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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Prescott guys and dolls - hat tip Holy Moly

"Admit it, we're all going to miss John Prescott. From punching mulletted farmers with a left jab to punching his secretary with his tiny penis, he's been a laugh and a wholly amusing liability.

Visitors to his House of Commons office were pointed towards one of those old Russian-style dolls on the shelf which unscrew to reveal smaller dolls inside. The outer doll was a representation of ex-Labour leader John Smith, which housed a smaller Margaret Beckett.

Next in line was the fat, misshapen form of Prescott himself. On revealing his doppelganger, he would invariably cry:

"And that's the only time I'LL ever be inside Margaret Beckett!"

The cruise ship gig awaits."

Heehehe. Thanks to the lads at Holy Moly for that.


Alan Douglas said...

I've used links to expand my awareness of other blogs, and many I have saved for regular visits.

At last, this Holy Moly - a site where ignorance andviciousness is NEVER used as an excuse for reticence ! Won't be going back there.

Alan Douglas

Newmania said...

Ive just never been able to hate Prescott personally , I loathe his politics but to be honest I feel no horror whatsoever that he punched someone or shagged the typist.
He`s an exceedingly odd chap for me to defend but the puritanical tuts directed at him left me cold. My hero Boris JOhnson gets the same sort of treatment.

CityUnslicker said...

No, I hate him the incompetent tosser. I wish him personal health, but he has been a disaster in government and his 'sideshow' of stories is no cover for his total ineptitude.

hatfield girl said...

He was the vilest of sexual predators, an utterly loathsome, unworthy man; Berlusconi is the same kind, with the same sort of self enriching corruption. If he gets well soon that would be best, give him time for sincere repentance and even to put right some of the awful damage he has done in his preening, bullying, self-seeking life.