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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Devil's Kitchen does Kinnock

I have always found Kinnock a most unattractive person; generously endowed with narcissism but sadly without a countervailing scruple of talent or charisma, his has been a career of undignified striving and failing.

When he lost the leadership of both the Labour party and the opposition, and the salary and allowances that went with it, I recall the hideous embarrassment of his fee-greed appearance on a SKY daytime TV quiz show that sank without trace. Getting him out of the country quickly saved us all a degree of further discomfort.

He took his particular brand of incompetence to Brussels, where it would be less noticed, if at all. One hoped that with age would have come the generosity of spirit that always eluded him during his career. The Devil's Kitchen demonstrates powerfully that this virtue continues to elude him. Along with others such as veracity and probity.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

What a superb post!

Kinnock. What a total loser.

Raedwald said...


He won't go down as one of the great figures of British politics will he.