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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

"Ah! les Canadiens! C'est possible!."

When the USA joined the allied powers in the Great War on 6th April 1917, Britain and her Empire had already been engaged in bloody conflict for three long years. But that's not to say that our North American Continental cousins hadn't already been deeply committed.

On Easter Monday, 9th April 1917, a Canadian Corps that contained elements from all nine provinces did the impossible and captured Vimy Ridge. In 1915 a French attempt to take the ridge cost them 150,000 casualties. They considered its capture impossible. The ridge remained in allied hands throughout the war and was pivotal in breaking the German offensive of 1918.

Thank you, Canada.


Newmania said...

It has always seemed to me that the US were very late to the party in the Second World war though. We have a tendency to underplay our importance to them and this was very clear in the Iraq conflict ...which I continue to support.

There is a growing isolationist body of opninion I noticed in a recent poll and this view of our adventures is one I would like to see back on the menu . Value for money for the tax payer .

On a related subject the blackhole of English taxpayer money that disapppears into N.Ireland is something that increasingly irritates me .

In so many ways we have got away from the basics
1 What do we get
2 How much does it cost

Take a step back and look at the medium sized prosperous country Englkand . It is quite staggering the calamitous dogs breakfast we have made of our affairs and this is by wasting money ,stifling endevour and failing to protect our borders .



Guthrum said...

Visited Vimy a few years back, and still I am staggered how the Canadians took the ridge.

As to Newmania

Spot on

We got bugger all from supporting the US in this adventure- I don't think it was thought through what the objectives were, other than kick arse. This was fairly clear from Bob Woodwards 'State of Denial'.

As to WWII, it cost and took sixty years to pay back the US for defending democracy. In that situation we had no choice but to pay the price.