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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Blair's smug piety brings Iraq home to London

Blair is almost certainly still in a state of complete self-delusion over the extent of the real threat to our safety and security his misjudged and dishonest adventuring in Iraq has caused. The testimony of the recently convicted would-be 7/7 copycat bombers that they were inspired by this, the urging of jihadi terror bosses to British Muslims to take revenge for it and the common sense of the British people who are quite aware of the truth of the matter are all voices that Blair will not hear; he will no doubt have his fingers in his ears, his eyes closed and be repeating 'nah nah nah' in an effort to make the truth go away.

This attack has failed. The next one may well succeed - in Manchester, Birmingham or perhaps Luton (which seems to produce so many disaffected Pakistani Moslems).

That this vainglorious, smug, pious, prattling little prick imagines he is suited to the job of Middle East peace envoy is folly beyond belief.

1 comment:

hatfield girl said...

Last evening I spent a horrible hour telling myself no-one had been hurt, they'd been at work all day, they'd probably gone to the pictures and turned their phones off, then a slightly panicked message came back asking was I ok as I'd left two messages while they were out.

It's all this low-level destruction of tranquility too, over considerable distances, and the lower level violence - the barriers, lack of freedom of movement, armed police on the streets, bullying of people going about their lives, the awareness that there are now all these networks of coercion up and running and being given little try-outs (and big try-outs, the behaviour in the airports is unacceptable except people cannot get out any other way).

This is what the Labour government did, not just one person, all of them, and their supporters who excuse it all.