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Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Education Secretary is a Dunce.

Alan Johnson has told schools that they must concentrate on teaching

  • Global warming
  • The British slave trade and the anti-slavery campaign
  • Britishness
  • The British Empire
  • Racism and ethnicity
  • Immigration
  • Commonwealth
  • Cookery
OK, cookery I'll sort of go along with. It should be part of a simple Life Skills component though.

Global warming belongs in geography; not a lot of point in telling kids about melting glaciers when they wouldn't recognise one if it fell on them. And there's a presumption that they actually recognise the globe when in point of fact most kids here in London thinks the world is bounded by their bus route.

But as for the rest? About as subtle as Gordon Brown's new-NSDAP vision of Union flags swirling on every lawn, torch lit processions on his new British Day and a new disciplined youth movement. Sigh. Labour just don't understand national identity, do they?

So here's Raedwald's idea for a British history curriculum;

  • Pre-Roman Britain (including tribes, slaves, immigration)
  • Roman Britain (including tribes, slaves, immigration)
  • Norman and Mediaeval Britain (including Feudalism and immigration)
  • Trade and Exploration (Capitalism, risk, enterprise)
  • Early Modern Britain (Religious bigotry, national identity)
  • The Age of Reason (Religious tolerance, Science, Navigation, Technology)
  • Nineteenth Century Britain (1796 to 1914, Small wars, the birth of Empire)
  • Twentieth Century Britain (1914 to the fall of the Berlin Wall, Big wars, the death of Empire)
You really do need the big picture to understand the British people, our developed environment, our laws and institutions and our unique civilisation. Or kids will start to think Britain started in 1953 and was based on the racially motivated enslavement of subject peoples in the Empire. Which is actually probably what most of the Education Secretary's fellow nuLab Dunces do think, to be frank .....


Praguetory said...

Legendary post. Loving the mood of this blog. Keep it up.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Absolutely. I can't to see the "boat's" views on Silliband