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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Warning: This DOES NOT help Terrorists

Last year at Lewes railway station (a town in which Tom Paine once lived - what irony!) I watched a couple of train spotters - purple nylon anoraks and thermos flask real train spotters - getting excited about a Victorian engineer's plate on the bridge spanning the platform. One pulled a camera out and focused. Within seconds, two coppers in full BTP riot gear had him pinioned against the fence.

I thought maybe it was a train spotter thing. Looking at trains without a permit or something.

Yesterday a colleague told me that on Sunday he and his wife had gone to a London mainline station to see their #1 daughter off on her 'gap year' travels. As daughter paused at the barrier to wave, mum pulled out a camera. As they do. Four coppe
rs in full ballistic armour, belts hung heavy with law enforcement hardware that suggests, but stops just short of, firearms, came hurtling out of their hiding place to fall upon mum.

Possession of information likely to aid terrorists. She could keep the camera if the image was deleted. In vain my colleague reasoned that any terrorist could join the tens of thousands of commuters that use the station each day if they wanted to see what it looked like. He stopped when it became likely that he would be arrested for terrorism himself.


Anonymous said...

Just imagine - them coppers could have been doing something useful wuith their time ...

a fan of well run railways said...

It is essential for this government to have an abject, fearful population. What you describe is just another way of ensuring that we all become fearful all the time. "Terrorism" is the excuse, not the reason.