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Thursday, 1 March 2007

'Prime Meridian in wrong place' Shock

With the rise in GPS ownership in the UK, users must surely have been puzzled to straddle the multitude of markers, lines and indicators set into the nation's paving by zealous local authorities at the Zero Meridian to find their GPS reading something completely different.

Fear not. There's nothing wrong with the GPS sets. It's just that the world is a funny shape, and the closest fit that GPS can make to 0-00-00 is just over 105 metres to the East of the astronomical Meridian. Marine charts are produced these days to the WGS84 standard so that GPS positions can be plotted directly. Perhaps the Royal Parks Agency could add another Meridian to the old one for those with GPS ....

1 comment:

Ellee said...

Now don't confuse me, my best friend is my sat nav. I bought a Garmin because I heard the Navy use that make.

I am a beginner with sailing, btw, envy you your boat. I did have a friend who kept one at Chelsea Harbour to save on the commute from Cambridgeshire and as a cheaper alternative to buying a second property in London.