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Monday, 25 June 2007

Europe's leaders will need a hangover cure

As they're waking up this morning over Europe, clutching their heads and asking themselves 'Oh God, what did I do?' the continent's leaders will be feeling the full effects of post-constitution remorse. Ireland and Denmark alone are committed to a referendum; Labour have been happy to continue their usual tactic of lying to the people of the UK and treating their manifesto commitments like Blair's assurances - as specious puffery. The people of France and Holland have already rejected the treaty that their leaders signed them up to last week.

Labour's weasel words can't disguise the fact that Blair signed up to a European state with a unified legal code, a President and Foreign Minister. And no doubt in Brussels as I type, some petty Eurocrat is already preparing a paper on the promotion of a European football team for the next World Cup.

The demands from the British people for a referendum will surely grow.


Ed said...

That Ireland and Denmark require referenda makes me yet more sure that we need one too. I think it's also time we had a written constitution which set a benchmark for when we need one and when we don't.

Guthrum said...

A written constitution and English Parliament- and within that Constitution a section on what we can expect to have a right to vote on in a referenda and the process to impeach dire PM's like Blair

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