, but assemble instead outside the fashionable Notting Hill houses of the Left who opened the door. 

And fools such as Worth get away with stating "Anti-immigrant rhetoric is the only thing in common between the politics of these parties" without anyone pointing out that it's actually Anti-immigration rhetoric that unites them.   

Friday, 15 April 2011

Time to send back the Health & Welfare migrants

First, let's be clear that our anger over immigration shouldn't be targeted at immigrants. If we learned that Dubai was paying £5k a week in welfare, with the best medical care in the world, to any who made it to her shores, many of us would be there like a shot. You can't blame the health and welfare immigrants to the UK for taking advantage of the opportunity offered to them. No, let's be clear - our anger must be reserved for the Labour Party and its 'open door' policy to all-comers that has changed the face of our nation. 

And once we're clear that Labour's betrayal of the British people on immigration has rendered it unfit ever to hold office again, let's get on with sending back all Labour's economic migrants with as much humanity and dignity as we can afford. First, let's start with the Health Service. Unlawful free treatment for immigrants is costing scores of millions; so no treatment, no GP registration, to any non-EU citizens unless paid for in advance in full. And that includes all the Nigerian village girls clogging up the maternity ward here. They can have their babies in Abuja or Lagos. 

Second, a 'combing out' of economic migrants living in Welfare housing, including all the Housing Association stock subsidised from tax. We can start with individual voter registration for this, but first we need to grasp the nettle and change the law to stop all Commonwealth citizens having the automatic right to register on the voting roll. Thousands of illegal overstayers are currently registered to vote, giving them access to bank accounts, welfare housing and benefits. The loss to British citizens of the reciprocal right of being able to vote in Burkino Faso or Tonga will be bearable. 

Finally, the devolution to borough level in London of UK Border Agency search and seize teams. Here in Lewisham they could fill a deportation-charter A340 every week with very little effort. For the next five years at least, let's convert all those walking co-ordinators and safe-drinking advisors to UKBA squaddists and get them doing something useful. 

Oh, and Cameron. We're all aware he only said what he said because there's some voting coming up, but if the man just for once actually took some action in support of his weasel words he might rescue just a smidgeon of credibility.