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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

"It is irregular verb. I Detain, You Arrest, He Kidnaps.."

The warmth and wit of a number of Iranian bloggers has continued to shine through the recent crisis. Contrary to the depiction of the redtops, Iran is not a nation of bigoted holocaust-denying religionist mentalists. The country has a well educated and 'liberal' middle class, many of whom use the blog to present a view of their nation that I suspect would be surprising to many Western readers. One post from Inside Iran recently:
This is Iran. Are you going to attack it?
have a look at This nice collection of photos from. Then add some bombs to the photos using your imagination; Attack to Iran if the result looks attractive. We have problems here, we have human rights violations, we have obligatory was of coduncts, we have Ahmadinejad as our "selected" (not elected) president and we do not have to say we are against authorities. But BOMBs will not improve our situation.
I have refrained from blogging about the 15 RN servicepeople so far. Let's hope they will soon be enjoying a nice cup of tea and a smoke on their way home. And perhaps those who have infested the interweb calling for the nuclear destruction of Iran and the Iranians can have a look at the nice pictures (without having to move their lips or use their finger).


Anonymous said...

Wise words indeed Mr R.

Newmania said...

Hey come on I was only asking for a dark ops SAS surgical mission with minimal civilian casualties.

I debate
You argue
He has tourettes ?

You are in fecund form Mr. R a blizzard of observations

Guthrum said...

it is difficult to destroy people when they are shown with a human face, that is why political leaders demonise with stereotypes. Playing the military card first is lazy politics.

Newmania said...

I disagree Guthrum showing a human face is fine but so many people are in possesion of more than one .Humanising is appeasing and I hope this is not taken as a vistory for the Foreign Office inverterbrate cowering in face of ..well everything really.

BTW Raedwald Sanguine generally means good humoured it can be used to mean a ruddy compexion say but never "bloody." Its connotation as a good humour comes form the original meaning of blood in the medieval paradigm of humours , being opposed to bile. I `m going back a few postst here.

You do an awful lot don`t you

Raedwald said...

The ruling regime in Iran is repugnant in every way; hanging teenage boys from cranes for a stupid bit of mutual masturbation, hanging a teenage girl for the crime of being raped by an older man, and God knows what else barbarism. The courage of those in Iran who speak out against such things deserves our admiration and respect. Having said that, I'd be personally happy to string up the bastard state hangman from his own crane ...

Yep, I kind of know that 'sanguine' doesn't mean bloody any more. 'Nero sanguinum est' may curiously also be true ;-)

Newmania said...

“Nihil radicibus sparget “Raedwald

( Translates as : Spread nothing on the root vegetables ..but I`m rarely challenged)