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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Telegraph uncovers putrid obscenity of Labour sleaze

Documents published in today's Telegraph reveal for the first time how Labour's leaders were prepared to crawl on their bellies through the ordure of the gutter to pimp for the cash to keep them in power.

The second page of this noisome epistle states:
Major donors expect to be invited to No 10, if this cannot take place then income levels may be affected
No mention of 'suitable persons', no caveats about 'the dignity of the Prime Minister's official residence' - like a street prostitute caring only for the thickness of a punter's wallet and oblivious to the pustular sores that may be contracted from the encounter. It goes on say:
In addition it should be recognised that some donors were initially brought on board by being asked to play a role in the business strategy - thus flattering their desire to offer policy advice. Once they were involved it was possible to suggest other ways they could help the party.
How many Labour donors will this morning be feeling like dupes? How many will remember the encouraging smiles and nods as they proffered advice, and have believed until today that Labour was actually interested in what they had to say, rather than relaxing their suspicions before rifling their wallets?

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