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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Man convicted after trying to steal yacht piece by piece

The story in the Times tells of a 35 year old man working at Sunseeker who tried to steal all the bits to make up a luxury yacht. He was on a loser from the start. Unlike the Ford workers who built their own Cortinas from parts smuggled out of the plant, there are no breakers yards where stuff like chassis and body panels can be bought. Unless you've got the hull, engines and propulsion machinery to start with, you haven't got a hope.

I have to say quite honestly I don't like these big planing boats. They all look like TK Max trainers. The hulls are as thin as eggshell. And they blat about drinking fuel like a Chieftan tank. Old Raedwald may be built like a panzer, but she takes less than 4l an hour to push her about at a stately 7kts. And guests can keep their boots on.


Newmania said...

Saw that as well R you have to love him don`t you

godless said...

was his name theseus?

Anonymous said...