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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Conservatism - real concern, true compassion.

Hatfield Girl presciently remarks that in the blogosphere it seems to be blogs from the Right that express most viscerally genuine concern for all the people of Britain. It's a good observation. The Left are driven by a mechanistic ideology, and would dearly love to be able to say the same for the Right. But Conservatism isn't about ideology - it's about people and community and nation.

I readily admit to being a One Nation, small State Conservative. With a reliance on my own conscience and judgment that doesn't come from any Little Red Party Manual of Glib Answers. I think many who would be reluctant to call themselves Conservatives think as I do.

Right, light blogging this weekend - down on the boat.


Newmania said...

One Nation and small state ? One nation has tended to mean BIG state in the past. I get very nervous when people start talking about compassionate politics . It always means compassionate with other peoples money.

Happy boating R drive carefully ..or something.

Ellee said...

You've certainly had great boating weather this weekend. I will check out Hatfield Girl girl now on your recommendation, and Newmania's.

Guthrum said...

Happy sailing- hope you have all the new recommended safety equipment !

Raedwald said...

Newmania -

I've always understood one-nation conservatism to mean we're not solely concerned with business, the wealthy or the establishment but with the well being of *every* Briton? Yes, Macmillan was a bit of a Big Statist, but does that necessarily go with 'inclusive' conservatism?