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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I was wrong. It was nothing but persiflage.

Looking at the stock market scare story, I checked wikipedia for the '1,000 year Reich' reference (intending to draw some mocking comparison with China's recent promise of 100 years of Socialism). Usually you know the end is near when leaders start making these sorts of claims. 10 years of Blair's Britain springs to mind.

The wonderful wiki tells us that the claim was dropped by the Nazis in 1939 'for fear of persiflage'. This, it turns out, is not some abhorrent Teuton perversion previously unknown to me but 'light, flippant teasing'. Hmm. It didn't stop an allegedly monorchid leader from claims of national virility, but hey ho.

So in the previous post please read persiflage in place of pisstaking. I'm sure persiflage is a far more suitable term for that which passes as wit in the Commons.


Anonymous said...

My goodness don't you write a lot - I shall also stick to persiflage in the future - it sounds quite dignified, rather than just silly, which I usually am.

Raedwald said...

ha - but volume isn't the same as quality ;-(