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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Labour claim a record of 100% improvement in medical care for troops

Stung by allegations that the standards of medical care available to British troops wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq are no better than those available to US troops in Vietnam 40 years ago, the Defence Secretary Des 'Chubby' Browne said today

"This government is committed to investment and improvement in army medical services; if you look at the facts, you will see that we have increased battle wound survivability over 100% since the Crimean War. The soldier wounded today in Basra enjoys double the chances of surviving his or her or transgendered wounds than the soldier treated in Scutari. This is an astounding Labour success and demonstrates the levels of investment this government has made in our armed forces."


Guthrum said...

Scutari ! Nothing like picking a really low starting point. The magic first hour is what makes the difference, and also to morale and fighting capability

hatfield girl said...

Is that quote real? I had read it as bitter irony. "..committed to investment and improvement.." Haven't started yet then, as usual. So much commitment, so little carried out.


Guthrum said...

Listened to the head of Army Medical Services on Radio 4 this morning. With a flight trip of three plus hours Hospital-Helmand-Hospital, and all the flight planning to do, it was sometimes better to fly in a surgeon and his team, the moutain coming to mohammed was the analogy used ! Utterly bizzare.

John Miller said...

This is so typical of you right wing fanatics. There are our boys from hard working families laying down their lives for, er, something, and all you can do is be sarcastic! Let me tell you that the BBC interviewed a wanker - no sorry, expert - who said healthcare in this country was second only to something better and any way the armed forces knew they were going to be hurt so what could they expect? you should be ashamed for pointing out the, er, obvious.

hatfield girl said...

This is not to do with nursing the wounded but, as you are a boat, why would the UK and France want to join in building 3 aircraft carriers? What might they plan to do with them? Where will they get the aircraft to be carried?
Puzzled from next door to
de Havillands