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Friday, 16 February 2007

The next time you're struggling at IKEA

Trying to get a flatpack table in the boot, spare a thought for these blokes. They carry anything from pranged warships to oil rigs. They also run a shuttle service to carry shiploads of yachts back to Europe from the Caribbean every year in advance of the hurricane season.

They're a Netherlands firm. Natch.

I reckon they could fit about 200 Raedwalds on that deck.

Ahem, the Mighty Servant 3 shown in the pic unfortunately sank off the Angolan coast after offloading a rig. She is currently resting in about 60m of water and Dockwise have recently appointed SMIT Salvage to salvage her. Let's hope they succeed. Many thanks to Martin for the heads-up.

1 comment:

darling24_7 said...

I dont think bungee cords would help them any :)

I wont curse and swear next time when I am trying to fit something large and round in the trunk of my car :)

All in perspective isnt it?