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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Add another £1bn to the Olympics budget, Gordon

I'm willing to lay a tenner that by the end of next week some enterprising consultant will point out that

1) The 2012 Olympic site is on one of London's highest flood-risk areas (see map)

2) Olympic development will reduce natural drainage and ground absorbency

3) Existing drainage is completely inadequate and new drainage planned for the Olympic site will simply overwhelm current capacity.

The IOC will then seek assurances from the 2012 developers that drainage will be adequate, and the site will be protected against flooding. Of course, it will turn out not to be proof against rain such as last week's ....


Lilith said...

A friend of mine bought an ancient cottage on the outskirts of a small town. All was well, then two winters running they flooded. This was a direct consequence of development uphill and the existing run off being totally inadequate. Council argued it was nothing to do with them. Developers argued it was nothing to do with them. They were told to build flood defences.

Quite by chance, some work by the the water company unearthed the problem and the Council were forced into action.

Roger Thornhill said...

That map looks like it will be a right cock-up.